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Shirt Woot!: a different t-shirt every day and for one day only. Yay!


“Guys and Dolls”: documentary about the people who buy Real Dolls. {via}


Faceball: sounds like a fun enough game. {via}

NOW Watch: you could easily pay $50,000 for a watch and still not match its accuracy. {via}

“Some Potter fans find pages missing”: I’m not sure which part I find more disturbing, that the lady emitted an actual scream at discovering the mistake, that she had gone on “lock down” on receiving the book, or that she had ordered a backup copy of the book beforehand. Well, there’s also the fact that some Potterheads are keeping the misprinted books as “collector’s items.” *sigh*

When smart people use bad grammar: its like death by a thousand gunshots. The affect of bad grammar is that people just don’t take you seriously and whom wants that? They’ll think your wierd.

Bytocom: I just noticed this in my referrers. Does anyone read Arabic? Is this something I should be worried about? I doubt that the Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments is useful as a terrorist manual, but who knows?

[UPDATE: This other referrer thread is even more disturbing.]

Who’s Dated Who?: answers the question I never had, who’s dated Scott Baio?.

Deleted Images: fuzzy images never looked so good.


Redheads: Improv Everywhere’s latest prank sent redheads to protest the Wendy’s logo! Clever.

Statetris: Tetris-like game using the United States as the pieces. Not nearly as hard as I’d like.

Ghostbusters vs. Jesus: this amuses me considerably.

“Underscores are now word separators, proclaims Google”: thar be some juicy nuggets, um, thar.


Laws of Software Development: some overlap with a previous post, but as I said, I can’t get enough of this stuff.

LOLcat Bible: kind of a pidgin of LOLcat, ebonics, and 1337speek. Enh, you might like it. {via}

The Art of Living in Small Spaces: excellent article that would be useful for dorm dwellers and the majority of New York City residents. {via}


University of Illinois Digitized Book of the Week: gorgeous scans of old books. {via}


“Update on Duke’s wireless network and Apple’s iPhones”: looks like their ploy to increase enrollment by piggybacking on the iPhone buzz backfired! {via}

Amazing Car Stunts in a MINI Cooper S: I knew I should have held out for the S.

Meta: it’d be neat if you could plot out daily entry volume against my life events. I would think there’d be an inverse relationship, but what if there wasn’t? What if I posted more the busier I was IRL?

Lip Sync to “Flagpole Sitta”: at first I thought “boy would I like to work there” but then I realized that I actually wouldn’t and that I’m glad I don’t. There was practically every hipster, metrosexual, and geek stereotype in evidence on that video. Plus, I might feel compelled to participate even though lip sync video for the Web ain’t my thang. {via}


How’s My Parking?: I parked it just fine every time!


The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face: evidently, this guy prefers the Nokia E70 to the iPhone. Me, I always thought that Nokia that made messages in the air when you waved it to and fro was the height of cool. {via}

Baio Watch: who’s the boss, eh? Eh? Oh, that was a different guy? Who’s this loser then?

Real-Life xkcd “Chess Coaster”: this is unbelievably cool. I love the checkers game with the pensive onlookers.

Images of Iran: oh wow. It’s just like America and boy we shouldn’t even think about doing anything about their rampant support of terrorism, their militant Islamofascism, their nuclear aspirations, or their avowed hatred of the United States. Oh wait, a picture is not an argument.

Game Game: uhh.

List of eponymous laws: I just can’t get enough heuristics.


Counterfeit MINI – Tough Love: I just can’t stop slapping. Help me!


Google Translate Word Find: nice dictionary-type service. Decidedly better than the other ones I’ve seen even if its language options are more limited. {via}

Prince Charles Reviewing the Troops: we had a head of state like that about a decade ago.


“Who is ‘rahodeb’ and why does the FTC quote this person?”: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s been posting under that pseudonym on Yahoo Finance boards for 7 years. Sorry, that’s bizarre CEO behavior. {via}

[UPDATE (7/20/2007): Ooo, The Onion nails it: “I can’t believe I almost let my child eat a carrot from that lying son of a bitch.”]

4×4 Scion xB: that is decidedly not right. Blech.

Disappearing Door Concept Car: wow, it’s like a convertible but with the door. I bet the mob would love such a vehicle: accelerate to 90 MPH, lower door, push out stoolie. {via}

iDea: a perfect, low-tech idea capturing device. Available at every fast food restaurant or grocery store.

Tiny Animals on Fingers Pool: photos of exactly what you’d expect.


iPhone – Will It Blend?: oh, boy howdy, does it ever! {via}

“Residents of Oregon town say shape of traffic posts is offensive”: it’s just pattern recognition, people. Like this.

[UPDATE (7/13/2007): BoingBoing, as usual, is all over this one.]

“Sicko” – Heavily Doctored: excellent article by Kurt Loder on Michael Moore’s recent smear job. {via}


Mental Health Advisory Team Final Report: wow, war is hell doesn’t begin to describe this debacle. {via}


Spidermen at Jamba Juice on David Letterman: this reminds me of the Dave from Late Night. Ahh, Larry “Bud” Melman repeating whatever Dave told him to say. Comedy gold! {via}


Die Hard Music Video: the story of Die Hard expressed in song. {via}

Chicago Kwik-E-Mart – Five reasons to visit the Midwest’s only Simpsons-themed 7-Eleven: come on, like you needed five reasons.

Lamest Edit Wars: I’ve seen some of this pettiness firsthand, certainly not as bad as these though. {via}


Groovy Dancing Girl: if this isn’t just a sped-up or time-lapse video, then I’m impressed!

Funny names: names for use in prank calling. My favorite one of all time: Hugh Jass. My theories as to why this site exists: a) one of The Simpsons writers just started this site or b) someone is just hoping for errant ad clicks.

Cheer in College: billed as a social networking app for cheerleaders, I’m sure others are putting it to much different uses.

True Office Confessions: from the people that brought you True Mom Confessions. “When I worked at a church my boyfriend and I had sex in every pastor’s office and on their desks.” HELLO!


Spoilt: yay! Threadless is reprinting this awesome t-shirt!