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“Lefty Bloggers Go After Palin’s Daughter”: the liberals show their true colors in taking their smear tactics and conspiracy theories a little deeper into the Palin household. So repulsive. {via}

Barack Obama – He Completes Us: hilarious Daily Show segment. {via}


VPilf: oh my. {via}

Books I Meant to Read This Summer: my favorite is You’ll Never Be Famous, You’ll Never Be Rich, You’ll Never Have That Threesome: A Man’s Guide to Facing Facts.

How to Eat Durian: helpful info on an Asian fruit I’d never heard of and, from the sounds of it, I probably wouldn’t enjoy.


Things to Say During Sex Flowchart: this is very useful, though I think you should probably memorize some of its contents rather than referring to it during the act. {via}


Death Star Over San Francisco: cool video integration of San Francisco with images from the Star Wars series. {via}


“These Olympics are unreal”: funny yet sad but true. At least the writer wasn’t carted off to a labor camp for applying to protest at one of the designated protest areas, for which no application was approved.


Open Clip: a compelling copy-paste framework for the iPhone that seems very well thought out. I’m still digging into the specifics of the library though.

SlickSpeed: benchmark test suite that compares the various Javascript frameworks. I really like how they did it even though MooTools came in third. Maybe the head in Subversion blasts the others out of the park and this is a marketing ploy. My, I’m cynical, aren’t I? {via}


“We need a black Google”: this is just terrible, absolutely terrible.

“The ‘Nuclear’ Option: Russia Threatens Poland Over U.S. Missile Shield”: HOLY SHIT. This part freaks me out: “He said the deal also includes a ‘mutual commitment’ between the two nations to come to each other’s assistance ‘in case of trouble.'” That certainly reminds me of “entangling alliances” and the last war they caused.

South Ossetia Photos Taken By a Russian Soldier: wow. I can’t understand any of it but the pictures speak for themselves.

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene on Vimeo: whoa, it’s like Photoshop for video.


Wordle: I saw this a while ago but I never checked it out. It takes a document and generates a tag cloud for it, so you can see for some reason which words occur a lot. {via}

LOL Olympics: I could not get tired of this meme.

LOLJohnMcCain: this is really good stuff. It’s not particularly incisive in its skewering, but come on.


“PETA wants to advertise vegan message on border fence”: PETA, ever farcical, has become a parody of itself. Money quote: “We think that Mexicans and other immigrants should be warned if they cross into the U.S. they are putting their health at risk by leaving behind a healthier, staple diet of corn tortillas, beans, rice, fruits and vegetables.” Sorry, one more: “[the message] might even be frightening enough to deter people from crossing into the U.S.”

Two Minutes to Wondermark: I grossly underestimated the amount of work that went into Wondermark. I’m equally impressed with Malki and Photoshop.

Ball: this neat, simple game provided conclusive proof that I am an uncoordinated, robotic oaf.

Springfield Punx: wow, these are exceedingly well-done renderings of non-Simpsons characters in The Simpsons style.


Barack Roll: clever, very clever. {via}


2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony: looks like quite a spectacle. You know what else looks like quite a spectacle? This. {via}

For a Good Time: heheh, maybe I’ll try that next time I see a phone number in the stall. I always figured it was something else.


Fuelly: wow, this is easily the best gas usage tracking Web application I’ve come across. Here’s me.

Humorous Military Photos: these are hilarious!


Calvin and Jobs: hilarious parody of Calvin and Hobbes. I’d say better than the original, which was a steaming pile of turd.

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad: funniest line: “I’ll see you at the debates, bitches.” {via everyone}

NiceCritic: passive-aggression goes Web 2.0.


Wipeout Wrecking Ball: this is easily the best sequence in the entire show. John Henson is hilarious.


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Comic-Con: not as good as the Star Wars one, but still hilarious. There’s also his full speech to the conventioneers comic nerds.


“Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”: excellent response to those who would suppress differing viewpoints. {via}


Bowser’s Minions: addresses all the underlying arbitrariness of the Super Mario Brothers franchise. The ending really ties it all together. {via}

A to Z of Software Methodologies: I especially like the second KDD. It seems like it’d work perfectly in jail.

Toyota Develops Personal Transport Assistance Robot “Winglet”: that’s not going to be good for Segway’s business. I mean, unless Toyota’s price point is over $5,000. HAHAHAHAH!