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Remington Tangle Tamer: if this works, it’s an incredible tool. One of my three-year-old daughters has really long hair and we’ve tried everything (detangler, conditioner, brute force) but it’s never a pleasant experience. {via}

Ghost Town Explorers: gorgeous photography of ghost towns in California and Nevada. {via}

Cool Stuff Being Made: site from a trade association with videos of how stuff is made. New one every week. {via}

“5 Myths about Suburbia and Our Car-Happy Culture”: this is a fairly even-handed article about transportation issues. I was pleasantly surprised. {via}

POTUS 2008: discussion about the upcoming presidential election. Ron Paul is running? Awesome. {via}

Hair Collector: ugh, this would help for my revolting once-a-quarter task. {via}


The Blasphemy Challenge: record yourself denying the existence of God and you can get a documentary about atheism on DVD. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. {via}

Speak ‘N’ Spell Online: oh boy, does this bring up childhood memories. For the younger readers, this is that thing from Toy Story.

Shhh Cards: print some of these on card stock and use so you don’t have to interrupt noisy cell phone users. That’s the theory anyway. Practice is probably more like, “Hold on a second, Reggie, I’ve got to start whaling on this asshole who just handed me a card telling me to shut up.” {via}


VNSA Book Sale: two weeks and counting for Phoenix’s mammoth used book sale. Be there and be square.

“I Own You”: rejected Super Bowl ad from Go Daddy. This is one of the better ads they’ve ever produced. {via}

Genealogy of Influence: traces the connections between intellectuals. It’s called intellectual history, Mike.

Every MythBusters Myth ON ONE PAGE: it’s not what I would call usable but it is on one page.

Birthdays Without Pressure: an organization that is trying to stanch out-of-control birthday party tendencies.

Forgotten Ohio: I love these urban exploration sites.


Steve Ballmer’s Office: wow, my office is better than his. Well, except my window view is of a parking lot. And he’s a multibillionaire. If I ever become a multibillionaire, I’m going to have a desk that’s just two sawhorses and a hollow-core door. If anyone ever says anything, I’ll just say that I thought working on a solid-platinum desk would be a little much. {via} my wife’s newest business venture (let’s hope this one does better) is all about affordable, lovely bead jewelry. Get yourself something nice while doing me a solid as they say!

The Bumper B3ta Book of Sick Jokes: they’re certainly sick and there’s a free PDF version available. {via}

Park, He Said: a description of Lexus’ new Advanced Parking Guidance System, whose commercial is mesmerizing. More reviews abound. {via}

Become an M&M: enh, you might like it. I was unimpressed. {via}

Doorganizer: I like this. {via}


Looking for Lincoln: historical tours throughout Illinois allowing you to “walk in his footsteps.”* * Where development allows

Every Purchase from 1/2002 to 4/2004: another crazy camera obsession. Who are these people?! {via}

Get in My Belly: a photo log of every meal since 2002. {via}

Nikko R2-D2 DVD Projector: I am surprised that it’s taken this long to come about.

Weight Watchers Diet: free through their US patent. {via}

Carma Sutra: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention MINI’s Unauthorized Owner’s Manual that covers MINI-specific loving starting on page 18.

Problem Solving Flowsheet: a cynical flow chart, but generally accurate nonetheless.

Insect Macro Photographs: that guy is good.

Russell’s Teapot: funny Christian comics. Oh, well, funny comics about Christianity. I like this one. {via Larry}


Reductio ad Hitlerum: a logical fallacy along the lines of Godwin’s Law. online mind mapping, I think. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Cute Otters: this one’s for my otter-obsessed boss.

Testing on the Toilet: them Google guys is so crazy.


Many Eyes: social data visualization and analysis. From IBM. Move along.

Six Degrees: Kevin Bacon’s charitable foundation. That is an awesome name!

The Douche Card: leave nothing unsaid. {via}

State of the Union: holy schnike! That is information visualization gone wild. Dang, that is beautiful. {via}

Booksearch x 3: useful meta-book search. {via}


How to do the Cars Photoshop: excellent tutorial to accompany my earlier entry. {via}

Pictures from The Secret World of 007: nice diagrams of villains’ lairs from the James Bond universe. {via}

The Problem with Wikipedia: too true. Too true.

NAIAS 2007 – MINI Set: the 2007 MINI’s debut in the United States. Got to love the new engine, not so much on the new style.

Plen: “desktop hobby robot.” Who doesn’t need that?

[UPDATE (1/26/2007): $2,000!]

[UPDATE (2/3/2007): Here’s some video of it in action.]

PHPGedView: like the Geni site I mentioned earlier but hosted on your own server and much more developed.

CNN Fortune Cookie: great Greasemonkey script that adds “in bed” to headlines.

Scratch: you know, for kids.

Plan 59: showcases 1950s commercial illustration. I like it!

Lower Back Tattoos: photographs of them if you’re into that sort of thing.

Google Maps Zoom View of Aircraft Carrier: there’s an SR-71 on there. I never would have thought that that plane could take off (or land, for that matter) on that short of a runway.


Unusual software bugs: I was familiar with the Heisenbug, but the rest are useful too.

McDonald’s Videogame: more anti-McDonald’s hysteria. {via}

Mark Twain’s Mississippi: online exhibit of Twain’s work related to the Mighty Miss.

Almost Naked Animals: drawings of animals with briefs on. Lame. Put real animals in underwear and take pictures of them: awesome!

School Bus Fleet: enter the shady underworld of school bus drivers with their top-secret magazine. (NOTE: none of the preceding description is true except “magazine” and “school bus drivers.”)


