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UK YouTube: click on one of the Featured Videos. April Fool’s! Wife: “why does that bring you such joy?” Me: “I don’t know, but it sure does.” Wife: “that is more funny to me than anything else”


Food Court Musical: this is definitely one of their best scenes, but I think that was because it was staged with the mall’s complicity.

Chinese MC Hammer: ho hum about the actual video and the move-by-move imitation. What really gets me is the knitting lady in the background, apparently oblivious to the goings-on. {via}


Cubo: Kottke calls it creepy but I think it’s realistic enough—past the valley. {via}

Obama, Big Oil, and Fun with Charts: great article examining where all that “excess profits” from rising gas prices really goes. Hint: it’s not the oil companies.


Eighty-Five Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas: oh boy, that’s rich!

“Craigslist hoax cost man his belongings, nearly his horse, too”: simply disgusting.

[UPDATE (4/2/2008): Not so much a hoax, apparently.]


Los Angeles Times Interview with Rick Astley: I’m with a commenter, every link in there should have been a Rick Roll. {via}


The Wikroll: saying that you’re linking to Rick Astley’s video only it turns out that it goes to a Wikipedia entry. Gotcha!


The Ayn Rand Institute YouTube Channel: I can’t wait to pore over these. I love Objectivism and I love free videos—match made in heaven!


“Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?”: excellent article on gender bias in the sciences in academia. It shows the frightening attack to impose Title IX on science and engineering in higher education. The obvious agenda behind this is absolutely sickening.


Chuck Norris – Google Search: I’m a sucker for a Chuck Norris joke. {via}

Kill the Cliché: it’s true that journalists are guilty of being trite, but they’re more often guilty of being non-objective. {via}

Rolling Bridge: arresting concept.

Comment on “My Answer to Andrew Revkin”: excellent description of nearly every climate change enthusiast I’ve ever come across.


How to Pull Off a Rickroll in Real Life: wow. Just wow.

Not Always Right: tales of woe in customer service from the customer service provider’s perspective. They are unbelievable.

Neverland Ranch Expedition: I’ve only ever seen aerial photographs of it but it’s much more impressive from the ground. {via}


Amusing Tidbits From Warren Buffet and The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report: here’s the original if you’re so inclined. Favorite line: “I’ve reluctantly discarded the notion of my continuing to manage the portfolio after my death—abandoning my hope to give new meaning to the term ‘thinking outside the box.'”


Glennz Tees: they’re well done, but I really like this one. {via}


Down for Everyone or Just Me?: this is a very useful service—it validates that some site is having problems and it’s not just your pathetic computer. {via}


Go Daddy Refutes Censorship Claim: the truth finally comes out. The retractions may commence.

Password Checker: nice little implementation from Microsoft. Happy to say that my password algorithm was always green.


Reporter Hates Anchor. Anchor Hates Reporter.: this is awkward and awful. In other words, great TV.

Shaq Rode in my ‘Lude: the pictures of Shaquille O’Neal scrunched in the front seat of a Honda Prelude are excellent.


Ferrari vs. Smart Car: wow, that is incredible. But it seems like it’d be unstable since it wasn’t designed to do that kind of speed. {via}

Bush Endorses McCain: sadly, there’s very little difference among any of the candidates.

Rural Mysteries of the North Fork Polygon: and you thought jerrymandering was only done in politics! At first, I thought this site was the demented ravings of a paranoiac but after careful consideration I now think it’s the demented ravings of an area booster.

Physics Limericks: quite the collection. Reminds me of the only science-related limerick I know (told to me by my high school chemistry teacher, Mr. Rickard):

Little Johnny took a drink.
Little Johhny is no more.
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation: what a tough time and subject matter. I’m sure the families appreciate and cherish the photos.


The Pink and Blue Project: neat photos. My girls like pink, green, and yellow. {via}

Shazam!!!: I haven’t linked to a LOLcat in awhile. Don’t worry, I’ve been reading them dutifully—just waiting and biding my time for one that made me LOL.

Star Wars vs. Saul Bass: that is some nice work. {via}

Undie 500: sorry, but that is not right.