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Addictive Little Online Games: damn you, Kottke!

Hungry for a Month: dining on a dollar a day. Let’s see, for my family of five, that means $150/month. Sounds good: I’ll use the remainder of how much we normally spend to buy a PS3. {via}

Alien Plant Working Group 2007 Calendar: not my thing, but it might make for a nice calendar. {via}


LibraryThing: I’m warming up to the idea of a catalog of my books stored on a Web server, especially one that has a mobile version.


Hydropolis: project page for Dubai’s underwater hotel. {via}

Fellowship of the Ring HD vs. DVD: the HD-DVD does look better but not better enough for me to switch.

HTML Design: quite possibly the worst promotion site for a “designer” I have ever seen. {via}


Irritating Games: I especially find double game irritating. {via}


Silent Star Wars: OMFG! This is simply awesome! {via}

2006 Holiday Survival Guide for Slackers: the USB Humping Dog is quite a find.

Quik Pod: a handheld tripod for your camera. {via}


A Special Christmas Box: two things I noticed, 1) when the word “dick” was bleeped out on the live show, I thought they had used a different word that is more euphonic when paired with “box” and 2) this was put out by NBC yet the opening titles read “… that were not contained in the orignal broadcast.” Bad form. {via}

Sample Business Contracts from SEC Filings: that seems useful, though these sorts of contracts are probably quite specialized. {via}

How to Fight: that is some inspired writing. And the advice is quite profound.


Dare Junkies: wow, this is going to be huge. It’s like YouTube meets Jackass.

World Lecture Hall: it’s just an aggregation of online courses from elsewhere, but I’m okay with that.

The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form: 35,000 limericks and counting! Yama. {via}


Most Dangerous Roads in the World: holy hell, why wouldn’t they just fix the roads? {via}

Light-O-Rama Customer Videos: inspiring Christmas light displays.


FCC to Drop Morse Testing for All Amateur License Classes: no freaking way! I never got my license because of that requirement! I guess amateur radio isn’t what it used to be and they need to open up the requirements if they want any young people to get licenses. {via}

DEF MINI Records: featuring videos by Runflat and The Disc Brakes. MINI’s easily got some of the most creative ads out there. {via}


Bag Borrow or Steal: it’s like Netflix for purses! {via}


Pluto Home: *wipes drool* and it’s all free!

Hot Carl: man, I can’t keep up with all these new words for sexual activity. Thankfully.

40 Best Celebrity Rumors Ever: they’re good ones.

Ninja Turtles: I’d say that’s about right.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Fascist: that is sick, sick, sick.


Method of Exercising a Cat: dang, I think I owe someone a bunch of licensing fees. {via}

John Galt Gifts 12 Days of Xmas Sale: A SWEATSHIRT FOR $9.99?!?!? {via}

Crazy House Plant: oh the wonders of time lapse! {via}


What’s on Jason’s Hard Drive: I like the idea of using a scanner and source control to provide ready access to old paper documents but I have to wonder what the return on the time invested is like.

Nuckin’ Futs: the year in review from JibJab. I wasn’t expecting much, and it turned out to be quite clever and laugh-out-loud funny. {via}

Flickr – Always innovating: holy crap! That is the coolest Easter egg I’ve seen since, I don’t know, the Excel pinball one?

Excel Love Letter: I wish I knew more Excel so I could make a witty pun here.


Programming Texts/Tutorials: awesome list of free references organized by subject matter.

Transparent Desktop Trick: wow, that’s sweet. {via}

Subverting the Holidays With Re-dubbing: Christmas classics redubbed with profanity-laced dialogue and storylines. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is the best of the lot. {via}


Suction Cup Museum: showcase of suckiness.


“Smashing the Clock”: boy, you’ve got to love that! {via} fascinating look at life in the inter-war period in the United States. I love it!

Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum: with that collection, it’s hard to imagine that memberships aren’t soaring. {via}

What Should I Read Next?: I don’t really see anything aside from a random slate of books being returned.

Amazon Free MP3 Downloads: I was not aware of that. {via}


Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets: joining device for cardboard boxes. Doesn’t sound like much until you see the plans offered on the site. Good lord! {via}

Blog Book: neat idea to generate a book from your blog’s contents. I don’t think Found is the blog for this service though.

Strange Soviet Buildings: strange doesn’t begin to describe them.

Wordie: social app centered around lists of words. *sigh*

Urban Ruins in Japan: I love me the urban decay. {via}

Brugo: intriguing travel mug that insulates the beverage in a main chamber but has a secondary chamber for cooling a single swig.


Flour Photo Prank: wow, I was completely oblivious to the prank usages of flour.

Blow Dryer Flour Prank: sounds like a prank for a sister but not one for a spouse.

Door to Door Atheists Bother Mormons: the rant was too long and the clips weren’t incendiary enough, but someone needed to do it. {via}

Zombie Portraits: egads! I guess some people might enjoy seeing themselves as undead. Not I.

Line Rider 2: enhanced!

Save Chairman Meow: e-begging, but at least she’s giving you something in return.


Scary Mary: trailer for Mary Poppins re-imagined as a thriller. Didn’t work for me: I think the movie is just too ingrained in my consciousness to be terrifying ever. {via}

Ajaxload: generate your own spinning beach balls of sorts. {via}

RetailMeNot: from the folks behind BugMeNot, but for online coupon codes. {via}

Repeal Day: site from a whiskey manufacturer celebrating the repeal of Prohibition in the United States.

You Might Be a Yuppie Biker If: yuppies and their Harleys, pshaw.

Cool Science Facts: like that two pieces of metal that come in contact in space will fuse together permanently. That’s cool. {via}

SketchFighter 4000 Alpha: this is a stunning and amazing-looking game. If only I didn’t royally suck at all games.


Curbly: new DIY home improvement community. Definitely a good start, check back in a few quarters. {via}

Nobody’s Watching “Friends”: that’s Friends in a nutshell. {via

Zotero: Firefox extension that makes bibliographic acquisition and compilation a breeze.

Tail’s End Hat: great idea for women with ponytails. Okay, I guess it works for dudes, too. {via}

Good Vibrations Quickies: lots of useful videos in here for good times. {via}

World Map: I’m pretty good at geography and the best I could get was a 60. {via}

[UPDATE: Spoke too soon … 66!]

FeedCycle: way to serialize blog or podcast content. {via}

UnSuggester: apparently, Ruby readers aren’t literary types. I would not have guessed that. {via}

[UPDATE: Also, lots of Christian tomes on the unsuggestions for Atlas Shrugged page.]

Jackie Chan Messages: it’s like a hard-to-navigate blog, but surprisingly very readable and interesting. {via}

Flow: fun little game that I’ve known about for awhile now but never grokked. {via}


Back to the Future timelines: holy moly! This article even has inferences about when unseen events might have happened on the timelines. {via}

Glitter Revenge: that would drive me nuts! Only thing worse than glitter to me is beach sand. {via}

Coinstruction: plastic connectors to hold coins and build stuff. {via}