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Google’s Summer of Green: make your trip “environmentally-friendly.” Bleh.

Rome Exposed: I’m a sucker for these looks into everyday life in the past. This page on Roman children is fascinating.

We’ve got ads now. I wanted to see what this whole AdSense thing was all about so I signed up. Unfortunately, Google’s pretty strict about getting ads on the sites once you’ve enrolled so I had to do something. If you’re interested, scroll about 4,000 pixels down and it’s on the sidebar. I think ads and the color they’d bring would be too disruptive further up.

Found is currently experiencing an onslaught of comment spam (easily 250 or more per day). I used to dutifully look for false positives, but no more. Zip, they’re gone. If you want your comment to appear, don’t include a link—that will automatically put it in the moderation queue.

Tribute to Charles Barkley: moving showcase of the great basketball player’s talents. I think it focused a little too much on his offense, when he was much more of a defensive presence. I suppose rebounds just don’t make good video. {via}


Triplets and Instant Celebrity: oh the attention that multiples will bring you. My daughters (2½) know they’re twins because every single person that sees them asks that the first time. I can relate, but no one’s ever stopped to take a picture with me.

Amazing R/C Airplane Demo: choreographed to the Austin Powers theme music and done indoors, this is one unbelievable display.


How to Win Something in a Claw Machine: part of the huge eBay Guides and Reviews section that I never knew existed.

“Bad Grammar Makes Me Sic”: clever.

Play Dead Pics: some remind me of phoons.

Amorphia Apparel: enh, a few good ones there.

Perpetual Kid: you’ve got to love a site with a whole category for “shocking games”.

American Libraries: scanned books from American libraries, hosted by the Internet Archive.


Knock Knock: great gifts, quite clever. I can’t believe I haven’t linked to them already.

Calumet K E-Text: awesome book, finally available through Project Gutenberg.


Robertson Leg Presses 2,000 Pounds: nary a mention of God to account for this, if it in fact ever happened. Also missing: him saying, “It’s go time!” {via}


I Have Bad Dates: looks like a promising site for dating schadenfreude.

Cocktail Doll: guide to the real Vegas from a cocktail waitress. {via}

Nice Library Game: the slapping machine doesn’t seem like much of a multi-tasker. I’m hoping this is a Japanese version of Jackass.

Bad Signs Pool: including “Danger No Praying on Tires”.

SMacBook Pro: holy crap! I can’t believe that Apple’s automatic-hard-drive-shutdown-in-case-of-a-fall feature has morphed into this sort of a thing. APIs are beautiful things.

Crazy Pictures: there’s some classics here. Lots and lots of weird Photoshop jobs.

English, as She is Spoke at McMurdo and Pole: you want to fit in when you’re down there, right? {via}

Freak Streets: crazy street names. I can’t believe the only one from Arizona is Acoma and Stroke. We’ve got some bizarre names; hell, Carefree‘s got enough to fill the site.

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers: while the people are away, stompists will play. {via}


Alliance for Science: it’s a sad day when science has to defend its place in education.

Kiddley: blog about activities and crafts for kids. Looks good to me.

iDon’t: another rel=”nofollow”-worthy site.

Brilliant But Cancelled: sounded like it was going to be an interesting site except it’s freaking registered by Universal!. Even stranger still is that all of the shows featured are NBC properties and there’s a wonderful companion site that sells all of the shows on DVD. There’s even a blog entry on the utterly-forgettable Yes, Dear to make it seem like a legitimate site. I don’t often break out the rel=”nofollow” attributes, but this one deserves it.


Send a High Five: uhh, okay.

Blippity Fling-Flang: billed as the new lorem ipsum, blippity fling-flang reads like Vogon poetry.

Doggie Dooley: what a product. I have something like this: it’s called a garbage can!

Google Maps + Fast Food: great mashup. {via}

MacBook Man: lovely. I hope he doesn’t get sued. {via}

Top Ten Stock Photography Clichés: finally! My number one pet peeve is “The Air Up There”: once you see it, you’ll see it everywhere. {via}

Towel Day: it’s tomorrow. Carry a towel around all day to honor and celebrate Douglas Adams.

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator: very useful little tool for seeing what an ad campaign might cost you. {via}

Tree House Home: holy moly, that is one bitchin’ tree house set-up complete with its own hollowed-out log. Prices are strangely absent from the site, but I can’t imagine I could afford one. Their custom work is even more amazing.

List of cognitive biases: there sure are a lot of way your thinking can go wrong. Not mine, yours.

Compost Guide: how to make some effective compost. Seems like a lot of work.


Jerkass Clothing: with a name like that, expectations are pretty high. Came close.

