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How Google Works: it’s an amazing piece of work.


She Dont Like Firefly: “she didn’t even cry when Wash died.”


Dear news media:: perspective doesn’t sell papers or page views.


Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty: awesome stand, but it’s premised on the notion that the federal government can be restrained. We’ll see how that pans out. (It also neglects the tremendous benefits of trade, but I can forgive them that in the service of acting as a check for liberty.)

Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper: this is wrapping paper I would buy and use.

Facebook Makes Us Miserable: I only go their for work purposes.

Someone Is Setting Hipster Traps in New York: waste of time—some do-gooder will probably just let them go.


A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates: check out the reviews. Hilarious!

De-Motivational Posters for Freelancers: most of these would apply to just about anyone.

Real Life Version of the UP House Attached to 300 Balloons Takes Flight: those balloon pilots would have to be awfully experienced before I’d set foot in that thing.