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Science vs. Faith: the flowchart pretty much says it all.


Subtle Ad: oh boy! {via}

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?: I know some think the subject matter is sophomoric, but they crack me up. {via}

Jurisprudence Fetishist Gets Off on Technicality: The Onion‘s top-notch headline writers strike again.

Britain for Americans: a cheeky guide to England.


Almanac of American Wealth: neat little way to see where the money is. {via}


Tea Birds: pretty women drinking tea. Toastie! {via}

Galactic Times: Star Wars version of The Onion. Awesome, in a nerdy way. {via}

D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y: that needed to be said. Definitely.

Save the Girls: online exhibit of World War II airplane nose art.

CheddarVision: webcam pointed at some cheddar cheese. Beats watching grass grow because cheese is delicious!


Miss Russian Nuclear 2007: I just like the idea that there’s somewhere in the world where being associated with nuclear energy is a-okay. Too bad it’s in a rapidly-devolving authoritarian state.


Because He Thought He Could: hilarious entry from the creator of Dilbert.

National Pancake Day: free short stack all day today at IHOP! {via}

Wheel of Lunch: it certainly makes the decision easier, though I’d never heard of most of the places in my ZIP code.

Made With Molecules: jewelry and accessories with a science bent.


Declutter Your Desk: it’s so pretty. The easy-release dowel system is an especially nice touch. {via}

Venture Vehicles: this looks crazy slick. I could see owning one of these for a daily commuter except that I can’t seem to discern any cargo space whatsoever.

[UPDATE: Apparently, there’s a similar site for the same car at Fly the Road.]


Camden House: an excellent, complete canon of Sherlock Holmes stories. Better than Project Gutenberg’s version, that’s for sure.


I did not know that yesterday: tidbits of trivia served daily. {via}

Divorced Jewelry: a broken circle.


Asshole Rating Self-Exam: I squeaked by with a 4, which means I’m almost but not quite an asshole. Neologism: assholish.

Dreamhost CEO Proposes Via “Google”: this is yet another reason why I love Dreamhost.

Singles Awareness Day: bandwidth exceeded—I expected that. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on the subject.

Found on the Web Link Blog: I’ve added my linkroll to the sidebar so I can list things I’m finding but not necessarily sharing. Warning: it’s got a high idiosyncratic ratio.

Product Sifter: a comprehensive (some day) product review site by journalists for consumers. Looks pretty good so far: the only affiliate linking I found was to Amazon, which is about as innocuous as it gets.

Cooking Debauchery: promising food blog.

Waterfall Soap Saver: this is actually a pretty clever solution to the “problem” of soap scum. {via}

La Chute: dancers captured mid-dance. Looking at some of the images, you have to wonder about the rest of the dance they were performing. {via}

Wii-Themed Valentine’s Day Card: touching, but probably not very effective. {via}

Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guides: Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher in the series) recaps the episodes in his snarky manner. I believe that his insights would not make it into a commentary track on the DVD.


The largest drain hole ever: that looks stunning.

[UPDATE: More photos and detail here.]

Top 10 Fashion Suggestions for Nerds: I feel like this article is speaking directly to me. Luckily, my wife doesn’t seem to mind.

Let VA Fly: I sure wish we had a “choice in air travel” so I signed.

I Hate The New Yorker: snarky blog obsessed with The New Yorker. For what it’s worth, I’m not a fan either.

Ghostly Car Ad: ahh, the surprise-ending viral video—I had forgotten the form.

“Trash-Filled Car Crashes In West Yarmouth”: wow, and I thought my three daughters generated trash in our car! {via}

You’ve Ruined Everything: a typology of online community members. {via}

World’s Most Complex Origami: uh, holy crap! {via}

Snack Characters: that is some wild packaging. {via}


TrenchMice: a view of companies via the trenches. I liked it better when it was called FuckedCompany.

eLivestock: buy and sell Australian livestock online. I love the Internet.

Kitty Goes Potty: video of cats doing it people-style. I wish I had the time to toilet train my kitten (though at 2 lbs. I don’t know that she’d be able to manage the toilet).


Animal Recordings: approximately 80,000 recordings (audio or video) of animal sounds. Free.

The Eisenhower Interstate System: depiction of the interstate highway system as a subway map. Quite helpful.

Yahoo Pipes: glues together feeds to wonderful effect. {via}

Diversion Safes: lots of good options, but the underwear diversion safe—AKA skid mark safe—seems especially effective. I know I wouldn’t touch it. {via}


25 Things to See at the Googleplex Before You Die: what a cool campus!

Earworms: intriguing way to getting conversational in a language. I found it extremely easy to follow. {via}


Steve Jobs Thoughts’ on Music: wow, that is something! There has never been a better statement that Apple is on the consumer’s side on the matter of DRM. {via}

[UPDATE (2/7/2007): There’s no pleasing some people.]

Useless Account: now that is good parody. {via}

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles: I just love the name of this southern California restaurant chain.


Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance: this initiative made absolutely no sense until I read that it was from gay rights activists. I love exposing hypocrisy, but what if this thing got passed? It’s a little subtle and there’s probably a bunch of people who believe exactly that.

Astronomy Picture of the Day – February 5: wow, I love these sorts of pictures where several unnotable events in themselves are captured in a single frame (okay, so this is a stitching of three panoramas, but still). Awesome.

Unconventional Arterial Intersection Design: they are unconventional, to be sure. I found the descriptions hard to imagine and I wish they had rattled off the benefits of each design. But still a neat site.

Open Educational Resources: free educational material for grades K-12 and college. I love how the Internet has made it so much easier to transmit knowledge, among other things. {via}

A Million Penguins: wiki sponsored by Penguin Books to create a collective novel. The fruits so far make me wonder if James Joyce wasn’t actually the progenitor. Also, I think it’s safe to say that wikis are best when facts are a reference point.


Volkswagen Phaeton: shadow puppet-based commercial. {via}

Hammer&Coop: marketing surrounding the debut of the 2007 MINI Cooper aside, this looks like a hilarious concept. {via}

Baker’s Edge: brownie pan that maximizes that most delicious part of any brownie—the edge. {via}


ZCars – Single Engined Mini: holy crap! {via}

To Whom It May Concern: epistolary missives to things that move the author to write.

“B.C. intervened to save 3 sextuplets after 2 died”: ugh, how can anyone subscribe to a religion that requires this. It’s absolutely monstrous.

Airparks – Plane in Your Garage: wow, I had no idea that this went beyond John Travolta and his ilk. Time to start raking in millions, I suppose. {via}

Google’s Moon Shot: fascinating article in The New Yorker about Google’s book digitization project. {via}

The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lombard: incredible photograph. {via}