Ugly Underwear: hmm, I can’t see following this blog for very long.

Recruitards: blogging stupid job ads is no challenge.

Universal Grade Change Form: stupid, whiny collegians. I knew a lot of people that could have saved time with this handy little form.

Ceiling Cat: uh oh. Yet another great single-use domain name.

I Squish Your Head Pool: collection of photos using perspective to crush people’s heads.

The A to Z of Programmer Predilections: ooo, archetypes. This will be handy.

List of adages named after people: useful little article.

Pump Cast News: funny. It’s got that guy who’s in everything. What’s his name?

Inflate: makers of inflatable structures like Office in a Bucket—easily one of the coolest product names I’ve come across.

I Like Japan: merchant of interesting Japanese things. I was very tempted by the bento box. Kind of like a tiny relative of J-List.

English Mnemonics: every good boy likes fudge, especially Roy G. Biv.


DJ Format – “We know something you don’t know”: mesmerizing. {via}

Thanks, No: let someone else do your confrontation for you. Worst case, no more emails. Best case, no more emails. I should start one that’s a little more assertive: is available!

International Cruise Victims: sweet mama pajama, I can’t believe some of these stories. It makes me much more hesitant to take my family on a cruise.

Jeet Kune Do: martial art developed by Bruce Lee. Personally, I prefer “Kick Some Ass” by Chuck Norris.


Museum of Bad Art: the site really lives up to its name.

Sullivan and Cromwell Attorney Sue Yoo: I bet she never gets tired of those annoying phone calls. “May I speak to Mr. Maguffin, please?” “Who may I say is calling?” “His attorney, Sue Yoo” “I’m sorry, but I missed your name.” “Sue Yoo” “Why are you going to sue me? I don’t understand.” And so on.

Finger Dress Up: weird. {via}


The Emperor Finds Out about Death Star Mishap: absolutely hilarious. “What is the hell is an aluminum falcon?” {via}

The Zompist Phrasebook: from the same site as yesterday’s, this time with phrases that are actually useful. Like “I know I’m naked, could you just tell me how to get back to the hotel?”, “My wife fell overboard about ten miles back. “, and “Girls with big mazongas usually can’t rhumba so well.”


They Thought You’d Say This: a collection of bizarre phrases travel guides thought you’d need to be able to say. I don’t know how often you’d need to pull up “What year is it?” in Setswana (“Ke ngwaga wa bokaye?”) but it’s great that they thought ahead. {via}

This Place is Not a Place of Honor: a damn interesting synopsis of creating warning signs for radioactive storage facilities that will communicate over the course of the content’s half-life.

Cork’d: wine enthusiast review site. Interestingly, the most popular wines were very low-rated—an effect of wine snobbery, mayhap?

Seamless Pictures: images that morph from one edge to the opposite.

YAOP: “yet another open project” featuring royalty-free images and photographs. Uneven but you can’t expect too much from a site with this requirement in its about page: “- Digital cameras: SRL or any kind.”

The Book of Cool: normally, things that include the word “cool” in them aren’t but this is an instructional video and book for doing cool things like flatland bike, lassos, gun drawing, and baton twirling. Uhh, that last one probably is -1.


Seeking Alpha: provides transcripts of earnings conference calls for over 400 publicly-traded companies. These things normally are private or cost money, people. I think some thanks are in order. {via}

No Parking Sign: I would love to see this IRL.

Signs of a Demotivated Workplace: the hidden benefits of demotivation from an executive at Despair, Inc.

Coolest Haircut Ever: awesome, I’ve been looking for a new do. {via}


Been busy. Last week was hella, this week better. Updates as I get back into my linky groove.


Antix Clothing: excellent t-shirts. I love the “Who’s Your Daddy” one.


The Office Quote Battle: I love the American version. It’s really come into its own and is something I look forward to weekly.


Stacked Can Art: they’re cans that are stacked, artfully.


Baby vs. Baby: am I Gerber or not?

Ze Frank’s The Show 5/5/2006: the anti-intellectualism song is infectious.

Pop URLs: my new morning grind site that aggregates a whole bunch of different sites. Boy, was that a vague description or what? Just go and see, please.

Tribe Wanted: part time-share, part eco-tourist, this “opportunity” is open to 5,000 members who become part of a global “tribe” that can spend time on an island near Fiji.

Southwest Airlines Blog: wow, this accurately reflects Southwest’s corporate culture. That’s hard to pull off in a company blog.


Rap Dictionary: no automatic translator, though. {via}


A Better Study Guide: neat little web app to make repetitive test taking and preparation a little less repetitive, except for the entering of the questions and answers into the system. Still rough around the edges, but it seems like a good start.