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Iran So Far: “I know you say there’s no gays in Iran, but you’re in New York now baby!”


33 Shoe Lacing Methods: wow, I had absolutely no idea that there was anything beyond the criss cross.


Cliché Rotation Project Round II: my favorite is definitely “a watched microwave never pings.” Here’s Round One, which was better to my way of linking.

LOLTheist: much better blasphemy than raptor Jesus.


Jesus on Tour: bobble-head Jesus is going places. Personally, I prefer this Jesus on tour but I think it’s because He’s posable there.


LOLsecretz: a hilarious new take on the LOLcats genre.

Model Railroad Slums: considerable attention to detail, right down to the graffiti.


“Seth Green” Leave Chris Alone!: excellent response to this hard-to-watch video.

Darth Vader Rap: very well-done, Star Wars-themed gangsta rap. Love it!

Cox + Combes’ Washington: a fresh look at the abilities of our first president and Founding Father. I definitely wasn’t familiar with half of those facts.

Helpmann Awards Shadow Puppets: holy moly! If there wasn’t video of the guy in front of the projector doing it, I would not have believed it was real.

Sweet Raptor Jesus: it’s LOLcats meets Jurassic Park meets Sunday school. That’s as good as I can classify it.

Power Thirst Energy Drink: parody commercial.

zZz is playing – Grip: neat trampoline video showcasing video editing effects. Sounds bizarre, I know, but it’s really cool. {via}


Lost Cities: yeah, it’s linkbait but it’s good linkbait.

Weird Converter: useful site if you ever wanted to convert between Jennifer Anistons and Tom Cruises (1 Aniston = 0.55 Cruise) or between Oregon Trails and flaccid penises (1 to 3,3792,000, for your edification).


“Google Criticized for Honoring ‘Anti-Israel’ Author on Rosh Hashanah”: Google must therefore be anti-Semitic. So is anyone that attended one of these. Or whomever owns a Ford or has ever bought a Ford. Like it or not, both men were important to our culture—and their contributions were wholly unrelated to their repulsive views. {via}


Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day: December 8th. I won’t do it, but it’s a hilarious idea.

The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Seen: read it all the way through: it’s worth it. I don’t get it either.


One Sentence: one-liners that are at times poignant. If you contribute one or rate existing ones, you just might be able to make some good money for the site’s owner! {via}

Reviews in Haiku: short-and-sweet reviews that provide very little in the way of actual review. But fun enough.


Bloxorz: quite addictive little game. I didn’t even read the instructions! {via}


Arrested at Circuit City: those looking for trouble usually find it. I especially bristled at calling 911 over this. This a-hole got arrested because he gave the cop he requested a hard time after giving Circuit City employees a hard time because he wouldn’t show them his receipt. I hope he gets hard time. Best comment (from a followup). {via}

Daily Caption: ooo, I like this idea. It’s like a caption contest every day! {via}


Miss A Kit: I definitely liked it better as “Miss Army.” Something tells me that this is less than the sum of its parts. But it’s pink and women will buy anything if it’s pink.

Marry Our Daughter: I can’t wait for the shitstorm of people who don’t get that it’s a joke. It’s just a joke, people.

Sims Torture Test: this was my main use of the game back in the day as well.

Smirnoff Raw Tea: be sure to check out the music videos too.