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Tees My Body: the copywriting is horrible and the backstory sounds phony (the guy who suggested it said it was his older sister’s site, uh huh), but what the hell. It’s been awhile since I linked to a t-shirt vendor. {via Jason, the “younger brother”}

Asteroids Revenge: little late to the game on this one (hey, I’ve been sick the last couple of days) but the premise is a role reversal of the great old-tyme video game Asteroids. I love it!

[UPDATE: Ooo, I figured out a cool move. If you press the up arrow and hold it down, eventually you’ll be going so fast that you’ll be flickering in two places at the same time and the bullets (whatever) can’t hit you. It’s so quantum.]

Geek Wreath: I could make a huge one of these with all the cables I’ve been saving over the years. {via}


Three Generations: you can definitely see the family resemblance.

Google’s Christmas Present: that is some card and gift. All those on the Found on the Web Christmas card list should expect a photo of my cherubim and a personally-addressed envelope.

100 Customers Get a Limited-Edition Pink Zune Instead of Whatever They Thought They Were Getting: I would be pissed (if in fact I would ever buy one). {via}

Regiftable: tales of regifting woe.

Smart Playlists: that is some impressive iTunes magic! I thought I’d used smart playlists pretty effectively, but I now know that I am a novice. {via}


List of longest novels: dang, just missed NaNoReMo.

Jargon of the Rush Limbaugh Show: he’s a jackass, but he’s certainly colorful.

Pluto Replies: Pluto doesn’t like what you’ve been saying about him.

Remarkable Cars: truly.

Library of Congress Ragtime Exhibit: I want to learn how to play the piano just so I could play ragtime. I imagine that it’s as fun to play as it is to listen to.

How to Raise Children to Be Rich: and no, not rich in the sense of Soylent Green rich. Rich in the sense of wealthy and financially secure. I would also recommend Silver Spoon Kids if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

Online Generators: blog entry listing all sorts of generators.


Snopes – One-Time Excise Tax Credit: cool. I’m going to try to remember this one in about five months.

Dice Stacking: I had never heard of such a thing. {via}


Will It Blend?: that is one serious blender! My blender can’t blend pens, marbles, or even a rake handle. I love the Big Mac value meal blend. {via}


iPod Shuffle Ad: I’m not sure what it is exactly, but this is a great commercial. {via}

Michael Richards’ Racist Tirade: wow, you can read about those things but seeing it is totally different. And then he responded on Letterman.

“O.J. Simpson Book, TV Special Canceled by News Corp.”: not only that, but all copies of the book will be destroyed. Bravo, Fox! Normally, Fox would have broadcast the offensive special and then apologized profusely after the fact, never showing it again. {via}


Atheists – The New Gays: I’ve noticed, too, how acceptable it has become to be an atheist publicly. Before staffing changes, five of the five members of my team were atheists! Never had anything like that before.

Jackson Pollock: make your own Pollock “art” by moving your mouse to paint and clicking the button to change colors.

Evan Almighty: trailer for the sequel to Bruce Almighty. This one has Steve Carrell reprising his role as Evan (the guy who got Bruce’s job as anchor, if you remember) and Morgan Freeman as God, who instructs Evan to build an ark. Not a fan of that sort of thing, but Bruce Almighty had a few hilarious parts.


Wesabe: intriguing (more because of mathowie’s writeup than anything on the site), but I’ll have to pass until they can import from a Quicken file. Come on, how could you miss that as a feature? I’ve got over 12 years of financial data in Quicken and putting that kind of volume into Wesabe would enable me to see trends very well and I can’t believe that they wouldn’t die for that kind of data. (The cynical part of me says that Quicken imports are coming as a paid feature.)

GeoGreeting: say it with pictures of buildings from Google Maps satellite view.

MINI Bull Fight: a new commercial for the MINI. {via}

11/16/2006 Microsoft and Yahoo are joining Google in supporting the Sitemap standard! That is so great.