The InPhonic Post-It Note Jaguar: whoa. I love the idea of these pranks but they just fall apart after a few thoughts: a) don’t they have something better to do with their lives?, b) it’s so ephemeral (though I guess Flickr took care of that), c) who cleans it up? and d) what a waste of Post-It notes. But funny, don’t get me wrong.

[UPDATE: Oh my, Walt’s kids cleaned up the mess. Disgusting.]

DIY Supervillain Hideout: three urban explorers rappel down an abandoned power station at Niagra Falls to get to a support tunnel behind the falls! Breathless commentary (“I yelled in unashamed triumph from the depths of my chest for every drop of Niagara’s sweet bukkake that stung my face and trickled down my cheeks.”), but they’ve earned it.

Geni: online family tree. I don’t see the business here but it seems very cool. {via}

Soviet-Era Roadside Bus Stops: is it just me or do a lot of these bus stops seem to lack a concomitant road? {via}

Geographical names that are interesting or unusual: amazing that this is buried in a salvage subpage off someone’s user page. {via}

Unusual Articles on Wikipedia: a compilation of strange entries. Perhaps proof that Wikipedia is the real-life equivalent to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. {via}

Lines From Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic,” Modified to Actually Make them Ironic: finally, someone’s done something about that vapid song. {via}


Dark Tower: online version of the 1981 Milton Bradley electronic board game.

GDP Map: that is so cool! It is quite illustrative of what a powerhouse our economy is. {via}

Zoxy: anonymous proxy for MySpace and YouTube.

T-Shirt Hub: enh, like a lot of other t-shirt sites.

Lowercase L: blog about the mixing of case involving the letter “L”. Like “HElP ME”. I guess there’s no niche too small that it couldn’t use a blog. {via}

The Astoria Notes: fascinating series of notes about the noise from an apartment upstairs. In my apartment-dwelling days, I actually had rock band above me. Yes, an actual, practicing-till-the-wee-hours, electric-guitar-wielding rock band. How I hated them!

Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics: wow, that is very troubling. And disgusting. “Free scientific inquiry is redundant.” {via}

Normal Room: this is the kind of thing I love the Web for. The site is a photo gallery organized by room so that you can see what the same type of room might look like around the world. Skews heavily towards Boise, Idaho at this point. {via}

FedEx refuses shipment of made-up stuff, empty cans: I can understand the wariness of the FedEx employee until he opened the cans and revealed that it was just air inside.

Applied Geometry using Costco Shopping Carts: I bet that didn’t take long at all.

Weirdest Japanese product ever on Flickr: yeah, that’s pretty weird. The comments have translations of the package.

Glass House Denver: if you’ve got to live in an apartment or condo, may as well do it in style. {via}

59 Smartest Orgs: highlighting smart non-profits and what they do that makes them smart. {via}

BABE Rally: rally from New York to New Orleans in a car that can’t cost more than $250. Sounds like a blast. {via}


Top 15 Fountains: what no Fountain Hills?


“Netflix Offers Subscribers the Option of Instantly Watching Movies on Their PCs”: “subscribers” doesn’t include me, sadly. {via}


“The challenge of distilling Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: what an interesting history! {via}

Atlas Rope Ascender: you still have to get the rope up there in the first place, so it’s of limited use to me. {via}

Meth Coffee: great name, no actual methamphetamines. The ostenible added oomph comes from yerba mate.

Teaposy: beautiful, but I’m more of a purist when it comes to tea.

MacFUSE: Mac OS X port of Linux’s FUSE. Looks to rock the Casbah. I know most of my readers are cocking their heads right now so here’s the summary: FUSE lets you treat non-filesystems as filesystems. In other words, with FlickrFS your Flickr account would show up as a drive on your computer! And there’s already tons of these out there because MacFUSE can use Linux FUSEs. I’m so excited to try this out! {via}

[UPDATE: Oh, you can also mount Wikipedia articles using WikipediaFS. Simply amazing!]

[UPDATE 2: Here’s the official Google blog announcement from Amit Singh himself.]


Pink Taser C2: girls gotta zap, too.

Alternate Uses for Everyday Items: it’s all in German, though. With all the German names for these gizmos, it reads like an Ikea catalog. A bizarro Ikea. {via}

Words of a Man’s Mouth: guy bought a diary (of sorts) in a Hong Kong shop, scanned it in, and is looking for help on the Web to translate it.

Kittens!: nothing but.

Autoblog – “Pixar Cars Photochops”: real cars Photoshopped to look like characters in Pixar’s Cars motion picture, including my favorite.


Ninja Warrior: just caught this over the weekend. It is amazing and wonderful to watch. Sadly, they’re half-hour shows and it takes forever to get through one round of challenges.

You Park Like an Asshole: when keying just isn’t communicative enough.


Visual HTML Jokes Pool: inspired by this first round. {via}

gDiapers: flushable diapers. Plus all the tree-hugging, landfill-filling propaganda you’d expect.


Celebrity Patents: 18 found so far. (I wonder how many he tried.)

Word Count Journal: one word first day, two words next, and so on. My prediction: never will so much be written about so little by so few.

Wikicars: a wiki for car enthusiasts. Weaker than Wikipedia, but that may change.

Chinmen: you know, pictures of people upside-down with an face painted on their chins? You’ve seen ’em: they’re creepy.

Place Blogger: I think such blog localization is a great thing.

Tie One On: apron blog. Wha?


The Edge Annual Question – What are you optimistic about and why?: much better than last year’s question. I’m going to have to mull it over a bit.

Great American Think-Off: head. There, one word. I’ll start packing. {via}