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Yvette’s Wedding Dresses Panama City Florida Yvette’s Yvette’s: yowza! I guess that’s one way to do SEO.

A Passing Thought: sometimes you just have to stop and think about the world you inhabit.


chewy comission fur on fur: painting of Chewbacca riding a squirrel fighting Nazis. Enough said.


Magic Trick Revealed!: oh, the Alliance isn’t going to like that. {via}

14 Famous Man Caves: personal retreats from the recent past.

Garden Zombie: this ain’t your father’s garden gnome.


Speaker Wiki: dang, that’s some serious honoraria. {via}

My Phone is Off for You: an important sentiment. {via}


From Spy Plane to Monster Truck – a Photo Gallery of Awesome Cockpits: this is seriously neat.

Because Every Country Is The Best At Something: what kind of sick bastards would reduce the United States to “being best” at producing serial killers?!

The Ins-n-Outs of an In-N-Out Double-Double, Animal-Style: I knew there was a reason why I loved them. Also, you can get your french fries animal style as well.

50 Fantastically Clever Logos: many aren’t particularly clever but well-executed. The “Spartan Golf Club” logo blew my mind.

Eisenhower Interstate System Diagram Map Posters: beautiful work. Makes it seem like a cross-country trip is a short subway ride away. {via}


iOS 4.0 on 3G iPhone parody: this is my experience since I “upgraded” to iOS 4.0. It certainly makes a compelling case to upgrade your phone to a 3GS or 4, doesn’t it?

Inside the Offices of Etsy: I think the environment would be a little too busy and distracting for me. {via}


Spiders, Scorpions, and Crawlies: holy crap! I hate bugs for exactly this reason—who needs that kind of aggravation?

Branch Skewers: expensive but a definite improvement. {via}

My Nature Documentary: speaking of Jack Handey…

tarp surfing: derivative of this but more professionally done. {via}

Hitler Parody – Hitler Speaks to Double Rainbow Guy: wow, there exists a different scene in Downfall?! Also, today I was reading What I’d Say to the Martians and came across this passage.

Gas pads by Subtle Butt – Disposable Gas Neutralizers: uhh. Wait, wha? Uhh. {via}

Motivational Posters from the Movies: all good ones.


How Do I Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time?: I need to start playing some high-stakes Rochambeau.

Hilarious iPhone 4 Antenna Decal: it’s overblown and no big deal, but funny.

“Five things that could topple Facebooks empire”: it was kind of a linkbait article to begin with but completely blew any credibility with number four.


“Black parents give birth to white baby”: wow, that is quite a genetic quandary.

Portable Watermelon Cooler: I assume you could use it for keeping other watermelon-shaped items cool when watermelon’s out of season, like hams, severed heads, or jugs of milk. {via}


Launchlist: in the vein of “turn off the stove” checklists.

poopsenders: proving that there ain’t no niche small enough that someone won’t fill it. {via}

Monopoly: how the board game saved many Allied prisoners’ lives.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal“Economists are no longer allowed at boardgame night”: too true.

Oxford Dictionaries FAQ: lots of fascinating answers here, like one indicating the origins of the dollar sign. (HINT: it didn’t come from the United States’ initials.) {via}


Handmade Dollhouse Miniatures and Collectible: these are adorable and handmade.

Awkward Stock Photos: I can’t see using those in a design. {via}

Metafilter Turns 11: and I’ve been a member for over 10 years myself.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?: yikes.

West Baden Springs Hotel: wow, this is a magnificent hotel. I want to go just to see it in person. {via}

“Now I cut a hole in the box?”: well-played.

10 Innovative Subway Advertisements: my favorites are the funeral home one and the Durex one, though I think it’s wildly inappropriate for a public space.

Comic Fireball: Chrome extension to change Daring Fireball‘s font to Comic Sans and Marker Felt. (Note to non-avid readers of DF: John Gruber hates those two fonts.) {via}

Re: Haley | Old Spice: Old Spice guy responds to his daughter’s question. {via}


Undercover Karaoke with Jewel: just great stuff.

20 Weird and Goofy Facebomb Photoshops: these are surprisingly well done.


LOST Encyclopedia: as much as the series finale disappointed me, I still really enjoy the mythology of everything that came before it. It’ll be published on August 24, 2010.

Ten-Second Tales: Francesco Marciuliano’s (of Medium Large fame) new project. Hilarious and well worth following.

Stick with me, baby!: it seems rather sacrilegious to do this, but I’m sure a lot of people would love it. {via}

Balloons and Dyson Air Multiplierâ„¢ fans: simply stunning. As I said previously, it’s pricey but intriguing. {via}

Loiter: these are some of the best t-shirt designs I’ve seen in awhile.

I Shot The Serif T-Shirts: font puns are great.

Urban Dictionary – Social Fruitfly: I’ve met quite a few of these in my time.


The 7 Most Extreme and Weird Beds You’re Ever Likely To See: I see they failed to include the adjective “Expensive” in the list title. {via}


How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking: I enjoyed the earnest comments people left. “I thought she was beautiful before.” Point: missed.


Stealing login details with a Google Chrome extension: man, just when I made Chrome my default browser…

The Truth About Cold Water: the take-away lesson for me? Avoid cold water.

Garden path sentence: I’m a fan of these constructions. With thoughtful people, they practically force a re-read and more careful parsing. With the thoughtless, the likely result is “huh?” and moving on.


Tierney Wins Peak Oil Bet: Julian Simon is sighing contentedly in his grave.

The Fat Monkey: missing bacon, so pass.

Kristen Stewart Emotional Chart: I know, Twilight hate is so passé but I can’t help myself.

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop: it’s jarring but I think I could come to appreciate such a reality.


Super Mario Bros. on a Wall: I watched the whole thing and loved it. {via}

“Many English speakers cannot understand basic grammar”: sad, but true. Grammar, like history, is one of those really lively subjects that are taught dryly and concrete-boundedly.

“Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters”: I bet that made some editor’s week. {via}


Ravoux’s slavemaker ant: yet another example of the insect world’s badassery.


Did Americans in 1776 have British accents?: interesting question and informative answer.


Missing Missy: something about this brings me to tears laughing.


Brett Erlich on Twilight: also, they call it the wrong thing. Twilight bills itself as a vampire movie but they aren’t vampires, aside from the drinking blood and immortality aspects. Similarly, soccer is called football despite its ball being the wrong shape, its goal is on the ground rather than in the air, and its discouragement of tackling.


A Sliding Alternative to CAPTCHA?: love it. But what about the “I don’t have hands you insensitive clod!” crowd? {via}

FAB-U-LOUS!: “I find your lack of pink disturbing.”