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12/31/2007 what’s with the falling snow? I’ve seen this on a few sites this winter. Is it retro 2003 or something? I look forward to letters that follow the cursor around the screen.

Glamour Mug Shots: my what a difference! Ironic Sans is a consistently great blog.

Bacon Cheese Baconburger: this guy’s clearly a bacon addict. {via}

The Second Coming of Apple TV: I just cancelled DirecTV and am going OTA, but any of this would suit me fine. I’m sick of being just a wallet to cable companies. Give me a little control and a little Internet.

Blockbuster vs. Netflix: I just cancelled my Blockbuster plan last night and typed out over 1,000 characters about my dissatisfaction. Hit submit and was then told that they only cared about 255 of them. What the hell? I can understand not wanting to get some Unabomber-length treatise on your corporate failings but 255 characters?! That’s like “Why I Hate Blockbuster in 60 Words or Less.” I chose to rant about the limit in the space allotted. Incidentally, Netflix is rockin’!

When Will Amy Winehouse Die?: ahh, the beloved celebrity death pool goes digital. {via}


Little St. Nick: the latest from my online crush. I like it, but the room is definitely not as brightly lit as before.

New Found on the Web Feed: I decided to give FeedBurner a try. I’m always interested in supporting the mom-and-pop Internet businesses. Anyone object?

iPhysics: this is almost worth the hassle of jailbreaking, I’ve got to say. Demo video here, here, here, and here. I can’t wait until the SDK is available and this stuff becomes legit. {via}

Factory Balls: I could only get to Level 9 once I figured out how to play it. (Incidentally, you drag a ball onto one of the tools or through a succession of tools until you get it to match the one on the box. Once it matches, you complete the level.) {via}


Funny Cat Cartoon: yep, that’s about right. {via}


How to Remove Ads from Twitterific: it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a disgusting and overt rationalization of piracy. {via}

I hung out at Liz Brooks’s apartment: I never get tired of these pranks.

My Early Muir Owl: a very creative marriage proposal. {via}


Cluster Ballooning Intro: I’ve linked to this before, but I hadn’t seen this pictorial. It looks like an absolute blast but I think the lack of control means that I won’t ever be doing this.


Chinese Snow Sculpture Festival: wow, that’s beautiful work.

Ruin Romo: make a Jessica Simpson mask and bug some football player named Romo. (Sorry, I can’t be bothered to find out who that is for you or to feign interest in the matter.) For my money, the Little Orphan Annie look on Jessica Simpson suits her.

Handbell Hero: guitars are so tired, handbells are wired.

Is It Christmas?: not yet. {via}

How Experts Fail: an interesting free book about the cognitive problems of expertise. {via}


Lost Trailer: OMG, Season 4 cannot start soon enough for me! {via}

Found on the Web – 11/2001: can you believe I’ve been doing this site for six years? And I guarantee none of you were readers back then since it used to be a part of my retail ceramics studio’s Web site. Yep, this blog had its origins in paint-your-own pottery—I was a business blogger from way back.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts: I snorted some Mountain Dew into my nose when I saw Jesus Saves.

My holiday gift to you: I figured it was fake when he mentioned the “less meaningful” lives making 60K or 70K per year.


Design: dang that is one slick bookmarklet! Kind of like XRAY but more for layout. {via}

Blockbuster Raises Prices Again: I just got the email today that my one-at-a-time, two in-store exchanges $9.99 subscription will bump up to $11.99 in order “to continue to bring [me] the unmatched convenience of both online and in-store DVD rentals.” Oh, Blockbuster! You’re always looking out for me aren’t you! I’m surprised they didn’t halve my in-store exchanges while they were at it so maybe I will spend more time reading. Seriously, two price hikes in the last six months has me seeing red again.

Global Orgasm for Peace: it’s in two days, people. Take matters into your own hands, if necessary. It’s for peace, fer chrissakes.


“In The Hamptons”: parody of “In the Ghetto” featuring Arthur Laffer for some reason. {via}

AOLNews Presents “Where are they now?”: oh, this is good stuff!

Roadkill T-Shirts: wow, what a selection! There’s a sister site but I can’t tell if they’re the same shirts.

Top 10 Worst Logos: I’ve seen a couple of these before but they’re still amusing to me.

Some Not-So-Usual Photos: bizarre staged scenes in Russia.

