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Transformers Universe: oh now that’s what Transformers should have looked like. {via}

HEMA: I don’t think the page is rendering quite right. 🙂


Only in Russia: these are great!


Go Daddy’s Super Bowl Commercial: in a change from previous years, Bob Parsons released the approved ads a week before the big game. I still think they’re not as good as my favorite Go Daddy ad, but they’ll drive a buttload of traffic on game day.

Late Night Underground: the writers of Late Night with Conan O’Brien have a site. Sorry, but I don’t watch late night TV so this is news to me.

State of the Union Addresses: excellent resource! C-SPAN also has video of them since 1989.


You Suck at Photoshop: hilarious Photoshop tutorials on YouTube using a specific theme.

The Speed-Up Loop: well, it’s clever at least. {via}


The Budget Graph – A Visual Guide to Your Taxes: the Flash version of the poster is really kewl.


2 Girls 1 Cup Tribute Song Video: excellent work about the “2 Girls 1 Cup” eye Draino.


Every Day Normal Guy Rap Song: the anti-braggadocio rap song. “Because I’m not very confident/And I’m weak for a man.” And there’s more if you like this one. {via}

Argument to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony: very clever. {via}

“Testicles face snip”: unfortunate headline, that. I just wish the ban was a voluntary action undertaken when owners came to their senses.

Lasagna Cat: live-action Garfield strip reenactments. {via}


Make Mine Freedom: neat little cartoon from the 40s explaining a lot. {via}

Pink Upholstered Vagina Couch: that would go perfectly with my penis-themed chaise longue! Too bad it’s in San Francisco…


Feltron 2007 Annual Report: I was going to link to it last week, but it was getting pounded and so I couldn’t open it. It’s like Trixie Update all done growed up. {via}

Rules of Thumb: man did I love those books as a youth. They’re much better and more useful on the Web. {via}

Fancast: full episodes of television shows online from Comcast so it’s got to be legal. If only there was an easy way to integrate your computer and TV… {via}

“A Pregnant Man?”: I am so glad that there weren’t any pictures of the forty-year old “thing” that they removed. I don’t feel like puking this early.


“Apple’s ‘Green’ Notebook Doesn’t Impress Environmentalists”: Greenpeace is at it again, bullying Apple about using any materials they find objectionable. Oh wait, it’s not bullying because they’re singling out the manufacturer with the lowest market share. And there’s no evidence that Apple is an environmental troublemaker. But why let such things stop your publicity whoring? {via}

Craigslist – “To the Crazy-bat-shit-lady who picked up the free fridge”: ah yes, the perils of Craigslist. I’ve given away a refrigerator on Craigslist and this pretty much mirrors my experience.

Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video: my initial reaction was peals of laughter followed by confusion as to why they kept quick-cutting his sentences. Then I realized that this was a serious endeavor and that that’s how he talks. Sweet mama pajama!


D.B. Cooper Redux: this story enthralled me when I watched a segment of Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. Here’s all the FBI files relating to the case, requested through FOIA. I guess $200,000 was a lot of money in 1971.

Live from Macworld 2008 – The Steve Jobs Keynote: Merry Stevemas, as my friend said.


Tesla Founders: a blog from one of the founders of Tesla Motors, which apparently is one something of a downward spiral.

Bathroom Graffiti Project: I wonder if this could also be called the Men’s Bathroom Graffiti Project. I haven’t been in many women’s bathrooms (I worked at several McDonald’s as a youth and bathroom cleaning was just one exciting facet of my job) but in my experience they’re not rife with expressions of machismo.

Scott Baio is 46, and Pregnant: looks like I may have an answer to my question.

Big Think: I haven’t watched any videos from this site yet—hey, I’m at work—but it seems to have landed some big names and who couldn’t stand for some big thinking.


Best of Starvin’ Marvin: hilarious episode of South Park.


AAAAAAAAA!: surprisingly informative. Yet another article that you’ll never see in Encyclopedia Britannica! {via

How To Actually Win A Fist Fight: this is highly useful information. I’ve never been in a fight and I know my first instinct would be to go flat-out crazy on someone so it’s good to find out that that’s not the best course.


“Reckless Mortgage Borrowers Do Not Deserve to Be Rescued”: hear, hear! But you lost me at the end.


IE7.js: awesome Javascript library to make IE5-IE7 behave.


Disappearing Car Door: this is absolutely sick but it leaves me with abundant questions. I blogged an earlier version of this but it looks like they’ve ironed out the kinks. {via}

“I-Reporter’s wedding cake is a full-sized likeness of herself”: I have no idea what would possess someone to do that. I find it creepy, personally. {via}

Cursor * 10: fun little Flash game. I got to Level 11 at best. I’m not sure how one could get to Level 16 but I’m no gamer. {via}


Tom Mabe Funny Phone Call: this one’s a priceless prank call. Excellent composure the entire time. {via}


As Seen on TV – The 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads: wait, Cracked? They’re still around?

“Abusing Children in the Name of God”: ugh, the children did not ask to be born to wackjobs. Absolutely disgusting.

ASDF: I can see someone’s not a fan of XKCD.

I Has a Hot Dog: from the team behind I Can Has Cheezburger, but for dogs.

Nice Parking, Dude: a cathartic way of releasing your aggression or class envy, apparently.


God’s Eye View: Biblical scenes imagined as captured through Google Earth. IANAC, but these are pretty cool. {via}

Geeks With Kids: wow, I hope I never do that level of surveillance. It seems like it would just encourage my kids to create a looping feed à la Speed.


Philips MANT940 HDTV Antenna: when I switched off DirecTV, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get good reception. I bought this antenna last night and mounted it in place of my satellite dish—it fit perfectly—and immediately found 29 digital, high-def channels for free. WTF?! Why didn’t I do this years ago?


Hancock Trailer: I agree that it’s probably going to be a train wreck (ironic that that was portended within the trailer itself) but I busted up laughing at the whale being thrown. {via}