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Tampon Crafts: uhh, no thank you.

Angry Hitler Is Angry About Being Angry: this is the first Downfall re-subtitling that I’ve laughed at since the first one. Awesome!

Google Maps Street View of Kidnappers House: you can see the van in the driveway and if you start heading south on Walnut Avenue while looking north, you’ll see him following the Google Street View car. It’s, um, rather chilling—as is the whole story, of course. {via}

John Scalzi’s Guide to the Most Epic FAILs in Star Wars Design: good points, all.


12 Stunning Rooftop Gardens: pretty nice considering the inherent constraints. {via}

“It’s a Trap”: I would buy this if I wasn’t a recovering Star Wars fan. I’m not ready for a relapse.

8/21/2009 vinyl coverings for your garage door. At just shy of $250 and for garage doors tiny by American standards, I can’t say that I’ll be ordering any although some look really sweet. Now doors, maybe.


Unusual Remote: it looks like it’s Surface-based (so it’d be an awfully-expensive remote) but man that’s sweet!


Lost University: can’t wait to enroll!


Pants Not Found: great t-shirts. I love the Eat Me and Goatse Donuts ones. I’d buy either the Star Trek or Star Wars if they weren’t on backorder.


Obama is Literally Hitler: the parallels are uncanny.


Moot Point: not normally a fan of Pedo-Bear, but dang if it didn’t work this time.

Social Networking Bites Back: this has the ring of truth to my ears. That’s what we in the snark business call a “smooth move.”


How long is it going to take?: yeah, that sounds about right.


“How Netflix gets your movies to your mailbox so fast”: I’d always wondered about this aspect of the Netflix operation. The secrecy is understandable.


Google Street View – Disneyland Paris: this is really nifty! I had heard that Disneyland Paris wasn’t as popular as Disneyland, but it looks completely deserted.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – CNR: good parody of The White Stripes and homage to the inimitable Charles Nelson Reilly, the original “famous for being famous” guy. (Side note: “Weird Al” has been on a tear lately with the Internet-released singles like “Skipper Dan” and “Craigslist.” Good for him!)

JK Divorce Entrance: spot-on spoof set to the same song. {via}