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WebGL Lathe Workshop: I think I’m ready to work in a machine shop now.


BNSF Head On Collision Kismet CA: that is so hard to watch because you know what’s coming. It looks like someone from the other train disembarks at 0:28, but that seems like the worst place to be.


Mothers Day: so disgusting and needlessly divisive.


The RoboRoach Bundle: I had no idea this was so accessible. Read the ethics statement at the bottom for a laugh—it’s a freaking cockroach.

; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”;– LTD – Overview: classic joke, excellent IT consultancy name.


My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages: if you need this phrase, you’ll probably need it in multiple languages.


Heaps legit links: this is a funny idea, though no one will ever click on your URL even if it’s perfectly safe. For example, Google ->


EUC contest 2016: very impressive! {via}


1999 Toyota Corolla – Fine AF: I kind of want to buy it. (I owned its 1993 predecessor.)


Arrested Development – Star Wars with Ron Howard: nicely done!

Snooty dog owners hijacked NYC park for ‘private’ kennel club: New York values run up against New York values.


Interrogating Zuckerberg: these must be so much fun to make.

United States Returns Thousands of Ancient Artifacts To Iraq: the other important Hobby Lobby case.