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How do farts behave in low gravity?: an answer to a question I never knew I had.


Clear for Mac + Leap Motion: I don’t know. This seems like more work than clicking on a checkbox.


YOU HAD ONE JOB!: come on!


12 Letters That Didn’t Make the Alphabet: talk about dodging a bullet! English is difficult enough as it is—these guys would have made it dreadful.

Rules for the New Monopoly Cat Token: new tokens strikes me as heresy, but luckily I still have my old set in good condition.


Go Daddy Employee Town Hall | Harlem Shake Style – YouTube: I was the hopping bucket behind the ToolZilla dude.

Purdue Technology students build supersonic ping pong gun – YouTube: the six-pack of cans part was the best.


Leader of international religion: funny, but it looks like they’re doing some headhunting as well.

Think Nemo’s Bad? In Brazil It’s Raining Spiders: this should be a clue that it’s time to move.


Supernatural pickpocketing skills!! Awesome to watch! – by Apollo Robbins: I read the article and couldn’t believe it. Now I see it and the article is real.

Rudolf Virchow – The Sausage Duel: riskier than, say, pistols?


Crafting with Cat Hair – Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat: the “cat lady” market must be bigger than I thought.