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The RoboRoach Bundle: I had no idea this was so accessible. Read the ethics statement at the bottom for a laugh—it’s a freaking cockroach.


AirFish 8: like a boat but without all that water drag. I’m amazed that it’s classified as a marine craft rather than an airplane. The corporate video is compelling.


Skydio R1: this is pretty slick, might make GoPros obsolete. {via}


Entrepreneur developed a solution to smartphone addiction now used in over 600 U.S. schools: elegant solution, now they just need one for cars.


Vitapods – Pod-Shaped Multivitamins: love this idea. Naturally people are commenting that this is irresponsible. {via}


Ehang’s passenger-carrying drones look insanely impressive in first test flights: I really thought this was vaporware when it was announced at CES two years ago. The problem—at this point—is much simpler than autonomous cars, but will face a very real coordination problem at scale.


Stethee: a stethoscope for the app-enabled world. {via}


Optical Illusion Spatial Geometric design Coffee Mug: cool design. Overpriced, though. {via}

CES 2018 – Real Advances, Real Progress, Real Questions: great writeup of CES by a former Microsoft executive, for whom I have great respect.


OjO Electric Scooter: I could see owning this. {via}


TrapAdventure 2: makes Flappy Bird look easy by comparison. More details here. {via}


Omoshiro Block – A Memo Pad That Excavates Objects as it Gets Used: so very clever. {via}

Tesla Model 3 – The First Serious Review: it almost makes me regret withdrawing my reservation.


Melting Toht Candle: great missed opportunity for movie merchandising.


I tried Gold Star Pin: I could see giving these out as gags. {via}


FlossTime: a smart floss dispenser that 20x as expensive (or more if you just use what your dentist gives you). Just one more thing to make you feel bad when you’re looking at the mirror.


Flapit: this is a neat little idea but pricey. {via}

Wintergatan – Marble Machine: whoa. Just wow. {via}


CuriosityStream: this looks pretty compelling.


Smart Rope: neat idea but I think putting the LED system at the midsection of the rope is inherently flawed.


Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS): this is a cool technology.


VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition: what an innovative approach to climbing a wall. I would’ve expected some sort of sticky wheels. {via}


The $75,000 problem for self-driving cars is going away: this is an amazing advance.


CafePress Fake Electric Outlet Sticker: this looks super handy!


Lightest. Metal. Ever.: like aerogel, but metal. Material science is amazing! {via}


360° Camera: drag around the video to see different scenes. It’s pretty impressive. {via}


Star Wars’ adorable, impossible droid is real – Our impressions: wow, that is really slick. $150 is too pricey for me, but it’s definitely worth it.


Lolo Lids: no one bats an eye at chugging coffee.


The PocketLab: I love the idea of this but I’m struggling to come up with a use for it.


The Japanese Have Just Perfected the Skateboard: yeah, I’d agree. Except… none of the video show the user with neck bent and head down texting or scrolling through Instagram. {via}


The Incredible Chemistry Set: $600 for the whole kit and kaboodle seems awfully high but I like the idea a lot. {via}


Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun: pretty slick, but the training is pretty weak. Colors only? I agree with one of the commenters: OpenCV would make this more useful—video mentions it—and Airsoft would make it more legal. {via}


The Weird Origin Story of the World’s Most Viral Scooter: only $595?! so tempting… {via}


Star Wars as History: clever mashup with WWII photos.


Toasted Selfies: your image on toast. I like it, but I’d be surprised if it came out as well as it appears to. This, however, seems like a toaster innovation that I could get behind.


The Beach Vault: brilliant. This is one of the many, many reasons I hate going to the beach.


Coolest Cooler: this is pretty slick but I can’t see spending $299 to own one. I think there are a couple features that other cooler manufacturers will readily copy, which I look forward to.


Vessyl: this is an amazing technology that’s solving a problem no one has. “What am I drinking?” Read the bottle or can. “How much am I drinking?” Figure out how many ounces your glass is, make a tick mark (|) after each glass, and then multiply the tick marks by the number of ounces. “How many calories am I consuming?” Same thing, but read the bottle or can for the number of calories per serving. I just saved you $99 (preorder) or $199 (later).


This handmade Italian roadster is a Mini Cooper unlike any other: swoon. Holy swoon!


Confetti High-Fives: this would really liven up your celebrations.


How does Elon Musk’s SF-to-LA-in-30-minutes Hyperloop work?: answers are coming in mid-August, but I’m dubious. Elon Musk is no Paul Moller but this seems too good to be true.


Clear for Mac + Leap Motion: I don’t know. This seems like more work than clicking on a checkbox.


Silver Plated Ballscratcher: the guy who has everything likely doesn’t have this.


Baby Mop: finally make that infant earn its keep.


“I Like your Kitchen Glove”: that’s one use. Another would be for when your waiter asks about your meal. Hold this baby up and have someone else in your party tap it. {via}


Hyperbolic Upgrade Stickers: fun, realistic stickers that will reward careful readers.


Easy Macro Cell Lens Band: this looks very handy. {via}


Super Soaker Central: my childhood would have been so much better had this sort of thing existed back then.


