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Gray Water Package Units: now this seems like a reasonable idea. Technological problems require technological solutions.

“Sudan Protesters – Execute U.K. Teacher”: seriously, WTF! WTHF. My mind is boggled. At least Scientology’s finally been beaten for most difficult PR job, religion category. {via}

Universal Digital Library: 1.5 million volumes digitized by Carnegie-Mellon. My favorite grammar book is in there!


Smart Car Crash Test: I was surprised that it could even do 70 MPH. Also, I wonder what a Lamborghini hitting a wall at 219 MPH would look like? {via}

Cal Band – Video Game Show 2007: now that’s what I call marching! {via}

2 Guys 1 Cup: this is the version of 2 girls 1 cup that you can actually see without severe puking. What’s 2 girls 1 cup (NSFW, NSFYE, NSFA), you ask? Picture a video of tubgirl or something that makes goatse a welcome sight.\creedthoughts: today’s entry is especially funny, but I would encourage you to check them all out. Between that and Schrute Space, I’m thinking who needs them striking writers.

Google Maps for Mobile – My Location: this new feature uses cell phone towers to discern your 10-20. From tests at work and home, I’d say that cell phone towers must disclose their ZIP codes because that seems to be as close as it’s getting for me.


219 on the 202: Lamborghini driver gets up to 219 MPH on a freeway in Phoenix. Luckily, the speed limit on that stretch is 210 MPH and police generally don’t hassle you until you’re 11 MPH over. Phew! He’s got me beat: my personal record was 125 MPH on the 17. {via}


Science!: I like these t-shirts! {via}


“Why are men supposed to wash their hands after urination?”: it’s to get rid of the coliform bacteria from contact with your johnson. a way to tell the credit bureaus not to sell out your personal information for five years (or permanently, if you do the mail thingy). It’s legitimate.

Crash Bonsai: a welcome addition to any bonsai cultivation. No MINI Coopers though.

Akira Kurosawa Movies in the Public Domain: Rashomon‘s the only one I’ve seen before.

NPR – Intelligence Squared: damn, that looks like some seriously hott debate! There’s also a limey version but they’ve got some weird accents and I’m not sure that it’s even English.

Green Team with Will Ferrell: I always knew that nihilism was behind environmentalism, now I’ve got proof. NSFW, unless you’ve got your headphones on.

How Many HTML Elements Can You Name in 5 Minutes?: I named 49. The only one I forgot that I commonly use was p. {via}


“Seven years of bupkis”: damn the federal government and its profligacy. I am so sick of inflation being misconstrued as a consumer-driven thing instead of currency debasement. {via}


Interview with Christian Bale: whoa. If you can’t watch the whole thing (and I completely understand, believe me), then you have to skip ahead to 20 seconds left. It’s worth it. (Meta note: this is the first headline in recent memory that I’ve actually thought was clever.) {via}

Nymbler: not too shabby for a baby naming wizard. You put in some names that you like and it returns other names that you’d probably also like. {via}


Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians: just when you think there isn’t a niche small enough for a blog the Web just surprises you. With t-shirts. Willie, I salute you. {via}

How to Win at Monopoly—A Surefire Strategy: I haven’t played Monopoly in ages, but I better get good at this so I can beat the pants off my toddler daughters when they’re old enough to play. Today’s lesson: Daddy always wins. {via}

Kiddie Records Weekly: awesome children’s music and recordings from the 40s and 50s. {via}


VisuWords: ho hum. This is so much more useful than say a dictionary or thesaurus.

“Sins of the father”: this was such a hard article to stomach. I cannot fathom how a father could allow this (and all the preceding actions) to occur. How is that honor?

The SNL iPhone Ad That Never Aired: “pig-punching,” that’s classic. {via}

The Terrifying Toothpick Fish: I’ve had soap in there before and I think I’d rather die than have a devilfish lodge itself there. Mental note: avoid the Amazon at all costs.


MINI #37: I’m in mid-download right now but it’s a MINI arcade racer around the streets of two South African cities. {via}

Crabb’s English Synonymes: I have this edition of the book and I love it. It’s not a thesaurus: it’s a way to see the nuances and gradations of a particular word’s synonyms.

OMG! Awesome Party Guy Vid!: this YouTube costume has to be the most creative one I’ve seen. It really fires on all levels.


The Onion – “Ninja Parade Slips Through Town Unnoticed Once Again”: how do they come up with this stuff so consistently!

Huge URL: saw this one coming a mile away, but I don’t know why it took so long. There’s also DecentURL if you prefer meaning in your URLs. {via}

River Dance Monkeys: when I first saw that Arby’s commercial (fast-forwarding on Tivo, I exclaimed, “Did I just see some dancing monkeys?” and immediately rewound) I laughed my ass off. {via}

Claudia Jordan: I wish Conan was on earlier so I’d actually be able to watch him at a decent hour. {via}


The Advil Taste Test Challenge: what a splendid idea! So Advil’s a good candy if you’re not looking for long-term flavor.

Happy Halloween from the Mythbusters: love it!