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Honest Names for Classic Childhood Games: so the “hide in Australia” strategy is well known? Crap.


Clever trick will safeguard Apple Watch from thieves: read the comments. “Great, now thieves will cut off people’s arms.” *rolls eyes* Love this response: “I can just imagine someone at Walmart trying to pay using the watch attached to a severed arm they brought in a plastic bag. No problem, have a nice day sir….”


Conan Visits The American Girl Store: hilarious!


Jack the Ripper unmasked: what a wanker (literally).


Buttolph Collection of Menus: they’ve digitized over 17,000 menus ranging from the 1840s to today. The navigation is pretty flaky but here is breakfast, lunch, and dinner from an 1899 Fred Harvey dining car.

Toasted Selfies: your image on toast. I like it, but I’d be surprised if it came out as well as it appears to. This, however, seems like a toaster innovation that I could get behind.


iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT: this seems like a useful technique for non-theft purposes, but it’s troubling how aware you must always be nowadays.