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Flapit: this is a neat little idea but pricey. {via}

Wintergatan – Marble Machine: whoa. Just wow. {via}


CuriosityStream: this looks pretty compelling.


Smart Rope: neat idea but I think putting the LED system at the midsection of the rope is inherently flawed.


Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS): this is a cool technology.


VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition: what an innovative approach to climbing a wall. I would’ve expected some sort of sticky wheels. {via}


The $75,000 problem for self-driving cars is going away: this is an amazing advance.


CafePress Fake Electric Outlet Sticker: this looks super handy!


Lightest. Metal. Ever.: like aerogel, but metal. Material science is amazing! {via}


360° Camera: drag around the video to see different scenes. It’s pretty impressive. {via}


Star Wars’ adorable, impossible droid is real – Our impressions: wow, that is really slick. $150 is too pricey for me, but it’s definitely worth it.


Lolo Lids: no one bats an eye at chugging coffee.


The PocketLab: I love the idea of this but I’m struggling to come up with a use for it.


The Japanese Have Just Perfected the Skateboard: yeah, I’d agree. Except… none of the video show the user with neck bent and head down texting or scrolling through Instagram. {via}


The Incredible Chemistry Set: $600 for the whole kit and kaboodle seems awfully high but I like the idea a lot. {via}


Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun: pretty slick, but the training is pretty weak. Colors only? I agree with one of the commenters: OpenCV would make this more useful—video mentions it—and Airsoft would make it more legal. {via}


The Weird Origin Story of the World’s Most Viral Scooter: only $595?! so tempting… {via}


Star Wars as History: clever mashup with WWII photos.


Toasted Selfies: your image on toast. I like it, but I’d be surprised if it came out as well as it appears to. This, however, seems like a toaster innovation that I could get behind.


The Beach Vault: brilliant. This is one of the many, many reasons I hate going to the beach.


Coolest Cooler: this is pretty slick but I can’t see spending $299 to own one. I think there are a couple features that other cooler manufacturers will readily copy, which I look forward to.


Vessyl: this is an amazing technology that’s solving a problem no one has. “What am I drinking?” Read the bottle or can. “How much am I drinking?” Figure out how many ounces your glass is, make a tick mark (|) after each glass, and then multiply the tick marks by the number of ounces. “How many calories am I consuming?” Same thing, but read the bottle or can for the number of calories per serving. I just saved you $99 (preorder) or $199 (later).


This handmade Italian roadster is a Mini Cooper unlike any other: swoon. Holy swoon!


Confetti High-Fives: this would really liven up your celebrations.


How does Elon Musk’s SF-to-LA-in-30-minutes Hyperloop work?: answers are coming in mid-August, but I’m dubious. Elon Musk is no Paul Moller but this seems too good to be true.


Clear for Mac + Leap Motion: I don’t know. This seems like more work than clicking on a checkbox.


Silver Plated Ballscratcher: the guy who has everything likely doesn’t have this.


Baby Mop: finally make that infant earn its keep.


“I Like your Kitchen Glove”: that’s one use. Another would be for when your waiter asks about your meal. Hold this baby up and have someone else in your party tap it. {via}


Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers: fun, realistic stickers that will reward careful readers.


Easy Macro Cell Lens Band: this looks very handy. {via}


Super Soaker Central: my childhood would have been so much better had this sort of thing existed back then.


Easy Macro Cell Lens Band: impressive and so clever. {via}


What Happened? Bandages: no one will buy it, though. {via}


Liquid Body Armor Hardens on Impact: wow. I’m struggling, though, to think of non-armor uses.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray: if any of my children ever get into Star Wars, I am all over this.

[UPDATE: Looking around the site, there’s more. And more. And more. And more. Good gravy!]


Creative Outlet Stickers: adorable. {via}


Ask Cool Tools: the blog is outstanding and this looks to be just as helpful.


The Light Cycle: whoa. {via}


This Is Why I’m Broke: this is some sweet stuff!


Division of Labor: funny work signs.


BMW Powered Twin-Rotor Hoverbike: one step closer to the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi.


New Steve Jobs In Carbonite Case Arrives For iPhone: dang, already cease and desisted.


Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper: this is wrapping paper I would buy and use.


caffeinating…: clever coffee holder.


Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters: these are my kind of cookies. {via}


Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box: the lunchbox revisited. {via}


ElliptiGO: that looks like a blast.


Paper Tweet: nice. {via}

[UPDATE: I wish I shuffled more paper. This would be awesome!]


Garden Zombie: this ain’t your father’s garden gnome.


Branch Skewers: expensive but a definite improvement. {via}


Hilarious iPhone 4 Antenna Decal: it’s overblown and no big deal, but funny.


Stick with me, baby!: it seems rather sacrilegious to do this, but I’m sure a lot of people would love it. {via}

Balloons and Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans: simply stunning. As I said previously, it’s pricey but intriguing. {via}


The 7 Most Extreme and Weird Beds You’re Ever Likely To See: I see they failed to include the adjective “Expensive” in the list title. {via}


U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype: this is way better than the Segway. I bet you could read a book on one of these things.

