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Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/PIKO-TARO: 80 million views. 80 million.


Wintergatan – Marble Machine: whoa. Just wow. {via}


Ancient Rome: HBO’s Rome brought ancient Rome to life more, for me. But this is very captivating still. {via}


China’s Enormous Derelict Shopping Mall Does Not Bode Well For Humanity’s Future: wow, that’s such a waste.


The World’s First Underwater Tennis Court Could Cost $2.5 Billion: no amount of assurances would convince me to be a spectator there.


Caminito del Rey: holy crap. And I thought that trail in China was death-defying! As scary as it is (boy howdy is it scary!), the sobering thought is that people built this in the first place.


Scarfolk Council: blog about a fictional dystopian town trapped in the 1970s. I don’t understand one bit, but it’s well done.


Battle Sports Inc: Canadians have sublimated anger?


Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit: absolutely sickening. {via}


Dismaland: I feel like they’ve really captured its essence.


Ridiculous Sky Pool Lets People Swim Between Buildings: ridiculous is right but, man, that first time would be great.


Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston’s Tropicana: go visit nihilism-land and hate yourself!


Researcher makes himself into a GOAT with prosthetics to follow herd in the Alps: species is a social construction. “Funded by the government.” You don’t say! {via}


Jack the Ripper unmasked: what a wanker (literally).


On the Roofs: holy, holy crap. Someday, these will be the evidence for a posthumous Darwin Award.


Sentinelese people: residents of North Sentinel Island of whom very little is known. The number of contacts over the last two hundred years can be counted on two hands, maybe.


This is Shanghai: what an incredible video!


20 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die: linkbait taken. These are stunning.


Kim Jong-un executes security minister by FLAME THROWER: bloodthirsty dictators need to get creative to stay engaged. Mortar round? Come on, that’s the province of the bored.


Fake London Underground signs: these are hilarious and look like they belong.


Rudolf Virchow – The Sausage Duel: riskier than, say, pistols?


Holland vs the Netherlands: what’s the difference? Watch and learn.


Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil: borders on cruel but very good execution.

Jefferson Perez – Would he run ?: pretty elaborate setup to answer that one.


What is the most remarkable single physical performance in Olympic history?: every answer’s a winner, but I was floored by this gymnastics routine.


Hidden treat – The Easter Island heads also have BODIES: I had no idea. How has this been known for decades and it’s the first I’d heard of it‽ {via}


In Seoul, retailer uses 3D QR codes and the sun to deliver discounts only during its quiet times: that is tremendously clever.


25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist In English: love these sorts of lists. {via}


25 Death-Defying Photos by Vadim Mahorov: whoa. Just mother-f’in whoa.


10 Worlds Most Dangerous Airports: sweet sassy molassey! Worth watching to the end.


Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes!!): whoa. Just whoa. {via}


Climbing Red Gates in Moscow: chilling and nauseating.


Scientists undo evolution to create a chicken with a maniraptora ‘snout’: not allowed “for ethical reasons” to hatch the animal?! Come on, maybe it’s delicious! {via}

How to get $12 billion of gold to Venezuela: the proper response to a dictator trying to get his inflation hedge as he simultaneously tries to wreck his economy? “The gold stays put.”


Goodbye to Chuquisaca: look at the hamburger joint sign a little more than halfway down the set of photos.


An Inland Archipelago: freaking Europeans.


Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg: awesomeness just got awesomer.


Valentin Beinroth, Florian Jenett: gun-shaped licorice makes for great photos. {via}


iDish: I myself have used an iPad as a tray for a meal. {via}


“Black parents give birth to white baby”: wow, that is quite a genetic quandary.

Portable Watermelon Cooler: I assume you could use it for keeping other watermelon-shaped items cool when watermelon’s out of season, like hams, severed heads, or jugs of milk. {via}


Running from Camera: it’s the new phoon, as far as I’m concerned.


Hardcore Rollerblading: it’s too bad you couldn’t see the reaction of the motorcyclists he’s passing. Also, how does he stop? {via}


The Taiwanese News CG Reenactment: I have no idea what’s being said but this video says all I need to know about the Tiger Woods accident. {via}


Sniper Sniper!: uhh, practical jokes don’t generally end with needing to change your underwear.


Liu Bolin: very well done camouflaging, but I have a problem calling it art.


Uhh, Weird Asian Photos?: the site is in Russian but the theme is pretty obvious. This collection makes the Japanese (I assume) look both more and less exotic.


Bare Essentials of Safety: in-flight safety video from Air New Zealand. You’ll quickly notice where it differs from others in this genre. From the “Nothing to Hide” marketing campaign.


Level Crossing Man: missed it by that much.


“Zimbabwe revalues currency again”: by fiat, lops off 12 zeroes—that’s a trillion folks. Inflation is unofficially at 658 billion percent; unemployment is at 94%. {via}


“No Snickering”: okay, Penistone I can believe. But Butt Hole Road? Come on, Britishers.


Sleeping Chinese: pictures of Shanghai residents sleeping in public, though I have to wonder how some of them are even possible.


“Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum”: I thought that only happened in the Appalachian Emergency Room. {via}


“France to halt games when anthem is booed”: “We cannot tolerate our Marseillaise being jeered.” Oh those surrender monkeys, so quick to offend. {via}


Unbeatable Banzuke: the craziest Japanese athletic game show I’ve ever seen. There’s plenty of video of it on YouTube. It makes me wish I had G4 still.


