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Geek Gang Signs: I have to wonder how many people are flashing Erlang.


Best of Twilight RiffTrax: I pretty much did my own version of this when I watched the movie.

CSS3 Sideways Google: from the because-they-can department.

The Muppets “Bohemian Rhapsody”: has Pepe, my favorite Muppet. This is just great stuff!

Christian Side Hug: O. M. G. W. T. F. {via}


Oli Lemieux training trampoline wall Dralion Cirque du Soleil: that is some serious trampolining. {via}


An Elegant Chaos: a searchable view into the Hadley Climate Research Unit leaked emails and documents. Here’s some of the highlights and here’s a lot of background.


Divorce Lift: very creative ad.

Scroll Clock: mesmerizing.


My First Dictionary: twisted take on a child’s dictionary. Also: hilarious! {via}


Google Image Swirl: very cool way of looking at Google Images, sort of like mind mapping meets photos. I liked the one for “ghost town”—if you look in the second row, there’s a stack from the movie of the same name—and “Frank Lloyd Wright.”


Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: love the user-submitted photographs and the reviews. {via}


Google Translate: I love the new look and AJAXified translation. Avez-vous vu mon chat malodorant?


Awkward Suggestions: no one lies to a search box. Very fascinating. {via}

Pile o’ Otter Babies: this is for You Know Who You Are (though you’ve probably already seen this).

Fail-a-thon: oh this is terrible. So terrible. And a little funny.

Pacman: Pac-Man version run off of Google Maps. It’s a little rough around the edges.


It Made My Day: finally, a crowd-sourced anecdote site that doesn’t make me sick to my stomach. IMMD.


TR35 Profile of Michelle Khine: I love integrations like this.


List of cats with fraudulent diplomas: the comments in the discussion page seem to regard this article as unencyclopedic. I can’t think of anything more encyclopedic: Britannica wouldn’t touch this article with a ten-foot pole.


Twoogie: oh yeah. Update Twitter à la Doogie Howser’s journal. It’s damn slow, though: are they running it on his 286?

Regretsy: showcasing the shadowy, unfortunate side of handmade products. (Also, see Etsy WTF.)


The Sims Horror Movie: this is pretty much my every interaction with that game.

My Life is Average #1188975: priceless Halloween costume story.


It’s the Most Wonderul Time of the Year: that is a truly exceptional Halloween costume. I just wish the pictures were full length so I could see the rest of the get-up. {via}