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Showerthoughts: these beat anything from Neil deGrasse Tyson. {via}


Dismaland: I feel like they’ve really captured its essence.


Ridiculous Sky Pool Lets People Swim Between Buildings: ridiculous is right but, man, that first time would be great.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: how did I miss this? Dang.


A Bad Lip Reading of the Republican Debate: whoa, that was hilarious.

Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston’s Tropicana: go visit nihilism-land and hate yourself!


The PocketLab: I love the idea of this but I’m struggling to come up with a use for it.


At Amazon, Employees Treat the Bathroom as an Extension of the Office: never worked there but I’ve worked at places where people took and made calls from the bathroom.

The Japanese Have Just Perfected the Skateboard: yeah, I’d agree. Except… none of the video show the user with neck bent and head down texting or scrolling through Instagram. {via}


Researcher makes himself into a GOAT with prosthetics to follow herd in the Alps: species is a social construction. “Funded by the government.” You don’t say! {via}

Amazing Tongue Twister Rap: forget the tongue twister impressiveness, that’s some serious breath work. {via}

Donald Trump, Through the Ages: very well done. {via}

The Incredible Chemistry Set: $600 for the whole kit and kaboodle seems awfully high but I like the idea a lot. {via}


Casa Brutale: very stark but utterly lovely. {via}


How to Remove a Stain: I’m sure there’s an easier way, but this one seems to work.


Build A 300-Mile Wall Around SF During Burning Man: he’s really thought this through.

“Server Couldn’t Ignore the Things She ‘Overheard’ Two Firefighters Say During Breakfast”: ignore the “what happened next” headline. This is an uplifting story about kindness and generosity on all sides.


This is the Most 3D GIF to Ever 3D: whoa. Here’s more. {via}

Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun: pretty slick, but the training is pretty weak. Colors only? I agree with one of the commenters: OpenCV would make this more useful—video mentions it—and Airsoft would make it more legal. {via}

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t): I am shocked at how much mundane parts of films (and TV shows) are touched up by computer graphics. {via}

Vandals attack vacation home of dentist who killed Cecil: *smh*


How I Gave Up Alternating Current: perhaps unsurprising, the creator of Soylent is a kook. {via}


“Con Man” Trailer: oh this looks good. Very good. {via}

Why Can’t You Use Phones on Planes?: à propos of my recent trip, where I saw a guy use his phone to text and view Instagram up until we were out of range of cell towers.


The Weird Origin Story of the World’s Most Viral Scooter: only $595?! so tempting… {via}


5 Quotes from Star Wars That are Total Lies: the one about “more powerful” from Kenobi has always bothered me.