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Looking Into the Past: the “then and now” genre of photography is one of my favorites.


Imperial Death Star Officer Cap: oh my goodness, this would be a reason to wear a hat!

iPhone Pilot: I love this genre of app, my introduction being via Firepower.

Shhh! Share the secrets of your trade/ Lifes little easter eggs: I love these “insider knowledge” type of threads.


The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures: a dating site analyzes the effectiveness of various profile picture archetypes. Very interesting results.


Would You Have Spotted the Fraud?: no, I wouldn’t have. That is why I rarely use ATMs.


The Original ‘Wonka’ Kids All Grown Up: wow, it’s hard for me to even see them as being the same people. They’re just so … normal.


First-Person Tetris: awesome idea, highly disorienting in practice.


TSA Logo Contest: it’s a great idea from Bruce Schneier, but it’d get a lot better results if he had posted it to Fark instead.


Running from Camera: it’s the new phoon, as far as I’m concerned.


iPhone-Controlled Parrot AR.Drone May Be The Coolest Tech Toy Ever: something tells me this isn’t going to be priced to be competitive with the Air Hog.