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Gold Coins – The Mystery of the Double Eagle: utterly fascinating.


New Apple CEO Tim Cook: I’m Thinking Printers: too soon.


Steve Jobs’s Best Quotes: his impact on computing cannot be overstated. Also, watch his Stanford commencement speech for more inspiration.

The Mindset List: 2015 List: man, I feel old. {via}

Urban Dictionary – get an inbox: very useful term.

Blisteringly sexy, she killed Nazis with her bare hands and had a 5 million-franc bounty on her head. As she dies at 98, the extraordinary story of the real Charlotte Gray: quite the headline. The film adaptation is available on Netflix streaming.


Scientists undo evolution to create a chicken with a maniraptora ‘snout’: not allowed “for ethical reasons” to hatch the animal?! Come on, maybe it’s delicious! {via}

Hangman’s Rope: read the reviews. Also, if you search for “noose” on Amazon, you get another way to kill yourself.

How to get $12 billion of gold to Venezuela: the proper response to a dictator trying to get his inflation hedge as he simultaneously tries to wreck his economy? “The gold stays put.”


Fuck You Yelper: amen!


Things That Look Like Other Things: neat stuff. {via}