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Delicious: I miss and the geeky undesign of the previous version but I have to say that the individual’s page is better. And at least I still have my extension—it never changes up on me. *sniff*


The World According to Cuil: also Bill Gates.

[UPDATE: Umm, not even cuil? I’m not fond of using the cliché but this seems like the definition of EPIC FAIL.]


Motivated Photos: this is a great site.

Super Mario Brothers Tribute in 20 Lines of Javascript: the lines are a little long, but I’ll concede them the point.

Fake Twitter Status: now that’s some choice parody right there. {via}

Pixar’s Presto in HD: I’ve been looking all over for this since I saw it at the movies. I think it’s Pixar’s best short from a comedic standpoint. {via}


Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: this looks like an amazing resource for imparting an appreciation for chemistry. I will definitely work through this book with my kids when they’re old enough. {via}


Defining Political Correctness and Its Non-Impact: fascinating look at political correctness in academia and its effect on hiring decisions. Turns out that PC professors will say that political views don’t matter in hiring decisions. It’s like it’d be politically incorrect of them to say otherwise. Uh huh. The breakdown by discipline is very revealing. {via}

Unicode Graphic Domains: neat. I forgot that their were dingbats in Unicode. D’oh.

FLARE: this would be an amazing look for a building. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is very expensive—both to install and to maintain.


Anecdotage – Steve Martin: the joys of being a comedian. {via}


Obama’s Berlin Moment: not a great article except for the notion of “premature inauguration.” Sorry, but Twitter’s out for scheduled maintenance—otherwise, I’d post it there.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Monica: I am so glad that YouTube wasn’t around when I made my first movie, Time Portal. It’s strangely compelling with an earnestness that seems to correspond with youth. You can just imagine them thinking this is great stuff. Highlights: at 4’39”, a special effect; at 8’00”, the climactic fight scene. What’s the backstory on the lack of shoes?

Inappropriate Movie Soundtracks: the basic idea is to ruin a scene by replacing the score with something else. Kottke’s got some great ones, but there’s even more out there: Robocop, The Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Lord of the Rings

HCWDB – Caption This Pic: OMFG, something about this picture and the commentary it inspired had me laughing my ass off. Plus, I learned the term ‘manther.’

Font Conference: is there anything that Comic Sans can’t do? {via}

Baby’s First Internet: “To be an expert’s no great tax: Write common sense and call it ‘hacks.'” Indeed.

WordPress for iPhone: that hyperlink was a bitch to enter. I don’t see this being sustainable for a linkblog.


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: new Web series by Joss Whedon starring Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. My four-year-old still talks about Captain Hammer, in fact.


Star Wars Ren: that is some serious Photoshop skills on display. The contest is to take famous art and give it a Star Wars taint. {via}


ShirtsforCoders: these are neat.


Press This: can I set this as my default write page? Please? Each release of WordPress drifts further and further away from simplicity.

Republican Platform Committee: help craft the GOP’s platform by leaving your own carefully-constructed argument that will get completely lost in the din of sound bites and knee-jerk reaction. I can’t see how this could possibly go badly. {via}


Watching the Growth of Walmart Across America: this is a really neat visualization. {via}


It’s Called epMotion: wow, I never would have guessed that this sort of thing would be used to move high-end laboratory equipment. {via}

“Dallas County meeting turns racial”: I find it hard to believe that anyone could be unfamiliar with the term “black hole.” I buy that someone might not know what “niggardly” meant, but this one’s ridiculous.


Totem Destroyer: excellent little Flash game. I played until I beat it and wished there were more levels. {via}


Why Schools Make You Tuck in Your Shirt: you could never get away with that if you had to wear breeches. {via}

Sylvania Light Bulbs: if this is the mythology of the people in Thailand, then I have to wonder how kids sleep at night there. Heck, just seeing this commercial on TV as a youth would have done it for me. {via}

List of Problems Solved By MacGyver: “MacGyver uses a pulley system fashioned from torn fabric, bailing wire, and toy car wheels to assist a small dog in crossing a busy road.”

3D Fail Whale: I like it. {via}