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I’m going to take a little blog vacation while my wife recuperates from some surgery. It’ll be through the rest of this week.


Unfortunate Cards: unlike the previous set of greeting cards, these are unintentionally odd.

Bald Guy Greetings: these are some nice cards and by nice I mean riddled with snarky attitude.


Fake Funk Jump Project: photos of people in mid-jump.


Bug 347226- “there is no firefox crop circle”: it’s always nice when you can resolve a bug. Also, those Firefox developers have a great sense of humor.

Motorcycle Roads: excellent resource for great rides for motorcycles and perhaps small, sporty cars that eat twisties like they’re going out of style. You know what I’m talking about.

Hotel Bed Jump HQ: blog of photographs of people jumping on hotel beds. More interesting than it sounds.


“Weird” Al Interviews Michael Stipe: another of “Weird” Al’s cut up interviews, this time with the R.E.M. frontman.

Hot or Not Design: rate people’s site designs.

Wolfenstein 5K: the first-person shooter created using only 5K worth of Javascript.


Boyfriend Pillow: the store I previously linked to must have gone out of business. Never content to let things be, I have found you, dear Reader, a new source. (We’re seriously eyeing these toddler shirts. {via}


Catapult Kits: wow, I think my neighbors would be pissed. On the front page, under the “Mighty Roman Mangonel” section, why are there huge dinosaur statues in the background? That’s not these guys. Any ideas?

Backyard Artillery: wow, this looks like hours and hours of fun. They’ve got rubber band machine guns, a catapult watch, and a propeller-shooting gizmo. {via Dennett Ingram, co-worker to the stars}

Pictures that Lie: doctored photographs exhibit.

8/14/2006 great domain name and a marginally-useful service. I could see this eroding quickly.

Caption City: don’t bother. It’s just a Trojan horse for getting something called Zango Search Assistant on to your computer. Wow, that is jerky.

Instructables – Lacerations: how to make a convincing wound. I’d say bigger is better.

Beautiful China: beauty, at least to this photographer, consists of rice paddies and a non-technological life.


Mike Gets a New Office: wow, that is one of the best cube pranks I’ve ever seen. They even did a cardboard UPS.

Flat Out 2: looks like I just found a compelling replacement for Crazy Taxi. Just need to buy a PS2, unless it’s available for the Dreamcast and I missed it.

New York’s Celebrity Infestation Interactive Map: this reminds me of that scene in Men in Black where they were tracking the aliens.

Vodafone Mobile Office Solutions: crushing desks with hydraulics. Awesome (except for the completely unreasonable delay between clicking the “Destroy” button and the actual destruction—what’s up with that?! Oh and the keyboard catching on fire? Come on…).

Office Signs Project: oh, this needs doing. I like to make my own crazy signs and hang them. Sadly, most people are so inured to mothering by signs that they don’t even notice.

State of Mine: if gaudy jewelry and geographic jingoism are your things, then this site’s got you covered.


Unnecessary Censorship – Best of the Year: i nearly busted a stitch watching this. I had no idea Jimmy Kimmel was funny.

No Scruf: a fictitious (I hope) women’s movement that’s premise seems to be “we’re not shaving if you’re not shaving.” I think another good name would have been Swarthy No More, but that’s just me.


My Cubicle: parody of “You’re Beautiful” for the office space crowd. {via}

Star Trek Inspirational Posters: I am not a Trekkie so a lot of these were lost on me. But if you are—Larry, I’m talking to you—you’ll probably get a kick out of these motivators.

Isuzu Gemini: this would have been cake with CGI, which makes this video all the more impressive.

I Hate Juice: I could see how people could misunderstand what Mel Gibson was actually complaining about. Also, he explains about the whole “sugar tits” remark.

Pac-Mondrian: Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in a Mondrian pattern set to a techno beat. Requires Java.

Squid Soap: intriguing soap dispenser that puts an ink blot on your hand as you pump the soap. That blot disappears after 20 seconds of washing, encouraging kids to wash their hands longer.


PlateWire: report good or bad drivers. I can’t believe I haven’t made the list yet. It’s only a matter of time, I s’pose.

ycantpark tag: photos on Flickr that show bad parking. This may be the solution if it were widely adopted.

Hallowig: I promise this is not going to become a knitting showcase, but this yarn wig is pretty damn awesome. {via}


Knitta Please: knitting group known for their urban tagging

The Anti-Craft: these aren’t your average craft projects. The current issue includes a knitted condom and a bomb cosy.

Free Movies Fallen Out of Copyright: thems free for the watching.


Meat Cake: not your average wedding cake, that’s for sure.

The Jill Ann Loew Snow Globe Museum: online “exhibit” featuring hundreds of those crappy little tourist baubles that inevitably leak out half of their water.

[UPDATE: This one‘s mildly amusing and this one is completely disturbing.]

Pants-Off Dance-Off: any time I think I watch too much TV, I discover that there’s tons I’ve missed. And I’m usually glad for it. I really would have preferred the ignorance that I enjoyed five minutes ago where I thought I lived in a world that didn’t put average people dancing around in their skivvies on TV.

Free Coloring Pages: you know, for kids.


“The Hive”: excellent article about Wikipedia from The Atlantic Monthly by one of Found’s longtime readers.

I Humped Your Hummer: videos of people getting it on with the big trucks.

Pointer Kite: this is phenomenally lovely. {via}