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No LOL cat T-shirt: those LOL cats are so demeaning to felines.


Baconnaise: for those times when straight mayonnaise isn’t enough. Improbably, also available in “lite.”

Fly-Powered Model Airplane: if anyone says this is cruel to flies, I’m going to go nuts.


3M Performance Plus 8979N Nuclear Grade 48-Millimeter-by-54.8-Meter Duct Tape, Slate Blue: more great Amazon reviews.


Dinosaurs Fucking Robots: it’s exactly what you’d expect, you sicko. Probably NSFW.

“1000 is the new 10”: so brilliant and obvious in hindsight.


Яolcats: once again the Internet proves the maxim “just when you think a meme is dead, someone resuscitates it.” {via}

Nazis in Color: color really brings out the evil. (One picture with Nazi boobies towards the end of a long sequence.)


Soft Paws: stunned, I am.

Wizrocklopedia: blog about wizard rock. In other news, there is such a thing as “wizard rock.” {via}


Google PowerMeter: it’s coming and I’m excited to see what they’ve created.

Level Crossing Man: missed it by that much.

This is why you’re fat: oh my goodness. My stomach is churning just looking at some of these pictures.


“Zimbabwe revalues currency again”: by fiat, lops off 12 zeroes—that’s a trillion folks. Inflation is unofficially at 658 billion percent; unemployment is at 94%. {via}

It’s a Small World (2009 version): finally re-opened and with 100% more Disney and Pixar character placement than before. It’s all done quite well (except for Lilo and Stitch).


Reticulated Giraffe Calf at the SF Zoo: awwww.


Cornify: make any site suitable for little girls to visit.