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“Rub My Belly & Be Destroyed”: this is a common sentiment among all the pregnant women I’ve known. {via}


Clown Shoes: only $200! They’re certainly nice looking. {via}


“A two-year-old smoking”: I’d think it was staged were it not for the other pictures in the sequence. {via}

Let Me Google That For You: a pedant’s dream. I predict that this will be big on the forums. {via}


Thats My Face: this is going to be huge within the stalker community.


JS-909: addictive little drum-kit-like thingy.

50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography: it’s like scenes from a model train world.


“Could This Damage Your Car?”: I’m glad I read this because “flushing,” on the face of it, sounds like a good idea.


“All Apologies”: what an ass. I’ve encountered scolds who think they need to explain how you should behave, but I’ve never seen anything written by one.


Better Off Dead Camaro: details one man’s quest to own a car from a forgettable 80s movie. {via}


“Vicar hospitalised with potato up his bum”: I thought that only happened in the Appalachian Emergency Room. {via}

Fake Calls iPhone Application: this is an awesome idea and it looks exactly like the real thing.