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Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon: a German and English dictionary using pictures from Germany to illustrate the terms.


Wanted Cowgirls: tracking Western women in fact and fiction—mostly fiction because facts are hard.

Open Source Shakespeare: it had its first fork awhile ago.

9/28/2005 writing in virtual snow.

Weather Wars: a TV weatherman exposes the connections between recent weather patterns, the Yakuza, and former Soviet scientists. He must be a darling at his station.


The Authentic History Center: collections of pieces from American history. Lots of ephemera, but good stuff overall.


ZIP Code Maps: put in a ZIP code and it will outline the area it covers. {via}

Airplane Home: some people feel like they live at the airport (some actually do). It beats a trailer, I suppose. pay special attention to the URLs on the page. There’s,, and That’s some real dedication to corn on the cob.


International Database of Corporate Commands: following advertising imperatives as closely as possible. Sort of an improvisation troupe.

Monolithic Dome Institute: an interesting approach to home construction. I would totally live in a dome.

Office Slang: for those of you who never read Jargon Watch in Wired, I guess.

mobiBLU DAH1500i: a 1″ cube MP3 player. It’s cute and decidedly different from anything else out there, but who wants to carry a paper clip around to operate the buttons (or grow your nails long, I guess). In other odd form factors, we have the Dell DJ Ditty. Who knew a Bic lighter was the height of design! And everyone knows that trying to be cool is not cool.

Env Bike: new motorcycle powered by fuel cells. But how do you expect to be successful when your product is unpronounceable? Oh, and it requires hydrogen!?! Good luck with that.


Speech Bubbles: guy prints 50,000 blank speech bubbles and puts them up all over New York City. Revisits them after a spell to photograph the results. Incredible idea. {via}


National Talk Like a Pirate Day: just a quick reminder. It’s getting so commercial, isn’t it? (NOTE: still working crazy hours, so still no posting.)


I’m entering crunch time on a project at work, so entries will be sparse for the next week or so. Sorry, but it’s going to be tough on me too. I can only imagine the thousands of entries waiting for me in Bloglines.

Beedogs: bills itself as “the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes.” You’ve got to have goals.


Forehead Smack: things that make you go “D’oh!” Warning: heavy and annoying use of Flash. Click on “Submit Your CLM” to read other people’s.

ThinkGeek “STFU University”: I love that the Latin means “Stop Talking Now.”

Chicago THONG: that’s Topless Humans Organized for Natural Genetics. . Suffice it to say, these people are cuh-ray-zee.

Shit BeGone: they stand for truth in advertising. I guess truth in naming fits in there somehow. Looks real.

Snazzytown: ironic t-shirts aplenty.

Playmobil Security Checkpoint Set: uh oh, now the terrorists can run scenarios and plan new attacks! {via}

Nerdcore Rising: just got my copy of MC Frontalot‘s first CD last night and I’ve already listened to it three times through. It’s the only music I’ve ever come across that successfully works in “indefatigable” and “intractable” into the lyrics. Awesome work, Front!

[UPDATE: Oh, boy! He even uses the word “cromulent”! You need to go buy his CD and embiggen his bank account.]

That’s My Shirt: there’s some good stuff there. Plenty of exploring. Love the Under $12 category.

Guide to Japanese Castles: these sure aren’t your traditional Western-style castles.

All Things William: just what it says.

Fat Chicks in Party Hats: bad pictures with rude commentary about fat people.

Danger Flying Objects: MRI machines have very strong magnets.

Stonehenge Watch: it seems like cheating to have a real analog clock on the back of it.


Fun Spanish: for visual learners, I guess, who recognize that phonetics are the fundamental building block of learning a language.

Hilarious Domain Name Mispronouncings: enh, everybody’s linking to it.

The Space Flag: this flag is supposed to represent all of Earth during our travels through the final frontier. *cough* Good luck with that.

Bad Surgery: documents the mistakes that sometimes occur during surgery. NSFAATUS.

Micro Compact Home: finally, a dwelling too small for Ikea’s stuff.

Ridiculous Real Estate: kind of an oxymoron at this point. {via}

Shitty Blogs: there’s got to be an infinite amount of material for such a thing. {via}

Angry Shirts: currently having a $10 shirt sale. There’s a couple of real gems there like “The Internet is a fad.” and “Infidel”.

Pee Goals: fresh take on an old urinal activity.

Mike’s Classic Cartoon Themes and Images: relive your childhood. Really, go ahead.

Open Letter to the Kansas School Board: the page that started the whole Flying Spaghetti Monster craze. I’ve been following it since the letter was published but I wasn’t really sure whether it was FotW-worthy—the pretension of that quandary is troubling. Now that it’s gotten into The New York Times, I figured I should just admit my failing openly.

Rate My Lawn and Garden: is this the Web equivalent of late-night infomercials? Click the via link to see a ton of other such sites. {via}

Google Pizza Program: Google’s funding pizza purchases for computer science students now? That’s some long-range thinking right there. {via}


Courtney Love’s Scarey [sic] Faces: yikes, that is one fugly lady. You say she’s abused drugs? {via}

Better Living Through Design: a blog dedicated to affordable design, though affordable is quite a relative term.

Everything Bikini: everything you ever wanted to know about the beloved piece of swimwear. Completely safe for work.

Scarmageddon: share and rate scars. I hope they allow proto-scars, aka scabs.

Constitutional Courts: a comparative presentation (in several languages) of over 150 countries’ policies about constitutional review.

Soakers Bible: an online guide to nature’s hot tubs in the West. everything you needed to know about tying a tie, subject to various terms and conditions.

Comfort Pets: urns in small stuffed animals. Also, the first time I’ve seen the neologism “cremains.”


Count to 31 on One Hand: you have to know binary, but that’s 62 on two hands. I’m pretty sure that arithmetic in this fashion would be mentally tiring.

Carrier Routes by ZIP Code: hmm, I wonder which of these routes I’m in.

Cairo: they scan in weekly newspaper advertisements and allow you to search for the best deal around your town. Very useful.

Take a Microscopic Trip: all about microscopes. Interesting, as far as it goes.


Dogs in Tubs: the antipode to the Cats in Sinks site that I didn’t blog. (Don’t know why he didn’t get the domain name.)

Tricks of the Trade: Cook: this is a good idea. I hate dirtying a measuring spoon just for a teaspoon of something.

Hair Removal Advice: in case you don’t like any hair down there. No bush in your business. This stuff just writes itself.


Best Halloween Costume Ever: I agree. It’s pretty twisted but very well-done. {via}

Turkey Testicle Festival: I can’t believe I’ve blogged this before, but it’s still timely since the next one’s coming up on October 7th. Be sure to be in Byron, IL on that day if you love turkey’s testicles.

Farmall Promenade: annual event featuring square dancing. Not terribly unusual, except that the dancers are in their tractors. Thankfully, there’s video.

Fast Motion: a group that’s part parkour, part X Games.