Animator vs. Animation II: the sequel to Animator vs. Animation. This time the animation has gotten on to the desktop. Great work!

iDisguise: hide your Nanos in mint tins. This strikes me as a profoundly dumb idea: why spend $11 on a tin with some foam when you can buy Altoids for $2 and have the candy besides? Moreover, where do the earphones go?

KFC Face from Space: *rolls eyes* {via}

Executive Coloring Book: a scan of a out of print satire from those crazy 60s.


Scholarpedia: this looks like an important modification of MediaWiki but I can’t find source anywhere. I like the process of selecting scholars. {via

Inventionland: it’s ironic that in the video tour, he leads off with “inventors used to do their work in dark basements and garages” and states that “it doesn’t have to be that way.” I don’t know, it seemed like those “dark basements and garages” did a pretty good job. Article here.

A Cats Christmas: two fairly large cats decorate a Christmas tree and proceed to defile it over the holiday season.

Yahoo! Talent Show: more original content—of a sort—from Yahoo under the guise of a contest to win $50,000 and a show on Yahoo.


Use “apparent” when it’s not simply “alleged”: ooo, this is a good blog entry. I’ve always despised the weaselly “alleged” but I could never think of a better word. Now I have one.

Deceiving Pictures: one a little NSFW. {via}

Joby GorillaPod: awesome looking tripod for your camera that can be secured to just about anything. {via}


Dullest Blog in the World: I couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted this here, but then I found it over here. I knew it wasn’t a false sense of déjà blog.

Captioned Cat Pictures: these are unbelievably cute and the captions are often clever.

Costume Dogs: wow, I can’t believe that niche hasn’t been exploited yet. They’re so cute and silly.

Police Squad – The Complete Series: I loved this show when I was a kid and hated it when it got cancelled abruptly. I’m so glad it’s all available on DVD.

Railway Cake Pan: that’s adorable. But $34?! That’s Williams-Sonoma. {via}


Searchmash: Google’s new test search engine, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at it. {via}


The Moving Temper Tantrum: I didn’t want to laugh. I don’t like this sort of thing, but damn it if I didn’t crack up each and every time the child restarted the tantrum. {via}

Most reliable cars: blah, blah, blah, MINI made the list. Woohoo!


SellaBand: listener-financed music. Kind of like a pledge to buy some unproduced music. I’m skeptical but it could very well be the future of music production. {via}

Strange Maps: indeed.

The Nose on Your Face: conservative political satire blog.

The Rush Limbaugh Boogie: it’s catchy. Looks like he was taking his “medication.” {via}


Stuff People Write on Money: I myself used to cross off “God” and write “Man” above it. But that was as an adolescent. {via}

Abandoned Resort: and here’s another view. And another. {via}

Serrenia: beautiful (and pricey, duh!) new master-planned community in Egypt. Wait, was that really Egypt? Umm, Dubai is one thing but Egypt is not somewhere I’d pine to live. {via}

Office Space Re-Cut: excellent trailer for Office Space recast as a thriller. {via}

“A Terrible Pickle”: and song too. Where’s the cheesy, low-production-value comedy songs for those of us who don’t buy into Kyoto?


The Daily Show – “Mid-term Elections”: I adore Schoolhouse Rock parodies.

Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud: love the slider. {via}

Men of Mortuaries: calendar of working stiffs who work with stiffs.

Sushi Day: a blog about sushi. So far so good.


Cat Head Theatre Presents “Hamlet”: what if Hamlet were presented using humans with cats’ heads. Now you know. {via}

Betty Beauty: dye for the hair down there. {via}

Kooki Sushi: chocolate version of sushi. Looks yummy! {via}

Pure Graffiti: very nice graffiti showcase with over 50,000 examples.


The Office vs. The Office: site comparing the two versions of the British television show.

Bling H20: omfg.

MINI Dress-Up: some MINIs went as Hummers, a cow, or a fire truck among others. {via}


Paint Ball – The Game: now this is a very nice variation on the Line Rider theme. {via Robert, the QA Man}