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One Day Blog Silence: uh uh, not going to happen.

True Mom Confessions: sort of like PostSecret for the minivan set. It’s a little disturbing (like PostSecret) as a voyeuristic act.


Bath School Disaster: what an incredible (in the sense of unbelievable) story. {via}

TED Speakers: videos of their lectures available for free. That’s as close as I’m ever going to get to being there. {via}


Google AutoPager: awesome Greasemonkey user script that gets the next page of Google results as you scroll. Lovely! {via}

Throttling: showcasing the throttle in comic books.


Southwest STD: I’m not sure which is more alarming: that people have forwarded this to other people or that someone was unsure enough about its legitimacy that they forwarded it along to Snopes. I didn’t need a Status: False, that’s for sure.


50 Bullshit Jobs: I’m not sure that this is a particular career. Otherwise, poor him or her! {via}

LOL-Kitteh in Five Easy Steps: a guide to the grammar of I Can Has Cheezburger.


Google Maps – Classic Mini: looks to be an art installation near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. {via}

Saving the Earth – The Biodiesel Bus Blog: Sheryl Crow suggests that we need to make do with one square of toilet paper per visit (or at most three if you’ve got diarrhea). You’re still killing trees, Sheryl, and committing the Earth to a certain destruction. I, for one, advocate what I like to call “the shit towel.” And I really like her idea for a reality show involving who can live the greenest life: naturally, the winner will be the one to kill himself so that he will become truly zero emissions and can gracefully biodegrade into something useful. Save us from these sanctimonious celebrities and their prescriptions for how we should live.


Esquire – “What I’ve Learned” Series: celebrities relate things they’ve learnt over their careers. Fascinating and worthwhile. {via}


Spy Video of the MINI Clubman S: this is shaping up to be one nice family car. Now if I can just convince my wife… {via}


Ninja Warrior – Makoto Nagano: I’ve mentioned this series before, but this is the best run I’ve seen. {via}

The Landlord: funny short from Will Ferrell. I can’t help but think that that little girl’s going to be saying that for forever now. {via}


For Sale – One Useless Cat: a story in pictures.


Killer Startups: blog of startup reviews. Looks promising, though high volume.

Hipster Cards: some nice, non-hokey ecards.

BBC Languages: free language lessons from the Beeb in a variety of languages. {via}

Contacting Google: listing of all the contact information for the various Google products. Of course, emailing them doesn’t mean you’ll ever get a response back. I never have.

Absolutely Niniane: a fan video for Niniane Wang, a Google Engineer. I know she kicks ass and all, but WTF? {via}


Row Row Row Your Boat: very clever way to move a stalled boat. If you happen to be a barge, of course.


Software Versioning: illuminating article on the different ways to distinguish between software versions.


Keep Your Hands Off Married Asian Women: this obviously-staged photo cracks me up.


Darth Vader Lightsaber Umbrella: if only I could justify spending $100 on an umbrella. O why must I live in Phoenix! {via}

Super Paper Mario: I thought a Wii would be cool before. Now I must have one!

Grilling Salmon Heads: I wouldn’t have even thought to use the heads (even if we bought something other than fillets) and the picture is worth the link on its own.


Now and Then Pool: these are my favorite type of photographs, comparing a particular place historically and presently. There’s a whole slew of books relating to this subject. {via}

Security Patterns: Flickr photoset that features photographs of envelope security patterns from around the world. For some reason. {via}

The Treehouse at Alnwick Garden: 6,000 square feet of tree-based luxury living. {via}


Griptionary: I love jargon of any stripe. In this case it’s the lexicon of the movie or TV set.

Good Reads: intriguing social networking site for readers. Get your friends to sign up (natch) and see what they’re reading or share recommendations. {via}


The Googleplex: Google Maps just got a whole lot more Google Earth-y. This is insanely cool! And anyone can do it! {via}


The Inbox Of Nardo Pace, The Empire’s Worst Engineer: this is unbelievably funny!

Comment and I’ll give you a letter. Then: dang, you think you come up with a phrase that’s never been uttered before and Google tells you that it simply ain’t so. Right there, number 1. Blast it!

Internet Access CAPTCHAs: oh, there’s a wealth of variations to make this harder. Infer versus imply. Weird versus wierd.

Google Maps – Sleep Inn & Suites: word of advice to hotel operators: you should probably use a picture of a guest room without an armed soldier poised with gun drawn. IANAHO, so take it with a grain of salt. {via}

The May Day Mystery: figures it’d happen in Tucson at U of A.

Drinkin’ Time: awesome prank by The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern Humor Society, purveyors of fine pranks. {via}


Kevin Cooley: nice long-exposure photographs of planes taking off and landing.

Your Scene Sucks: not a rating site for actors or improvisational players, like you’d expect. I think it’s making fun of various ethnographic categories.

Most exciting roller coaster: I’m getting sick just looking at it. Why would anyone do that to himself?


Two-Headed MINI Limousine: this is borderline travesty. On the other hand, being able to drive from either end would make parking a piece of cake.

Karoshi: death from overwork. That’s a pretty tough condition from which to recover.

Open Door Policy: The Scottsdale Times visits the offices of various local executives, including this site’s proprietor’s own boss. {via}

McMansion: an excellent Wikipedia article on the architectural equivalent of the Hummer. I love the term “Garage Mahal.” {via}

The Art of the Prank: good blog about pranking.

Weird Eats: blog about culinary oddities. I’ll try anything once.