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Top Gear Tiny Car Review: reviewing the world’s smallest production car, the Peel P50. I love the part where he drives through offices.


The Ayn Rand Lexicon: excellent book now available for free online (and searchable)! Read exactly what Ayn Rand thought of major ideas from agnosticism to reification of zero.

House of Representatives Small Brewers Caucus: I always figured Congressmen for martini drinkers. {via}

Schrute Farms Reviews on TripAdvisor: wow, it sure didn’t look like that busy of a B&B agro-tourist destination on TV.


Feed Store: clever, simple shirts. Boy has it been a long time since I’ve linked to a t-shirt store. Bubble burst?

Happy Median: this is a rockin’ animated GIF! {via}


SafeCastle: cool shelters.


Findings from the Web Design Survey: interesting look at the Web industry, gleaned from 33,000 responses.

No Shirts: latest Improv Everywhere stunt featuring 111 shirtless men visiting an NYC Abercrombie & Fitch store. High-larious!


Pumpkin Carving: slightly amusing.


Candy & Chocolate Bars Compared: this data is all publicly available but this site adds value by collating them.

The Great Pizza Orientation Test: that is so cool that they actually delivered a small pizza with no sauce or cheese and half beef.


Mini Desktop Racing for the Wii: this looks like a pretty awesome racing game. I wish I had a Wii. {via}


Dreamy Concept Cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2007: these are definitely some of the coolest cars that will never ever see the light of day. Fo’ shure. {via}

Star WarsHarry Potter Synopsis: eerily close. But could a hack writer like J.K. Rowling have borrowed the plot?! {via}


White Smoke: a grammar and proofreading tool. If you can sit through the “demo”, you’ll see “idioms” misspelled as “idimos.” Priceless. {via}

Belt Buckle Knife: “how fast can you whip yours out.” You wouldn’t believe how long I’ve been sitting on this. This guy’s a hoot! {via}

Pillar: another subversive Flickr idea, this time showcasing all the annoying clichés of Flickr. {via}

Flickr Group “We’d love to have your photo added to the group”: oh I love the subversive nature of this. And it even has a flashing invitation.

“It Isn’t Easy Being Green”: since today is Blog Action Day—yet another way for a blogger to do as little as possible and feel like they’re doing something important—I thought it appropriate to link to an anti-environmentalist site. {via}

Brad Paisley “Online”: funny country music video. I’m not a big fan of country, but maybe this is the breakout inspiration for a subgenre like nerdcore hiphop. I shall call it “geek country”—you heard it here first. {via}

PicUrls: the best pictures of the social bookmarking sites. Very useful.

I Want One of Those: cool gizmos and whatzits. Reminds me a lot of ThinkGeek.

When Life Becomes Good for a Programmer: funny joke.

Pretty on the Outside: some very well-done caricatures based on celebrity gossip.

Library Arcade: library-themed online Flash games. And boy are they as fun as you’d expect. The “I’ll Get It” isn’t too shabby, I guess.

Turntablist Transcription Method: I remember reading that DJ Radar was working on something like this.

Sony Bravia – “Pyramid”: damn that had to be a lot of work. Just like this “Bunnies” ad in New York. But they sure don’t think small for these ads.

Craigslist – “Survival of the Fittest”: this is a hilarious method for eating M&Ms. I don’t see it working for any of the nut-based ones, though.


ZIP Skinny: cool demographic site that lets you compare ZIP codes to neighboring ZIP codes.


Atomic Platters: Cold War-era nuclear-themed music like the timeless “Duck and Cover”.

[UPDATE: I would be remiss if I didn’t also link to this page about The Goldwaters, a folk group formed to support Barry Goldwater.]


Sorry for the sparse posting schedule lately. Work’s been very hectic but it should be better now.


Tadias Magazine: magazine dedicated to Ethiopia, from which we’re going to adopt a baby boy.

Department of Peace and Nonviolence: legislation sponsored by Dennis Kucinich (Democratic presidential contender) to create a Cabinet-level department. He seems too square to have been a hippy.

Professor Brothers Present History Lesson #1: OMFG, from the people who brought you the George Washington rap. This one’s about JFK: “His words felt like flowers/And if he shook your hand you’d make love with it for hours.” {via}


Hillary Clinton on Record Oil Profits: she wants to steal the money and use it to try and put the oil companies out of business. It doesn’t get any more naked or blatant than that, folks. If elected, she’ll pay you to have babies and steal from industries she doesn’t like.


“New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love”: I laughed myself silly reading this article. It’s probably the funniest article in The Onion in my memory.


Rude Giuliani: wow, that’s pretty incredible. I’m a Giuliani supporter but that behavior is incomprehensible.