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CarLashes: oh no, they didn’t. {via}


caffeinating…: clever coffee holder.


Michael Moschen performs THE TRIANGLE: astounding juggling performance. {via}


6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly: the painted Greek statue thing kills me every time.

Future Man – The Bearer of Bad News: I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters: these are my kind of cookies. {via}

Valentin Beinroth, Florian Jenett: gun-shaped licorice makes for great photos. {via}


48 Things Frugality Has Taught Me: it’s linkbait but it’s good linkbait.


I could tell you but Id have to kill you: it’s hard to remember a time when this was clever. {via}


iDish: I myself have used an iPad as a tray for a meal. {via}


“Did ‘Star Wars’ become a toy story? Producer Gary Kurtz looks back”: “… essentially ended the trilogy with a teddy bear luau.” perfect summation of what went wrong with Return of the Jedi.

The Trustworthiness of Beards: one man’s opinion. {via}

Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box: the lunchbox revisited. {via}


ElliptiGO: that looks like a blast.


Journalism Warning Labels: it’s a funny idea but I see zero actual utility here.

Happy Friday the 13th!: was it his birthday? I guess I never really saw the movies.

Me my Shark and I: man, this is why I hate the ocean. At least on land you can generally see the predators. {via}


FriendMosaic: neat idea. Here’s mine.

the land of giants: this would look fantastic in real life.

AbeBooks Weird Book Room: it certainly lives up to its billing. {via}


Oil of L.A.: I was recently in Signal Hill and Beverly Hills and saw this stuff firsthand. Very interesting.

Pedestrian scramble: I’ve never seen the “Barnes Dance” but it sounds neat.

Hidden features of Google: there’s some really good Google tips in there.

The dozens: I knew of the call-and-response style from rap, but I didn’t know its name or origin. Fascinating.

“How black people use Twitter”: good look into this phenomenon that I’ve wondered about for a long time. I agree about the “tight-knit cluster” hypothesis.


Devour: curated video from the guys at Uncrate.


Incepción Trailer: I’m a sucker for Dora parody, I suppose.


OH CRAP A BRICK: funny little animated GIF.

JS1k: cool stuff in very little JavaScript. I like the gravity simulator


Edison: online tool to help you experiment with your life.

Books of the world, stand up and be counted! All 129,864,880 of you.: fascinating look into the task of counting books.


What The Fuck Is My Social Media Strategy?: save some time.

Paper Tweet: nice. {via}

[UPDATE: I wish I shuffled more paper. This would be awesome!]


100 years ago — 1910 U.S. Census lists “Chief Cities of the U.S.”: Los Angeles at #17, beneath New Orleans and Buffalo.

Sergey Larenkov: photos of World War II-era Moscow, Berlin, and Vienna masterfully Photoshopped into the present. {via}

Incredible Miniscule Pencil Tip Carvings by Dalton Ghetti: yowza!