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Upsidedownternet: awesome hack to redirect all traffic on an open wireless network to or turn web sites upside down or make them blurry. Almost makes me want to open up my network. Almost. {via}

Photoshop for Aerial Photographs: I love Photoshop tutorials. I’m no good at them, but I figure I might be someday.

Complex Origami: oh my fingers hurt just imagining doing these.

Politically Incorrect Alphabet: T for tampon. Yama!

The Simpsons Maker: craft your own Simpsons scene with this well-done Flash tool.

Brick Rave: a full-on rave conducted with Legos.

CineKids TV: video blog of two young’uns reviewing movies. Totally adorable.

Historic Britain: aye, historic practically defines England.


Interior Paint Calculator: I always buy way too much paint. This should help considerably.

Naval Safety Center Photo of the Week: ooo, they even have archives! People sure do some really dumb things. Really dumb.

[UPDATE: But wait, there’s more.]

Power Trips: this site investigates privately-funded Congressional junkets and reports on the top offenders. This is what happens when you allow government to foster special interests.

Hillman Wonders of the World: very well done site showcasing Hillman’s (I have no idea who that is) top 100 wonders of the world. The top 1000 will take some time.

Stanford CS Education Library: ooo, me likes the free.

Rubber Sidewalks: made from recycled tires, this concrete sidewalk substitute saves trees. Are concrete sidewalks really causing urban deforestation?


Freaky Women in an Elevator: one things kept hitting me as I watched this, “Their friends are never going to believe them.”

Shaken: I bet San Francisco is prime motoring territory!

Size is Deceptive: my money’s in the little guy too. Quite a bit of it, too.

Some Ride: admirable MINI attitude advanced as well.

It’s No Clown Car: amen to that! The clown’s is the normal reaction I get from passengers when I open her up.

MINI Cooper Commercial: somewhat funny, but missed the mark on the sequencing.

MINI Cooper Promotional Video: who doesn’t want to watch 1 minute 33 seconds of a Cooper driving around on roads.

MINI Cooper Stunts: now those are some delightful doughnuts.

Honda Civic Commercial: one of Honda’s innovative commercials displays the sportiness of the Honda Civic … bahahahahah! Now that’s a big steaming pile of marketing. {via perennial reader, all-around-good-guy, and twice voted most-in-need-of-a-blog Jay Schwartz, who also doesn’t “want Found on the Web to be dominated by Mini Cooper links” but sadly has no power over said domination}

Dudes Dressed Up as Captain Jack Sparrow: seems like a rather insubstantial niche for a blog, but who knows.


Watching Grass Grow Webcam: it’s certainly more fun than that other activity. {via}

My Crazy Hobby: extensive street sign and traffic light collection. I’m sure there’s crazier out there.

The J! Archive: database of over 60,000 past Jeopardy answers and questions. It’s like the craziest play by play you’ve ever seen.

Dirty Car Art: talk about your ephemeral media!


Damn Interesting: one article a day about something that is damn interesting. {via}

Fumoto Valve: cool replacement for the oil drain plug.

The Hoff Image Database: proudly serving all your David Hasselhoff image needs. What, you didn’t know you had any?

Give Me a Name: $25,000 to the provider of the best name.


Cheating Husband Billboard: woman scorned. Lots of fury. Brought it on himself.

[UPDATE (7/23/2006): Kathleen points out that it’s a hoax, an attempt at marketing.]

Cool Pool Pictures Gallery: these are some bew-tee-full pools.

Not Starring: what could have been and thankfully wasn’t.

Yahoo 9: 9 best links as selected by some people at Yahoo. Two things: 1) Maria really stabs at the camera as a punctuating gesture and 2) strangely, there’s a lot of Yahoo properties involved. Huh.

National Portrait Competition: site from the Smithsonian looking for the best in face painting. Here’s the past winners.

Plerosis: excellent travel photographs. Enjoy them and don’t worry about the underlying obtuse philosophy that informs the domain name, which sounds like a medical condition at any rate.

Baby Animalz: aside from the utterly objectionable plural substitution, this site is nothing but cute. Sometimes you just need a whole lot of cute little critters and Cute Overload‘s one-a-day just isn’t sufficient.

Hot CAPTCHA: this CAPTCHA system requires users to pick three of the pretty people from a lineup to pass the test. It uses Hot or Not ratings to determine the three so spammers just need to devise a way to assess the amount of skin shown to defeat it. {via}


Digital Fathom: there’s some nice underwater photography here. It looks like the site was only recently launched so it could take off at any time.

BakuTen: my favorite is the soap dominoes.

Pool Tricks: percentage of these shots that I can do: 0.

How to make the perfect Omelet with a Ziplock Bag: if the perfect omelette to you is an egg log, then this is for you. Me, I guess I like my omelettes a little more folded and fluffy.


Philips Bodygroom: hilarious, be sure to check out the music video.