Obey the Pure Breed: I can’t believe they don’t have bichon frises or Dalmatians! Enh, mildly amusing even still.


The Road to Success Illustrated: it’s a long, hard road that’s for sure.

Clientcopia: clients say the darndest things.

How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?: this timeless question now has it’s own domain and survey.

Porn for Girls By Girls: hahah, because women don’t like to look at naked people. *rolls eyes*

We Love Holiday Sweaters: design your own Christmas sweater. There is no limit to its garishness. Unfortunately, there’s no way to save or share your creation.

Amazon SimpleDB: I am in awe of Amazon. It would be incredible if in a decade Amazon’s revenue primarily does not come from ecommerce. The other amazing thing is that applications built on their EC2, S3, and now SDB platforms really don’t have anywhere else to go; I wonder if that’ll result in a backlash eventually.

Superstars of San Francisco: uhh, I guess I won’t ever be living in San Francisco.


The Gingerbread House Showcase: wow, that’s some impressive architecture there.


Best of Craigslist – “It’s me! Every girl ever.”: I’m not on the dating scene, but this certainly plays to my suspicions of same.

Die Electric: transforms electrical outlets into non-electric uses. Because using electricity is bad, you’re killing the earth you insensitive prick. *rolls eyes*


Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?: I won’t spoil the surprise.


“Magic Kingdom or Glass House?”: I’m more than a little skeptical of a bustling “free market” country based around an Islamic monarchy. Still, the policies I’ve read about seem sufficiently liberty-oriented that I’m intrigued.

You’re Insane: uhh, I cracked up in spite of myself.


Rotten Neighbor: look for the crazies before you move into a house. Of course, without names, it’s impossible to know if the reports are current. {via}

Trash the Dress: celebrating wedding photography that involves dress ruination. {via}


The Gratitude Dance: what does this remind me of? {via}

The Toddler Song: I’ve always contended that my job as a parent is primarily about keeping my daughters alive. It can be challenging at times. {via}

Andy Kaufman Trusted You: yeah, I always suspected he was unfunny but this cinches it. {via}

Here Comes Another Bubble: I know I’m a few days late to the game, but I don’t have access to YouTube at work so I couldn’t really blog it until I watched it. High-larious! {via, um, every other blog}

Cleaning up Quicksilver: demonstrating the benefit of open source when the developer starts to wash his hands of it all. {via}

Governor Romney’s Religious Speech Today: *sigh* if there’s one thing that would make conservatives embrace a Mormon, it’s the specter of atheism and “secularism.” It never ceases to astound me how close fundamentalist Christianity is to fundamentalist Islam. (Run-of-the-mill Christianity tends to milquetoast church-on-Sunday in my experience. I have zero experience with average Islam.) {via}

Google Chart API: that is so cool. 50K queries per day seems like a reasonable amount.


Listography: your life in lists, an interesting idea though the execution leaves something to be desired. Also, a dead-trees edition. {via Lisa Nola}

Cartoons by Roodie Doodie: kind of funny comic. {via}

Hillary Nutcracker Gag Gift: some might say this is a vindictive link. They’d be right.

Waste Some Cash: if you want some overpriced crap gifts that will make you gag, this is your site. There, Michael Ash, I linked to your site and included the words “gag” and “gift” in the entry. Thanks for the unsolicited link.

Comet Daily: ooo, now this is interesting. It’s the yang to Ajax’s yin in that it pushes server-side events up to client-side Javascript. And it’s surprisingly mature—surprisingly in that I’d never heard about it until Simon Willison’s entry.

National City—Eminent Domain Gone Wild: so that’s what Drew Carey’s been up to lately. I hate eminent domain. {via}

Impress Your Friends with Mental Math Tricks: I don’t know about the “impress your friends” part but these little algorithmic tricks are super useful. There’s even a great book on the subject.


Anne of Green Gables Centenary: 2008 marks the centennial of Lucy Maude Montgomery’s timeless children’s classic, Anne of Green Gables. If you like that, you must see the excellent TV adaptation.

I Question: I think it’s not all felines, just kittens. Every adult cat I’ve encountered is quite comfortable with the strictures of grammar.

LOLsheviks: hahah, who knew tyranny could be so funny. There should really be more of these—seems like the topic would be rife with possibility.