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Holland vs the Netherlands: what’s the difference? Watch and learn.


Fever Phobia: this is a great explanation of fever—though it’s really hard not to panic when you see 105° or 106—.


Us on Facebook: neat little feature that shows a combined profile of you and your significant other, if in a relationship that Facebook knows about.


Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Church Over Plans to Picket Sandy Hook Funerals: something about “two wrongs” springs to mind. Free speech must still be defended, no matter how vile the speaker

Unusual baby names of 2012: I was going to say that there’s no way that anyone named their baby boy “Google” but nothing surprises me any longer when it comes to people.


@AvoidComments: this is good advice.


The Official Epic Rap Battles of History: wow. This is like Keynes vs. Hayek but better. Wow.