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Straight Dope – “Why are the bees disappearing?”: excellent summary of the alleged crisis. Apparently, this isn’t a new problem, just a new name for it.

Microsoft Surface: wow, this is an impressive demo. Seems kind of barren for text, though.


LOL Trek: the LOL phenomenon just keeps going. This time, it’s screencaps from “The Trouble with Tribbles” ‘sode of Star Trek. {via}


Sweet Dreams Security: security doesn’t have to be boring. {via}

That’s My Girl, Asshole: blogger responds to Craigslist Missed Connections to comedic results. {via}

Waymarking: neat places chronicled and categorized. Like unusual speed limit signs, disguised cell towers, or outdoor warning sirens. {via}


lolpresident: this was inevitable. {via}

“This is What We’ve Become – Woman Pushes Baby on Segway”: wow, that’s some serious laziness. On the other hand, if I paid almost five thousand dollars for a scooter, I’d certainly be using it for everything including going to the refrigerator to grab a soda.


Passive-Aggresive Notes from Roommates, Neighbors, Coworkers and Strangers: I, too, love these sorts of notes whenever they appear at my work. {via}

Spoilt: boy do I hope they reprint this! {via}

*Touch* ‘Em All: Alyssa Milano’s L.A. Dodgers-themed blog. Yeah, Samantha. {via}

Search Without Boundaries: wow! Wow. I feel like another page has turned for Google today.

Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad: if your dog is farting so much that you’re seriously trawling the Web looking for this garment, you may want to change his diet or put him out of his misery. {via}

Yapta: new site that watches routes for good bargains and watches your existing tickets for rebate and travel voucher opportunities. {via}


“It’s Time for Violence”: parody of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” about a database project gone awry.

Google Turns the Page: wow, this smarmy collaboration between Google and Dell is beyond the pale. The hypocritical thing is whining to the Department of Justice when Microsoft does it.


I Pity the Fool!: a photoset about a travelling Mr. T dollaction figure.

I Hate Crocs: uhh, okay. Oh my, two o’clock already. *cuckoo* *cuckoo*

Mr. T and Snickers: yesterday was his birthday and I missed it. Dang. {via}


Tea ‘Healthier’ Drink Than Water: I feel a lot better about the eight or so cups of tea I have a day!

A Statement from CBS Entertainment: I Dugg this. The seasonseries finale pissed me off so much! It’s an engrossing show and I’d hate to have to make up my own ending to tie up all the loose stories.


The 100 Fastest Cars: number 31, oh yeah! Two observations: the numbering is not important and what the hell is this thing doing in there? {via}

“When I’m King”: ideas have consequences eventually, but it’d be nicer if the connections were more apparent and proximate.


Hike Database: Wiki for hikers around the world. Just getting started, so it’s a little dodgy.

Bee Movie Trailer: Jerry Seinfeld’s new animated movie doesn’t look half bad. At least, the trailer didn’t seem to be chock full of contemporary references like so many non-Pixar animated movies are. {via}


“Cat Macros”: oh. my. gawd! {via}

Parody Motivator Generator: roll your own Demotivators! This is so awesome; they simply must make a way to print these after you’ve created them. {via}

Amazing Wartime Facts from WWII: they are amazing, but wholly unconfirmed so take them for what they’re worth (“facts” without citation on the Web).

Tiny Pocket People: the bobblehead of the noughts? This would be great for workaholic parents!

Some E-Cards: these are not your usual e-cards, but they cover situations other ones don’t. Like offering to buy someone’s new baby or becoming more than friends.


Things I Did While Watiting On Hold for Sprint Customer Care: I myself just spent 45 minutes on hold last night trying to cancel my Sprint wireless account.

TeamSnap: well-designed social networking app for amateur sports. I love the testimonials. {via}


Google Experimental Labs: wow, this is some serious stuff. I guess this is the interim step before Google Labs.

Star Wars Origami: no force required.

The Onion – “Test-Driving the New Smartphones”: none of them meet the unique reviewer’s requirements.


Atrocious Apostrophe’s Pool: poor use of apostrophes abound. Also, look at Gilmore and Hunter’s campaign logos for more apostrophe badness.


lolgeeks: funnily-captioned pictures of a less-feline nature.

5/11/2007 yes, there’s a MINI available!

MINI Cooper Adorned with a Million Swarovski Crystals: it’s fab-u-lous!

Leave It To Beaver – 1958: the actual text of a letter that Ward read.


Encyclopedia of Life: attempting to catalog all the known species of Earth. The demonstration pages for polar bears (novice, historical, and expert) look stellar.


The Monster Union – A Tour of 826Michigan’s Ann Arbor Writing Center: good writeup of the newest 826 store.


Carbon Offsets R Us: sounds about right.


lolcats2: it’s derivative, but I just can’t get enough of the lolcat phenomenon.

NEXT WEEK, I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF FOR PEACE: I predict that two weeks from now there will be no peace though we will be down one futile person with no sense of irony.

Sculpt Sand Castles: this would be perfect for my desk! {via}

List of films with similar themes and release dates: looks useful.

Very Cool Illusion: I’ll agree.

Broadcasting House, 1932: scan of a book about the BBC’s Broadcasting House circa 1932, a lovely example of Art Deco in London. {via}


Do I Even Need to Explain This?: classic shot featuring the new R2-D2-styled mailbox.

Project Laundry List: they’re all about fighting for the right to hang up clotheslines. And stopping nuclear power.