Clean Bottle: yeah, that’s a great idea. I hate those slender, long bottles for exactly this reason. {via}


Nerd Merit Badges: I could get them all save the BoingBoing one.


Imperial Death Star Officer Cap: oh my goodness, this would be a reason to wear a hat!

iPhone Pilot: I love this genre of app, my introduction being via Firepower.


iPhone-Controlled Parrot AR.Drone May Be The Coolest Tech Toy Ever: something tells me this isn’t going to be priced to be competitive with the Air Hog.


TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports: until inductive charging becomes mainstream, this’ll do. {via}


“Dyson unveils blade-free fan”: it’s over-priced and gimmicky, but my hat’s off to rethinking common items.


My Suite Stuff: app-themed pillows—an excellent gift for the designer in your life.


Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: damn it. Back in my day, our sleeping bags were blue and we liked it. We loved it.

[UPDATE (11/12/2009): And here’s the item for sale.]

8/21/2009 vinyl coverings for your garage door. At just shy of $250 and for garage doors tiny by American standards, I can’t say that I’ll be ordering any although some look really sweet. Now doors, maybe.


Unusual Remote: it looks like it’s Surface-based (so it’d be an awfully-expensive remote) but man that’s sweet!


Google PowerMeter: it’s coming and I’m excited to see what they’ve created.


Fake Calls iPhone Application: this is an awesome idea and it looks exactly like the real thing.


“WiFi thermostat puts power and cooling at your fingertips”: this is a great idea. I especially like the idea of this device enabling agency in deciding what temperature to maintain.


How to Make a Poop Tube: linked from the how to live in your car guide. The idea of a portable defecation unit in tubular form intrigues me.


Bubble Calendar: I like the idea but $29.95 is too much for this hombre. {via}


Nose Shower Gel Dispenser: and I know someone who’s birthday is coming up soon…


Toyota Develops Personal Transport Assistance Robot “Winglet”: that’s not going to be good for Segway’s business. I mean, unless Toyota’s price point is over $5,000. HAHAHAHAH!


Lego Death Star: sure it’s $400 but can you put a price on that kind of awesome? Oh, $400. Yeah, that’s probably too much.


Honda FCX Clarity: I love innovation in autos and I think fuel cells are an idea whose time has come.


MIDAS: MIT, eh? It and EPB strike me as, um, how to put this delicately, primarily oriented towards sausage parties. {via}


Worldwide Fred: awesomely-designed, whimsical products like the BatterFinger or the Shower Mic among many, many others.


How the Tweel Airless Tire Works: these are supposedly coming into production in 2010. I can’t wait!


Black Bar Glasses: get obscurity without needing postproduction. {via}


Lost-Related Greeting Card: funny. And too true. {via}


Nerf Vulcan EBF-25: ohhhhh. I have a soft spot for Nerf weaponry and this hits it square in the nuts. $39.99? No sweat. Fall 2008? NO!!


Disappearing Car Door: this is absolutely sick but it leaves me with abundant questions. I blogged an earlier version of this but it looks like they’ve ironed out the kinks. {via}


Philips MANT940 HDTV Antenna: when I switched off DirecTV, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get good reception. I bought this antenna last night and mounted it in place of my satellite dish—it fit perfectly—and immediately found 29 digital, high-def channels for free. WTF?! Why didn’t I do this years ago?


The Second Coming of Apple TV: I just cancelled DirecTV and am going OTA, but any of this would suit me fine. I’m sick of being just a wallet to cable companies. Give me a little control and a little Internet.


iPhysics: this is almost worth the hassle of jailbreaking, I’ve got to say. Demo video here, here, here, and here. I can’t wait until the SDK is available and this stuff becomes legit. {via}


Gray Water Package Units: now this seems like a reasonable idea. Technological problems require technological solutions.


Mini Desktop Racing for the Wii: this looks like a pretty awesome racing game. I wish I had a Wii. {via}


I Want One of Those: cool gizmos and whatzits. Reminds me a lot of ThinkGeek.


Boon: these are some pretty innovative designs. I really like the Flo. {via}


Trunki: a ride-on suitcase for kids. I like the idea.


JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank: the reviews are absolutely hilarious!

[UPDATE (8/9/2007): Here’s the official site for the ‘Donk. {via}]


NOW Watch: you could easily pay $50,000 for a watch and still not match its accuracy. {via}


Easy Glider: a very odd looking contraption.


Apple iPhone Ads: oh. my. Let’s see, what rationalization should I use? “$499, that’s crazy for a phone,” “I’m stuck in a two-year contract with Verizon,” “I’m going to wait until they get all the kinks out,” “it’s probably not as awesomely wonderful as it looks,” or “who needs such a wickedly terrific phone anyway”? Decisions.


Tiny Pocket People: the bobblehead of the noughts? This would be great for workaholic parents!


Sculpt Sand Castles: this would be perfect for my desk! {via}


Darth Vader Lightsaber Umbrella: if only I could justify spending $100 on an umbrella. O why must I live in Phoenix! {via}

Super Paper Mario: I thought a Wii would be cool before. Now I must have one!


Driving LED Emoticon: I have got to have this! Think of the road rage I could provoke.