Guy Skis Down Tube Escalator: HOLY CRAP! I CAN BARELY WATCH THIS! {via}


How to Eat Durian: helpful info on an Asian fruit I’d never heard of and, from the sounds of it, I probably wouldn’t enjoy.


“These Olympics are unreal”: funny yet sad but true. At least the writer wasn’t carted off to a labor camp for applying to protest at one of the designated protest areas, for which no application was approved.


“The ‘Nuclear’ Option: Russia Threatens Poland Over U.S. Missile Shield”: HOLY SHIT. This part freaks me out: “He said the deal also includes a ‘mutual commitment’ between the two nations to come to each other’s assistance ‘in case of trouble.'” That certainly reminds me of “entangling alliances” and the last war they caused.

South Ossetia Photos Taken By a Russian Soldier: wow. I can’t understand any of it but the pictures speak for themselves.


2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony: looks like quite a spectacle. You know what else looks like quite a spectacle? This. {via}


Where the Hell is Matt?: so this thing’s been going on since 2006 and this is the first I’ve heard of it? Gosh, this Internet thing is pretty big. Definitely check out the higher-quality version. {via}


Indian Baby Dropping Ritual: why hasn’t that caught on here in the states? I just don’t get it. {via}


Pen-Spinning Tournament 2008: holy crap! I’m a pen spinner but I have a hard time saying that after watching these videos! {via}


UK YouTube: click on one of the Featured Videos. April Fool’s! Wife: “why does that bring you such joy?” Me: “I don’t know, but it sure does.” Wife: “that is more funny to me than anything else”


Chinese MC Hammer: ho hum about the actual video and the move-by-move imitation. What really gets me is the knitting lady in the background, apparently oblivious to the goings-on. {via}


Rolling Bridge: arresting concept.


Ferrari vs. Smart Car: wow, that is incredible. But it seems like it’d be unstable since it wasn’t designed to do that kind of speed. {via}


The Deadly Huashan Hiking Trail: who would willingly hike that? Oh, right. American tourists.

Dubai is Nuts!!!: 3,900 foot tall skyscraper and 107 square miles of amusement park. Yeah, nuts about covers it. There must be a lot of money in oil…


Extraordinary Breastfeeding: whoa. Just wow. Good gravy.


HEMA: I don’t think the page is rendering quite right. 🙂


Only in Russia: these are great!


“A Pregnant Man?”: I am so glad that there weren’t any pictures of the forty-year old “thing” that they removed. I don’t feel like puking this early.


Chinese Snow Sculpture Festival: wow, that’s beautiful work.


Some Not-So-Usual Photos: bizarre staged scenes in Russia.


“Magic Kingdom or Glass House?”: I’m more than a little skeptical of a bustling “free market” country based around an Islamic monarchy. Still, the policies I’ve read about seem sufficiently liberty-oriented that I’m intrigued.


Cartoons by Roodie Doodie: kind of funny comic. {via}


“Sudan Protesters – Execute U.K. Teacher”: seriously, WTF! WTHF. My mind is boggled. At least Scientology’s finally been beaten for most difficult PR job, religion category. {via}


“Sins of the father”: this was such a hard article to stomach. I cannot fathom how a father could allow this (and all the preceding actions) to occur. How is that honor?


Top Gear Tiny Car Review: reviewing the world’s smallest production car, the Peel P50. I love the part where he drives through offices.


Dreamy Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2007: these are definitely some of the coolest cars that will never ever see the light of day. Fo’ shure. {via}


Lost Cities: yeah, it’s linkbait but it’s good linkbait.


Top Gear’s Carbage: why must people ruin cars with their mods? Because they can? Oh, okay.


How’s My Parking?: I parked it just fine every time!


Prince Charles Reviewing the Troops: we had a head of state like that about a decade ago.


Three countries use non-metric measurement systems: from the metric system article on Wikipedia. I think this is supposed to make Americans feel backward or something, but I just can’t muster up any concern.


Mr. Lee CatCam: German cat gets wired. Must’ve removed all the photos of him licking himself. {via}


Japanese TV Tetris Game: this game looks designed to put people in the water. {via}


2012 London Olympics Logo Unveiled: at first it was ghastly but now I can only see this when I look at it. {via and via}

[UPDATE (6/6/2007): Apparently, the logo is an abstract rendition of 2012. That makes it marginally better but still dreadful. And I desperately want to stop seeing that logo because of that animated version linked above.]


Search Without Boundaries: wow! Wow. I feel like another page has turned for Google today.


Broadcasting House, 1932: scan of a book about the BBC’s Broadcasting House circa 1932, a lovely example of Art Deco in London. {via}


Google Maps – Classic Mini: looks to be an art installation near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. {via}


Ninja Warrior – Makoto Nagano: I’ve mentioned this series before, but this is the best run I’ve seen. {via}


The Treehouse at Alnwick Garden: 6,000 square feet of tree-based luxury living. {via}


Karoshi: death from overwork. That’s a pretty tough condition from which to recover.


Mini Turbo: 220 HP on a classic Mini!?! I can’t even imagine.


Rent a Village: your company can lease an entire village in Switzerland, Austria, or Germany or the entire country of Liechtenstein. {via}


“Home becomes an ‘island’ in building row”: the picture says it all.


Sophie Cat: billed as the “cutest cat in the world.” I don’t know if that’s official, though.