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On the Roofs: holy, holy crap. Someday, these will be the evidence for a posthumous Darwin Award.


Ice Bucket Challenge – Dry Ice Version: I think the challenge itself is profoundly dumb (but whatever floats your boat) but this is a fun take on it.

[UPDATE (8/22/2014): Bob Parsons’ video is definitely my favorite so far.]


“Oops!!” comes to Downton …: I can totally see how this might happen. Can you spot the goof? There’s a plastic water bottle on the mantle.


How Does Google Work?: pretty sweet overview of how complex the effort to produce the results for a Google search.


Oak Island Money Pit: I’ve covered this before, but it’s worth this re-hashing. Let’s just say that there is something down there and it’s pirate treasure: how were the pirates supposed to retrieve it?! The idea of caching your loot seems fine, but at some point you’d want to get at it again, right? On the other hand, why would anyone go through all that trouble otherwise?


I am better than your kids: these kids’ll never get better without honest feedback.

[UPDATE: Pulled out to its own domain.]


The Beach Vault: brilliant. This is one of the many, many reasons I hate going to the beach.