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Om Nom Nom Nom: mmmm, things. {via}

“Alien Video – Puppet or real E.T.”: the initial article I read raised a number of red flags: infrared camera, only head peering through window, five years ago, guy had had hundreds of encounters including abduction, claims of authenticity from film analyst. But this article solidified my suspicions: these people are the loony fringe, the UFO true believers.

Gummy Bear Anatomy: I just had some last night and I never would have guessed that there were bones in it. {via}

Interview with Jack Handey: he’s just as offbeat in person. {via}


Burn After Reading Trailer: looks like an interesting movie. {via}

Dean Kamen Unveils New Invention: awesome robotic arm! Sarah Lacy strikes out again.

[UPDATE (5/31/2008): Here’s some Lacy-less video.]

How the Tweel Airless Tire Works: these are supposedly coming into production in 2010. I can’t wait!

“I had friends on that deathstar”: Stormtroopers have feelings too, I guess.


“George Bush Chest Bumps Soldier”: if you needed any more evidence that Joe Sixpack can become President, here it is. {via}

Social Networking Wars: ooo, I love it! I especially like how they depicted Friendster. {via}


Snoop Dog: while laughing at someone in public is douche-y, assuming that someone laughing in public is directing it at you is even more so. Good story.

Is an Idle Car the Devil’s Workshop?: that’s really fascinating. Conventional wisdom hasn’t kept up with engine developments, I guess.


Emma Spaulding Bryant Letters: trove of intimate letters from 1873 of half an accusatory conversation. They center around his suspicions of a gynecological visit that led to more. {via}


The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: yikes, what an awful premise! Though maybe the kind of people who would participate are exactly the ones that shouldn’t be reproducing. Hmm.


Start-Up Junkies: looks intriguing. I’ll have to watch this. {via}

[UPDATE (5/29/2008): I’ve watched two episodes now and I am very impressed. There’s an inordinate amount of cliché, but that’s business.]

“Lurch on Batman”: I had completely forgotten about this frequent cliché on Batman. Others: Colonel Klink, Santa Claus, Sammy Davis Jr., Green Hornet and Kato, Dick Clark, and Jerry Lewis. Hilarious! {via}

“I Will Derive”: OMG, nerd parody. {via}


5 Men in a Limo: I’ve been sitting on this one since 2006. Great little video featuring the voices you all know from trailers.

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do: an excellent TED talk. It’s a welcome counterpoint to Free Range Kids.

World Naked Gardening Day: was on May 3rd. But really, shouldn’t every day be one for naked gardening? Am I right?

The League of Public Domain Properties: funny.


“Journal of a New COBRA Recruit”: hilarious stuff. Followed later by the similarly funny “Journal of a Seasoned COBRA Veteran”. {via}

Journal of Cartoon Over-analyzations: I love the concept, especially this examination of the Cobra paradox. {via}

Weezer “Pork and Beans”: can’t say I’m a big fan, but this video is awesome! {via}

LOLcat Bible: looks like someone went out and created a Wiki version of this picture.


2girls1cup Review: and here’s page two. I don’t know: I think the boldness is worth more than a 0% even though the essay itself is utter PoMo garbage.


Slow-Motion Face Punch Videos: I don’t much care what the story is behind these videos; they’re so odd to watch. And not nearly as amusing as SNL’s “People Getting Punched in the Face Right Before Eating.” {via}

Google Maps Street View Scene: boy I hope that’s not a real gun!


Totally Like Whatever: unfunny but true “poetry.” Also, watch “The Impotence of Proofreading.” {via}


SNL “McCain in One”: he’s got the “oldness.”


Black Bar Glasses: get obscurity without needing postproduction. {via}

Favrd: Twitter API service that shows you tweets that have been favorited. Gah, neologism overload!


ManBabies: site featuring edited photos switching fathers’ heads with their children’s. Whoa.


Instant Rimshot: this is terribly useful!

Things Younger Than John McCain: he’s so … old. {via}

Google Street View Car Photo Pool: now I know what to watch for if I want to perform any hijinks.


Conan’s Version of Grand Theft Auto: “I’m just trying to get sheets.” {via}


Indian Baby Dropping Ritual: why hasn’t that caught on here in the states? I just don’t get it. {via}

Igloo Building Guide: that’s very handy. But does snow really get that hard that you can cut blocks out of it? I mean, outside of Scandinavia and the Arctic? {via}