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SQL Putdowns on Twitter: “Your momma is so nasty the only relationship she knows is one to many” Oh snap! {via}

“WiFi thermostat puts power and cooling at your fingertips”: this is a great idea. I especially like the idea of this device enabling agency in deciding what temperature to maintain.


35 Stunning Black and White Logos: these are gorgeous! {via}


NaBloPoMo: I have a hard time supporting anything with PoMo in the title, but I do like blogging every day. (I’m just not very good at it.) Side note: NaNoReMo is belatedly looking for a No to Re this Mo.

Amazon Windowshop: sure, it’s a little Apple derivative but it’s a great idea and I bet it makes Amazon a killing.


How to Make a Poop Tube: linked from the how to live in your car guide. The idea of a portable defecation unit in tubular form intrigues me.

How to Live in Your Car: I’ll keep this one handy in case the economy truly does come crashing down.

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam: awwww. {via}

Cereal Mascot Therapy Session: fast-paced hilarity from the College Humor people.

Superhero Fashion Emergency: it’s the tights, most definitely.

Star Wars According to a Three-Year Old: kids are so much fun. This is exactly how my girls talk. It’s adorable.

Brohemian Rhapsody: Queen’s song re-imagined as a frat-boy kegger. I cracked up several times.

Awkward Rap: well-produced rap about life’s little discomfiting times. I’m finally going back through College Humor’s Original Videos section and there are some real gems there.

CSI: Scooby Doo: zoinks!

The Dark Knight Meets Superman: “while you were talking there, I went ahead and stopped crime. Like all of it.” {via}


“France to halt games when anthem is booed”: “We cannot tolerate our Marseillaise being jeered.” Oh those surrender monkeys, so quick to offend. {via}


We Are Scheduled: check out the slideshow at the bottom. It’s one of those week-by-week views of pregnant belly growth except she’s carrying five babies. Congratulations and all, but how can your back support that!?!


Troops to Teachers: allows soldiers to transition from active combat duty to urban combat duty without the hassle of certification. Uh huh, does this sound like a bad idea to anyone else besides me?


Hackers Delight: pictures from MIT’s rich history of pranks.


“Buy American”: op-ed from Warren Buffett about why now is the perfect time to be buying up stocks. Money quote (pun intended): “Today people who hold cash equivalents feel comfortable. They shouldn’t. They have opted for a terrible long-term asset, one that pays virtually nothing and is certain to depreciate in value. Indeed, the policies that government will follow in its efforts to alleviate the current crisis will probably prove inflationary and therefore accelerate declines in the real value of cash accounts.”

Evolution: let’s say that I disagree with the sentiment, but it’s artfully executed propaganda.

John McCain at the Al Smith Dinner: and McCain also cracks wise.

Obama Roasts McCain at Al Smith Dinner: Obama makes with the funny.


Head Over Heels – Literal Version: I could watch these things all day. {via}

Unbeatable Banzuke: the craziest Japanese athletic game show I’ve ever seen. There’s plenty of video of it on YouTube. It makes me wish I had G4 still.


Whiner Jerkins All Hands 10/13/08: funny VC Powerpoint parody.

Upside Down Dogs: dogs smile when upside down.

Palin as President: click around, you betcha. {via}


Where is Your Username registered: nice service. I went ahead and registered my username at a couple of places where it was available. {via}


Suicide Kittens: moderately enjoyable. Meh.

Cupcake Car: yeah, still not helping me to get people. {via}

Leek Spin: yeah, I don’t get people. I really don’t.

You Fell Asleep Watching a DVD: must’ve been a labor of love. Otherwise, I have no idea why someone would have made this (or registered the domain). {via}


Unicode Snowman for You: one character at 4000% font size. Nice.

Sad Guys on Trading Floors: another niche blog.


Take on Me – Literal Video Version: hilarious. {via}


“Airport ‘X-ray art’ courts TSA trouble”: in other words, how to miss a flight without even trying. {via}

Beached: it’s tilt-shifted, time-lapsed video. I have no idea how it’s done but damn if I can’t get enough of it. Check out his Bathtub III and Bathtub II also. {via}


Pictured: The moment a grey heron catches a baby rabbit by the ears, drowns it, then swallows the thing whole: nature is badass.


Dexter Gets His Own Newsstand: I’ve seem the Wired one in person. This is a very clever campaign.

The No Votes: Arizona was the only state where every Representative, Democrat or Republican, voted no.


Couric Stumps Palin with Supreme Court Question: Personally, I would have come back all smart-assed with “Y’know, Katie, I’ve never been fond of Plessy. SCOTUS really screwed the pooch on those.” I definitely think there’s something to this “gotcha journalism” charge. But I can name eleven decisions off the top of my head, after the jump, to varying degrees of judicial precision. (more…)

5 Friends: continuing on the creepy theme… {via}

Sing for Change: I’m not sure whether its the vapidity of the lyrics, the fervent cheering of the adults at the conclusion, or the children as pawns but this video gives me the willies. {via}

Electronic Drum Kit Shirt: $29.99 seems like a great deal for this shirt. Be sure to watch the demo. {via}