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Google Circa 2001: they’ve restored the index that was present back then. I’m glad that I’ve moved up from result #7 to result #4 for my name. {via}


“Cindy McCain takes the wheel in her own race”: uhhh, wha? She’s into drifting, so much so that she and her son placed 2nd in an amateur competition. Speechless. {via}


Professor Wikipedia: what if Wikipedia had a prominent role in higher education?

Head of Skate: CollegeHumor made a trailer for the Disney movie that Matt Damon referred to.

6 Baffling Mistakes Every Movie Criminal Makes: Cracked has some really good list entries. Favorite quote: “Cool criminal genius Hans Gruber wants to commit a robbery. He comes up with a simple plan that involves committing several dozen counts of kidnapping, several acts of murder, firing missiles at police cars and blowing up an entire skyscraper.”


Bloody Hell: heh.

Diesel XXX SFW: this is a porn video made SFW by animation replacing the underlying actions. There’s nothing shown, but the implication is quite NSFW. Absolutely hilarious!

“Ah, thit.”: described by the missus as “the funniest one she’s seen and that’s not saying a lot.”


Google Moderator: sort of like Stack Overflow but for anything and not really.

Dog on Tramp: not exactly what I was expecting but still fun. {via}

“PETA Urges Ben & Jerry’s To Use Human Milk”: they’re becoming a caricature of themselves. Yay!

U.S. Economic Freedom Index 2008: interesting look at which of the states are freest. It’s all relative, of course, since they’re all still under D.C.’s yoke. {via}


America the Gift Shop: a little too hostile to America, but well executed concept. {via}


Oktapodi: well-done animated short along the lines of Finding Nemo but with octopi. {via}


Wrong Cards: offbeat e-cards for every occasion. Kind of funny.

How can anyone live like this?: holy crap. Holy, holy crap. *retch*


Do spammers get spam?: they don’t like it any better than we do. It’d be a shame if they got more instead of less. {via}

Private Islands Magazine: this desert boy wouldn’t say no to private island living. I think.

The Gradual Made Visible: I don’t normally promote my other sites (what are you talking about?!) but I just finished this nice collection of time-lapse videos of people that you may want to check out.


Riccardo Patrese Drives Wife Crazy: I don’t know what words she’s using but I know what she’s saying. {via}

Google Pirate: joins Klingon, Swedish Chef, hacker, and Elmer Fudd translations.

Old-School Pie Chart: yum!

A House By the Park: interesting blog about one man’s journey to building a custom home. The transparency and openness is neat.

Citizen Kang: this reminds me so much of the current election (well, maybe every election). Money quote: “It makes no difference which one of us you vote for. Either way, your planet is doomed. DOOMED!”


IMDB Video: IMDB finally offers full-length video of movies and TV shows. Okay, so it’s kind of Hulu like.

Suspicious Vans: I’d say this one wins top prize. Related: “Van Man” {via}


ROFLrazzi: celebrity captioned photos in the style of LOLcats.

Palin Bags a Bigfoot: I think it might be Photoshopped though. (Side note: didn’t WWN stop publication?)

Netflix Origami: an interesting use of that annoying leftover flap.


Sunday Afternoon: a rap about errands and chores. I knew I recognized this guy: he’s the same gent behind Every Day Normal Guy Rap Song. Great work!

Stay At Home Dad: he gets high on baby hugs.

Jar Glove: finally a decent skewering of ridiculous infomercial product dramatizations. It’s about time.


Guy Skis Down Tube Escalator: HOLY CRAP! I CAN BARELY WATCH THIS! {via}



EepyBird’s Sticky Note Experiment: enh, not as cool as the Diet Coke/Mentos work. But that’s not surprising. {via}

“Hey, Where Did All My Stuff Go?”: it’s hard being a mummified pharaoh.


Bubble Calendar: I like the idea but $29.95 is too much for this hombre. {via}


The Internet Overdose Song: moderately amusing.


The Real Walter Reed: the building behind McCain during his acceptance speech was Walter Reed Middle School not Walter Reed Medical Center. It’s really hard to believe that such a mistake could occur.

John McCain and Tina Fey on Cover of Life: cool, they look great together. Heh. Oh wait, Tina Fey makes any pairing right. {via}


Flickr Memory Game: Ze Frank’s little Flash app that uses your photographs in a game of memory.

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser: and I know someone who’s birthday is coming up soon…


Google Maps – Missile Over Utah: I have no idea how people spot these things but I’m glad they do.

Please Dress Me: a very-well-done and useful t-shirt search engine.


“The Best F**cking News Team Ever: that reminds me, I need to watch more of The Daily Show. Hilarious!