Easy Macro Cell Lens Band: impressive and so clever. {via}


What Happened? Bandages: no one will buy it, though. {via}


Liquid Body Armor Hardens on Impact: wow. I’m struggling, though, to think of non-armor uses.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray: if any of my children ever get into Star Wars, I am all over this.

[UPDATE: Looking around the site, there’s more. And more. And more. And more. Good gravy!]


Creative Outlet Stickers: adorable. {via}


Ask Cool Tools: the blog is outstanding and this looks to be just as helpful.


The Light Cycle: whoa. {via}


This Is Why I’m Broke: this is some sweet stuff!


Division of Labor: funny work signs.


BMW Powered Twin-Rotor Hoverbike: one step closer to the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi.


New Steve Jobs In Carbonite Case Arrives For iPhone: dang, already cease and desisted.


Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper: this is wrapping paper I would buy and use.


caffeinating…: clever coffee holder.


Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters: these are my kind of cookies. {via}


Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box: the lunchbox revisited. {via}


ElliptiGO: that looks like a blast.


Paper Tweet: nice. {via}

[UPDATE: I wish I shuffled more paper. This would be awesome!]


Garden Zombie: this ain’t your father’s garden gnome.


Branch Skewers: expensive but a definite improvement. {via}


Hilarious iPhone 4 Antenna Decal: it’s overblown and no big deal, but funny.


Stick with me, baby!: it seems rather sacrilegious to do this, but I’m sure a lot of people would love it. {via}

Balloons and Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans: simply stunning. As I said previously, it’s pricey but intriguing. {via}


The 7 Most Extreme and Weird Beds You’re Ever Likely To See: I see they failed to include the adjective “Expensive” in the list title. {via}


U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype: this is way better than the Segway. I bet you could read a book on one of these things.

Clean Bottle: yeah, that’s a great idea. I hate those slender, long bottles for exactly this reason. {via}


Nerd Merit Badges: I could get them all save the BoingBoing one.


Imperial Death Star Officer Cap: oh my goodness, this would be a reason to wear a hat!

iPhone Pilot: I love this genre of app, my introduction being via Firepower.


iPhone-Controlled Parrot AR.Drone May Be The Coolest Tech Toy Ever: something tells me this isn’t going to be priced to be competitive with the Air Hog.


TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports: until inductive charging becomes mainstream, this’ll do. {via}


“Dyson unveils blade-free fan”: it’s over-priced and gimmicky, but my hat’s off to rethinking common items.


My Suite Stuff: app-themed pillows—an excellent gift for the designer in your life.


Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: damn it. Back in my day, our sleeping bags were blue and we liked it. We loved it.

[UPDATE (11/12/2009): And here’s the item for sale.]

8/21/2009 vinyl coverings for your garage door. At just shy of $250 and for garage doors tiny by American standards, I can’t say that I’ll be ordering any although some look really sweet. Now doors, maybe.


Unusual Remote: it looks like it’s Surface-based (so it’d be an awfully-expensive remote) but man that’s sweet!


Google PowerMeter: it’s coming and I’m excited to see what they’ve created.


Fake Calls iPhone Application: this is an awesome idea and it looks exactly like the real thing.


“WiFi thermostat puts power and cooling at your fingertips”: this is a great idea. I especially like the idea of this device enabling agency in deciding what temperature to maintain.


How to Make a Poop Tube: linked from the how to live in your car guide. The idea of a portable defecation unit in tubular form intrigues me.


Bubble Calendar: I like the idea but $29.95 is too much for this hombre. {via}


Nose Shower Gel Dispenser: and I know someone who’s birthday is coming up soon…


Toyota Develops Personal Transport Assistance Robot “Winglet”: that’s not going to be good for Segway’s business. I mean, unless Toyota’s price point is over $5,000. HAHAHAHAH!


Lego Death Star: sure it’s $400 but can you put a price on that kind of awesome? Oh, $400. Yeah, that’s probably too much.


Honda FCX Clarity: I love innovation in autos and I think fuel cells are an idea whose time has come.


MIDAS: MIT, eh? It and EPB strike me as, um, how to put this delicately, primarily oriented towards sausage parties. {via}


Worldwide Fred: awesomely-designed, whimsical products like the BatterFinger or the Shower Mic among many, many others.


How the Tweel Airless Tire Works: these are supposedly coming into production in 2010. I can’t wait!


Black Bar Glasses: get obscurity without needing postproduction. {via}


Lost-Related Greeting Card: funny. And too true. {via}


Nerf Vulcan EBF-25: ohhhhh. I have a soft spot for Nerf weaponry and this hits it square in the nuts. $39.99? No sweat. Fall 2008? NO!!


Disappearing Car Door: this is absolutely sick but it leaves me with abundant questions. I blogged an earlier version of this but it looks like they’ve ironed out the kinks. {via}


Philips MANT940 HDTV Antenna: when I switched off DirecTV, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get good reception. I bought this antenna last night and mounted it in place of my satellite dish—it fit perfectly—and immediately found 29 digital, high-def channels for free. WTF?! Why didn’t I do this years ago?