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Domo Arigato, Mr. Scott-o: I miss The Office. Well-done mashup, though. {via}


Web Analytics Demystified: I found this screencast to be a very useful primer on Google Analytics.

KTHX: uhh, huh?

“Mac or PC” Rap Music Video: this is some great nerdcore! Clever lyrics abound.

Good Cop, Baby Cop: I don’t know what it is but Dirty Harry channelled by a toddler is precious. It worked better when she was a salty landlord though.

House in the Wood: looks like a pretty swell place to live.


Microsoft Surface Parody: dang, they really nailed this one. It’s the Microsoft Surface video with a different voiceover.

Burning a Hole: I’m not particularly fond of the site, but the domain name is ripe for misinterpretation. {via}


2008 MINI Clubman Official Images: can’t see how these are official, but they’re pretty sweet nonetheless. {via}

Criss Angel Eye Opener: Mindfreak, not so much. Good editing and fake audiences get you pretty far. More here, here, and here. {via}

Word Processor Review: great comparison of all the major players in the word processor world, both Web-based and desktop applications.


SciTalks: video lectures on science and technology by famous people. Sister sites HumTalks, GovTalks, and BusiTalks look promising as well. {via} very slick Web application for doing floor plans. The free version seems quite adequate for normal users. {via}


Three countries use non-metric measurement systems: from the metric system article on Wikipedia. I think this is supposed to make Americans feel backward or something, but I just can’t muster up any concern.

Easy Glider: a very odd looking contraption.


Robot Chicken‘s Star Wars: this is a hilarious collection of shorts on a Star Wars theme. It’s almost enough to get me to watch Robot Chicken. I said almost. {via}


Let’s Be Friends: real-life mashups. Or The Fox and the Hound for reals.


Wife Call: my wife said that this is exactly why she’d be afraid of ever using that kind of service. {via}

Colonial Meeting Houses of New England: an exhibit still in development about just what it says. The pictures so far are haunting.


LOLcat Builder: simply awesome! Roll your own.


Mommy Needs a Cocktail: parenting blog, I guess, but I just love the domain name!

John Mayer Won’t Date No Fat Girl Diet: I don’t know, he doesn’t seem to like the skinny ladies he’s tried out lately. Good luck with your efforts, though.

The Crochet Dude: needlework isn’t just for the ladies. I guess. His blog is mildly interesting, though I think I just like the domain name more than anything.

Grammar Girl: you would not believe how popular this grammar podcast is.

Dirty Scottsdale: a funny look at the Scottsdale nightlife. The blog provides skewering commentary.

Some Interesting Islands and Lakes: I particularly like the photo of the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.

TED – PhotoSynh Demo: this looks quite bitchin’ but I wonder if it’ll be available on the Mac.

Rome Reborn: a digital model of ancient Rome circa 320 AD. All tastefully arranged in a wholly Flash-based site that seems utterly at odds in an academic setting. Let’s hope their “studies” about how to make it available on the Internet come to fruition soon!

Safari for Windows: now you Windows people can enjoy the superior font rendering of the Mac for yourselves. Well, those that haven’t been eyewashed by ClearType.


Mr. Lee CatCam: German cat gets wired. Must’ve removed all the photos of him licking himself. {via}

Literally, A Web Log: if only such light shining weren’t completely futile, I would literally jump for joy.


Feasting in Phoenix: restaurant review blog for metropolitan Phoenix. I can’t believe there aren’t more restaurant review blogs out there. {via}

Japanese TV Tetris Game: this game looks designed to put people in the water. {via}


Lost America: eerie nighttime photographs of abandoned things in the West. Absolutely lovely!

[UPDATE: Just saw this photograph of an abandoned horse racing park outside of Phoenix that I’ve always wondered about.]

[UPDATE 2: And this one from inside.]


Bud Light Commercial: can you imagine if work were really like this? We get pretty salty in my office, but that’s just us. {via}

How NOT To Make a PowerPoint: from the PowerPoint is the devil department. {via}

A Message From CBS Entertainment: looks like it worked! This is definitely one for the zealotry category.

Optimus Prime: a soldier changed his name to that.

LOLcode: OMG, what a hilarious yet horrible syntax.

Wikigroaning: that is a fun game. {via}


LOLbots: robots ain’t kittens, that’s for sure. {via}

A Really Big Show: I <3 tilt-shift photography. {via}

2012 London Olympics Logo Unveiled: at first it was ghastly but now I can only see this when I look at it. {via and via}

[UPDATE (6/6/2007): Apparently, the logo is an abstract rendition of 2012. That makes it marginally better but still dreadful. And I desperately want to stop seeing that logo because of that animated version linked above.]

Fast Food – Ads vs. Reality: yep, looks about right. Doesn’t change anything for me though. {via}

Do It Fucking Now: helpful new productivity blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to the feed.

Jo’s Plumbing: this has got to be one of the more surreal versions of that meme that I’ve ever come across. Also, crummy Flash. {via}

Yo Google: real-life equivalent of the noindex meta tag.


Women In Art: enchanting! I mean, except for the modern garbage which is repugnant. {via}

LOL Feeds: LOLify your feed. {via}

Apple iPhone Ads: oh. my. Let’s see, what rationalization should I use? “$499, that’s crazy for a phone,” “I’m stuck in a two-year contract with Verizon,” “I’m going to wait until they get all the kinks out,” “it’s probably not as awesomely wonderful as it looks,” or “who needs such a wickedly terrific phone anyway”? Decisions.

The Onion – “World’s Scientists Admit They Just Don’t Like Mice”: Money quote from the radio version “Even if there were no scientific benefit to the work I do, I’d still experiment on mice just to watch them suffer.”


Street Viewr: wow, this are some great finds on Google’s Street View! I love this picture of the Google Van speeding.

[UPDATE (6/4/2007): Ooo, more.]