Garfield – Permanent Monday: analysis of Garfield comic strips. It works somehow. (Ooo, he links to Comics Curmudgeon, which looks to be along the same lines but whose purview is the entire comics page!)

Invisible Board: no, not like in Back to the Future 2. Just some digital video chicanery.

Lincoln Highway Association: group dedicated to preserving the memory (it’s got to be fading fast) of America’s first interstate highway, which ran from San Francisco to New York City.

Bird’s Eye Tourist: much more comprehensive.

Bird’s Eye View of Famous Homes: not a terribly comprehensive list, but there were some delightful surprises.


Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry: yeah, it’s Peter Brady. I guess he’s not just doing infomercials lately. You can get a picture of the couple for only $25! (And is it just me or is the header graphic just a tad too suggestive?)

Cats That Look Like Hitler: was ist dieses? They call them “kitlers,” which I’m still on the fence about whether I hate or not, and this one is obviously the closest in resemblance.


“Weird” Al Interviews Eminem: oh boy do I miss Al-TV. I guess I’ll have to relish The Weird Al Show until it comes out on DVD. {via}

Profanity Adventures: screen caps of how those old-tyme text video games responded to swear words.

Daryl Hannah Love Life: video blog from the actress-turned-nut. I liked her better in Splash.


The Cloud: blow-up room for only $5,900. Might be nice.

Mario, Queen of the Circus: juggler dressed like Freddie Mercury doing his routines to the accompaniment of Queen songs. Two things: 1) everyone needs a schtick and 2) I could watch juggling video all day.

Unflinching Triumph: a mockumentary about the unseen world of professional starers offered for free on the Web. You’ll also want to check out its sister site, the National Association of Professional Staredown.

Little Brown Dress: lady wears the same brown dress for a year (just ended July 7, 2006) as a protest against society’s concern with fashion. I’m guessing she didn’t prevail.

Microcar Museum: an impressive collection of cars that out-mini the MINI.


Jet Beetle: read about this car in Wired. I can’t believe he actually runs it on California highways.

28 Rules of Manhood: your classic email forward material, but some of it is pretty funny. {via trying-to-be-not-so-self-serving-but-really-not-fooling-anyone sama}


Banking on Progress: The History and Future of the Valley National Bank Buildings in Phoenix, AZ: excellent photo-essay about the distinctive branches of the long-since-subsumed Valley National Bank.

Danny Evans Photography: there’s some nice stuff and then there’s the dolls. {via Brenda Mancini}

11 Foolish Ways We Spoil Our Kids: these are over-the-top but I think they’re all just symptoms of the greater spoiling: over-indulgence. {via self-serving sama}

USA Today this was another self-serving site suggestion, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would create such a site. I put a rel=”nofollow” on the link so he’s not getting any juice, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on why this site exists. {via kostas Kostiou}


Jean-Top MINI: oh my eyes, that is repulsive. They even added a pocket. Oh boy.

Dust art: art done on the back window of a MINI Cooper in dust. Well done!


MINI Smokes Rover: I can’t make out what the other car is, but that MINI killed it.

Red 5: to my knowledge, the only Star Wars-themed Mini Cooper ever. Not that that’s surprising. (In case you haven’t caught on, I recently got a Mini Cooper and am now a certifiable MINIac.)

AKSent – “Zingy”: this is an entrancing rap video. It doesn’t feature any dancing tuna, but the beat is beyond funky. {via}


Rogue MINIs: eye decals for when you’ve got your hood up. (Sorry, I cannot bring myself to call it a bonnet. Ever. Deal.)

Sticklebook: another way of hiding a bookshelf. This one scares me since it seems like a heavy book would fall and that’s one thing you don’t want in a bookshelf. {via}

Live PageRank: reports back PageRank from all Google datacenters. {via}

Invisible Shelf: ooo, I love it!

Problematic Firefox Extensions: phew, I dodged those bullets.

Phone Trick: I’ve got to try this out.

Left Wing Clothes: for all you libs out there. Left on.

WoW Detox: I’m sure they can quit anytime.


Nina’s Pillow Designs: this self-serving suggestion fits right in with the mission of this blog. It’s high time I started showing my massive readership what nice looking pillows there are that are available on the Web. I think any suffocation victim would appreciate being offed with one of these. {via Nina}

The Little Book of Ruby: free e-book (boy, I hate that term) about learning Ruby. Handy!

Eefoof: the hottest new startup whose name you’ll never remember. Honestly, what the hell were they thinking? That sounds like a throw-your-hands-in-the-air-‘cuz-we-give-up-naming-is-so-hard selection. As near as I can figure it, this is like YouTube but you make some scratch instead of them.

The Daily Cat: I think their award at the top of the page “Named best online magazine by the Cat Writers’ Association” is far more interesting than anything on the site. So there’s a Cat Writers’ Association and it hands out awards? Fascinating.


Rocket MINIs: oh that’s just wrong.