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Stationery Movies: office supplies re-enact famous movie scenes. Boy are they hard to guess!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heurtley House: video tour of a recently-renovated Wright Prairie School masterpiece. {via}

The Little Dude Can Dance: I saw this on Best Week Ever a few weeks ago. It’s kind of creepy.

The Domino Effect: Diet Coke and Mentos used to create a domino-like sequence of aspartame-laced aquatechnics. {via}

Goatse O’Lantern: love it!


Indian Movie FX: could have done without the titles, but whatever. {via}

More Classic Insults: the second in the series. Lots of good ones again. {via Alan}


Line Rider: takes some getting used to, but boy is there fun to be had! {via}


Pumpkin: neat case mod, just in time for Halloween. {via}

Found on the Web – Search for “interesting”: wow, I use the word “interesting” in 106 entries. Well, 107 after this one. Crutch?

Political Donations of US Billionaires: interesting data there.

Sock Army: interesting online sock store. Wait, isn’t an online sock store inherently interesting? I think so. I’m a little skeptical about the socks for the dudes but I really can’t grok the whole metrosexual so maybe some guy would wear them.

Language Log: a blog for language mavens.

The Date from Hell: anecdotes from the singles scene, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Philosophical Health Check: I got a 7% tension score, but only because I “contradicted” myself on questions 5 and 29. I read question 5 too quickly. So, in reality, I am contradiction-free—the benefits of an integrated philosophy.


“We’re all big babies”: I know plenty of people who should read this, though they’d certainly get huffy.

Art-o-meter: measures the quality of an art work based on the time people spend in front of it. That might be useful except that it can’t factor in inscrutability, which would surely affect time spent, and the social pressure to mill about “important” works.

Incredible Machine: this is enchanting and incredible. These shorts are used for a children’s TV show in Japan.


Japanese Ski Lodge Chair Prank: can you imagine a whole show of that sort of thing? Come on, networks, get on it. {via Dennett}

Optical Illusion: spontaneous decapitation. {via Dennett}


Sid Meier’s Railroads: what’s a man got to do to get RR action that doesn’t involve buying a PC? *sigh*

Cover Letters From Hell: the sad thing is that these aren’t all that rare. I wish I didn’t feel like caring about grammar was membership into a secret cabal that enjoys sites like this.

The Best Stuff in the World: *rolls eyes*


This entry represents the 3,000th one I’ve made. It took me 1 year, 1 month, and 28 days to post the last 1,000. Not too shabby for one guy with a full-time job and a family.

Scary Halloween Sounds: for all your haunted house needs.

Google Q3 2006 Earnings Call Transcript: GOOG was up over $30/share in afterhours trading on news of this call. Full disclosure: I own no Google stock. *sigh*

Adjustable Measuring Cups: nice design.

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online: this looks to be pretty sweet. Why, oh why, did they Photoshop a laptop into a picture of him.


Universal Studios Employee Video Directed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker: hilarious training film by the South Park duo and featuring cameos by a ton of stars. {via}

One Picture Every Day: this is the perfect parody for that genre of videos featured here before. {via}

Michael Knight Costume: I think there’s still time to order this. {via}

Markus Dressen Printed Matter: I did not know you could navigate around your own images with the Google Maps API. That is nice. {via}


Pumpkin Lady: lovely. And timely, too.

The Small Print Project: a way to share those crazy EULAs.

Terranaut: bringing mobility to the common goldfish. {via}

Sushi Pictures: aww, how cute! {via}

Google Image Labeler: the automated Turk comes to Mountain View.


Sony Bravia – “Paint”: this is utterly breathtaking. You’ve got to see the high-def version.

Lego Abominations: or should that be LEGO™ Abominations? Lego creations that should never have been. {via}

Internet License Plate Gallery: I’m still trying to come up with a good personalized plate for my MINI. ATLSMTRD is one character too long. {via}

Otter Watching Holidays: who cares about otters? 🙂


McSweeney’s – “Back from yet another globetrotting adventure, Indiana Jones checks his mail and discovers that his bid for tenure has been denied.”: he’s certainly unlike any professor I ever encountered. {via}

RiffTrax: Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Mike Nelson offers up feature-length commentaries for a bunch of DVDs. This sounds like a winner.

American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu: not my cup of tea but I know plenty who would dig this. {via}

Mr. T Virtual Playset: change up the one-trick pony.


Google Search for “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”: I own this search! Suck it, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral!

[UPDATE (10/1/2008): Attention searchers, please leave a comment about why you were searching for “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” and what you hoped to find. I’d appreciate it very much.]

Shelfari: pretension goes virtual. Couldn’t find a trashy romance novel anywhere. {via}

Neiman-Marcus Limited-Edition 2007 BMW Individual M6 Convertible: *drool* If only I had $139,000 to spend. {via}

Frametastic: whoa! This looks to be incredibly handy for quick prototyping of Web sites or applications. It just needs some persistence to be truly useful. {via}

Visualistic: neat room visualizer where you can test out different colors and materials in various rooms. {via}


Wide Right Turn: “this is a tiny little site focused on the variation in the signs placed on the right rear of most trucks we see on the roads.” {via}

Knowing When to Quit: Scott Adams offers sage advice about predicting success. Oh, what the hell, I’ll share it here: “If everyone exposed to a product likes it, the product will not succeed.”

Nachos, anyone?: the etymology of the word “nachos” revealed. I had always wondered about this word origin as well. {via}

What Jeff Killed: the adventures of one murderous cat named Jeff.

FedSpending: delve into the shadowy world of government contracts and grants. Like everybody’s favorite whipping corp, Halliburton.

Main Title Heaven: blog showcasing the opening credits of classic TV shows.

I Rock at BASIC: reminds me of my first program. *sniff* {via}

Live Webcams at the Panama Canal: simply mesmerizing. You just have to keep watching until you see a ship come in. {via}

Extreme Drive Thru at McDonald’s: I worked at McDonald’s for four years and no one ever did that to anyone at my stores (I would’ve heard about it). Exposed himself, entered the drive through in reverse, pretended like they were ordering at Taco Bell, yes. No songs, though. {via}


Cupacake: single-cupcake container that keeps the confection upright. {via}

Unified Theory of Everything Financial: 9-point formula for financial success. I love it. Did I ever mention how much I like Scott Adams? Oh yeah, I did.


Residential Cruise Line: their flagship, the Magellan, is a behemoth designed to replicate your landlocked mansion as you cruise the world. {via}


Great Insults: these are some nice ones. {via}


Real Simple Furniture: kind of expensive, but neat in that no tools are necessary.

10 Seeeeeriously Cool Workplaces: wow, Red Bull has a slide to go between floors.

Skeeter Bags: nice solution—if it works—to a hellish problem. But I wonder what you do with the caught mosquitoes?


Mykola Syadristy: another microminiaturist whose work is absolutely freaking amazing. {via}

Bunny Yawns: umm, pictures of rabbits yawning.

What’s Maria Wearing?: blog about what The 9‘s host wears on a daily basis. Slightly creepy.


World Record for most t-shirts worn at one time: what the hell! 155 in total. {via}

Daily Photo Video: 8 freaking years of daily pictures. As cool as it is, I still find it disturbing that someone would do this ritual every day. It’s nuts. {via}


Concerto Table: clever little table shaped like a concert piano that docks an iPod and conceals some speakers. Of course, you still have a table with a dock jutting out of it.

Cooking for Engineers: thorough site. Right up my alley!