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The Meme Obfuscation Machine: I just whipped this up. It’s an easy way to mask a meme or prank. And I think the only cost for me is domain registration since it uses very little bandwidth.

Mucho LOL: sometimes you’ve just got to laugh out loud. {via}

8300 Crazy Celebrity Photos: I wonder why Will Smith was trying to balance a tack hammer on his head when there were cameras around. But I love the photo of Scarlett Johannson prancing around the Riviera in such a revealing bikini.

“Why on earth are those cats talking like that?”: I love the idea that there’s a backlash in the feline community about LOLcat speak.


Daring Furball: Daring Fireball automatically translated into LOLcat speak. Fantastic work!


Garfield Minus Garfield: if they’d removed Jon too, then you’d have something. {via}


Three Kings and the Wonderful Island: a coherent theory to explain the circumstances of Lost.


Tragically Hip Polo Shirt: I like it, it’s very subtle. I know I covered this t-shirt shop before


Stuff White People Like: the comments are perhaps funnier than the entries.

Ill-Advised Business Names: some are grin-worthy. {via}

A New Typography Term: FLICKING brilliant neologism from the inimitable David Friedman—if only I had more opportunity to use it.

Zomcon: fun site for a fun movie, Fido.

The Biggest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy: wow, that’s dedication. It doesn’t appear to be for sale like other huge collections but it’s nice to look at.

Obersalzberg: cracked me up.


“To Stimulate the Economy, Liberate It”: this opinion piece exactly captures what’s been bothering me about the stimulus package, it seems to be more of exactly what got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s try something else for a change.

Nerf Vulcan EBF-25: ohhhhh. I have a soft spot for Nerf weaponry and this hits it square in the nuts. $39.99? No sweat. Fall 2008? NO!!

Single Serving Sites: I, too, am a fan of the genre.

Rembrandt Homer: I like it! {via}

The Deadly Huashan Hiking Trail: who would willingly hike that? Oh, right. American tourists.

Dubai is Nuts!!!: 3,900 foot tall skyscraper and 107 square miles of amusement park. Yeah, nuts about covers it. There must be a lot of money in oil…


The History of LOLCats: I’ve seen some dispute as to the origins. {via}

More Surface Temperature Measurement Goofiness: there’s probably warming going on, but the degree to which it is occurring is the important thing. If we’re talking about a 0.2°F difference over the next decade or two instead of a 20°F one, then the gravity of the situation is much less. That is why the accuracy of our measurements are so vital.


Best Wedding Dance… Ever?: I could agree with that. The groom’s got some funky ape-arms though. That creeped me out.

I Love Blocks: when you can’t afford the real thing, I guess planting the idea in the viewer’s mind is the next best option. {via}

Funny But No: rejected Valentines from Shoebox Greetings. {via}

Trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: oh yeah, I’ll be there. Lucas couldn’t screw it up enough for me to pass it up. {via}

SO, U WANTZ MARRY HER?: the first LOLcat proposal that we know of. SRSLY, your children will be so impressed.

Thank You for Being a Friend: Golden Girls-themed Valentine’s Day cards. A little late there, Baldwin. Coulda used those yesterday.

Musical Crystal Glasses Like Never Before: awesome work!

Animator vs. Animation – The Game: a more interactive version of those awesome videos I’ve covered before.


How to Illusion Knit: oo, this is slick. I’ve got to tell my wife about this. (Thanks to feed readers, I just did.)


Extraordinary Breastfeeding: whoa. Just wow. Good gravy.


Nice tweet: “_LOST_ video game should involve Ben shooting you, inexplicably regaining your trust, then repeatedly shooting you again. Forever.” First time I used the favorite star.

de-noted: showcasing currency defiling around the world. I myself used to cross out “God” in our country’s motto and write “MAN” in its place. What a dork past me was!


WikiVS: a wiki for comparisons. “VS” as in “versus.” Not much there and what’s there follows well-worn duels.

Open-access is the Future: I agree completely. I just wish I had executed on the cool open-access journal software idea I had a couple years ago. *sigh* {via}


Apple//c Unboxing: holy crap! That’s something you don’t see every day! {via}


Exposure: well, the Super Bowl commercial will definitely draw clicks but I don’t know if this warrants a “viewer discretion advised” warning. I think they had to put the voiceover “beaver” because otherwise people might think it was a huge gopher like in Caddyshack. {via}