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The Puppini Sisters: Andrews Sisters cover group. Interesting footnotes: 1) none are sisters and 2) one is Italian (the Puppini), one is English, and the other is American.

Female Serial Killers: it makes sense, but you never think of women as serial killers.

Build the Village: LEGO versions of items and places from The Prisoner, which I’m guessing is some British television show that will be remade over here without the accent and will bomb prompting many “people-in-the-know” to drone on endlessly how it was so much better over there.

PA Secrets: tell all from personal assistants. Boy am I glad I don’t have one. Oh wait, I wish I had one.


Knife Sharpening Tricks: read the comments for even more insights.

John Budd’s Plain Talk: breezy observations about the business world. My favorite: “Noting that CEO’s and CFO’s must, under rules of Sarbanes-Oxley, certify the integrity of the financial disclosures that are making (‘…so help me, God.’) former chairman/CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Edward A. Kangas, asked guests at a Committee for Economic Development luncheon at NY’s Waldorf Astoria why shouldn’t the same requirement apply to politicians? ‘Let them attest to the fact that they know what they are voting on,’ he suggested, to a roar of approval. Imagine the fuss this would cause. Oh My!”


Fun with Alkali Metals: the lesson, if you don’t watch to the end, is “Never mix alkali metals with water.” Done and done. {via my main man Mike}


No Telemarket: trick telemarketers into believing your phone is disconnected. Maybe. But how would you notice the difference between an open fire hose and an open fire hydrant?


Sudoku Combat: I am so glad I’m not a sudoku freak yet. This would eat my life up.

Party Ben: lots of interesting mashups here. {via}

Hitler or Coulter?: it’s so hard to tell sometimes.

Google AdSense Reviewed: okay, I need in on that so I’ve moved the ad up 3,700 pixels.

Kattbank: litter box hidden in a oh-so-stylish bench. They prominently feature the advice of “get one. or two.” At prices ranging from $1,750 to $2,200, there’s a third option that they’d prefer left unstated: “or zero.” Love the pictures of all the hipsters and their cats just hanging out around the litter box.

The Middle Foam Finger: ooo, snarky sports commentary. Not too shabby.

World Stupidity Awards: certainly exhibits a liberal bias, but the winners *are* all stupid.

DirecTV Titanium: everything DirecTV offers for one annual fee (wait for it) of (ooo, build tension) only (hee hee) $7,500. This is going to be big amongst, um, the superrich, professional athletes, and movie stars. 6 days to go!


Dell Laptop Explodes at Japanese Conference: ahh, yet another compelling reason to buy Macs. This should be a commercial all its own.

How To Wire VoIP to Your Phone Jacks: hmm, this seems to say that you can disconnect from the phone network even if you have DSL. Intriguing…

Long Awkward Pose: this has happened to many in my family but it’s rarely on purpose. I can’t see this generating return visits.

Joe’s Goals: neat little tracking application based on Benjamin Franklin’s virtues chart.


Oh, Don’t Forget: send text messages to the future you. {via}


Fake Name Generator: so you don’t have to look around for inspiration.


Beaver Shaver: we at Found support efforts to eradicate hair down there. Although for the life of me, I couldn’t find either in the Fun and Games section. {via “Patrick Buckendorf”}

The Lovely Road: Polaroid photography by Scott Hammond. With navigation that inscrutable, it’s got to be good. {via “walter flickerstick”}

Horseballs: I know it’s sophomoric, but their product name sounds like something else. Hee hee. {via}


Happy Morning: what a strange little ad. {via}

Game Over: cool video depicting 80s video games using stop motion and food (or food-related objects). {via}

“Breast Milk Enters Chinese Cuisine”: imagine, the reporters refused to partake. {via}

DJ Format and Abdominal – “Hit Song”: wow! This is an incredible video and the metaphor rap at the end had me laughing out loud. I guess it’s time to find out more about DJ Format, who I’ve featured before.

[UPDATE: Damn, there’s a lot on YouTube.]

Russian Climbing: parkour enthusiasts in Russia. I guess that’s what the fall of the USSR combined with the lack of opportunities for out of work gymnasts produces. {via}


Debroff Debrief: a blog about parenting and children’s issues. Very well-written and interesting.

Build Paper Airplanes with Christian: now that’s just adorable. Except for the Comic Sans.

Meow Mix House: a reality TV show on Animal Planet where 10 cats live in a single house, are under constant surveillance, and vie for the top spot as a Meow Mix spokescat. Let’s see if my calculations are correct: Big Brother + The Apprentice + Survivor = WTF.

Bum Bakpaks: I’ve got to tell you, it doesn’t look comfortable.


National Geographic Photo of the Day: interesting and high-quality.

Explore Shakespeare with Google: digital editions of all of Shakespeare’s plays in one handy place.


WEBoggle: awesome! Harder than hell though! {via}

Bang! Howdy: Western-themed game from the guys who brought you Puzzle Pirates. Looks intriguing, will download later. {via}

50 Weight Loss Tips: who couldn’t stand to lose a little weight?

How to Beautify a Face: wow, that’s quite a retouching. {via}

Jan Pehechaan Ho: this is easily my favorite sequence in Ghost World.

The Physical Revue: Tom Lehrer’s a great songwriter and performer. “The Professor” is a classic.

Rules of Thumb: good advice, that. The comments are even better.


Animator vs. Animation: sometimes it feels more like you’re working against your tools than with them. {via}

Donkey T’s: what a bunch of asses. Sorry, I couldn’t avoid that. These tees are so funky and fresh that … nah, they’re the same as everywhere else. {via Jamie’s suggestion}


FrontRow versus the Kitten: you’re smiling right now, aren’t you?


Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments: they’re the new Pop Rocks and Coke, I reckon.


ZingFu: like Flickr, only dumber and more fun. {via Jeremy Swan}

Beck – “Clap Hands”: long-time reader and all-around neat guy Jay Schwartz suggested this video and I agree, “Beck is definitely one of the world’s greatest musicians. Even his meals are entertaining.”

The Box Tank: a blog about big-box retailers from the premises of New Urbanism. Gee, are they for or against Wal-Mart? But it does have some good information, like this entry about the growth of Wal-Mart.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: I don’t normally link to official movie sites, but the trailer for this movie starring Luke Wilson—my he’s getting a lot of work lately, isn’t he?—and Uma Thurman struck me as original and funny.

Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop: it’s 20 minutes long but it’s quite fascinating. I guess I’ve heard the “Amen Break” often, but I’ve never realized it all came from the same break.

Support Our Ribbons: I’ve linked to them before but now they have a popular page that shows the most popular customizations done by their customers. So I link again.


10 Things to Make You Want to Puke: speaking of self-serving suggested sites, here’s a frequent submitter. Unfortunately, this one’s too good to pass up. Dang.

iScribble: nice little drawing web app. And one of the few suggested sites that wasn’t self-serving, lame, or spam. Thanks, Robert!

The Diceman: no, not that one. This guy travels the world based on rolls of the die. (And apparently is funded by the Discovery Channel.)

Renova Black: black toilet paper rolls. Oh, I’m sure they’re cheap. *rolls eyes*

Playaway: this form of digital audio book is ludicrous at first blush but after reading the FAQ and thinking about it more, it strikes me as brilliant. No fuss, easy to share, and same price as CD audiobooks.