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Multi-Touch Interaction Research: I saw this when it came out in January, but I never actually clicked through to watch the video. All I’ve got to say is “DAMN!” This is some hot technology.


David Bowie is Very Disappointed in You: so are Gary Coleman and Tim Curry. Can you give me a hint of what you did to these people? {via}

Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It: consider this a PSA for my fellow geeks. THE MORE YOU KNOW.


“Magician David Copperfield robbed after show at Kravis Center”: I don’t normally link to news articles because they’re just too, well, topical, but this one’s a timeless gem. In a man-bites-dog sort of story, Copperfield pulled out his pockets to show the robber that he had nothing in them even though they were full. I really thought that sleight-of-hand had no practical use until I read this. {via}

The Show: Ze Frank’s new daily video podcast. Go watch it, it’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


eSolutions Data: ad-hoc statistics for when you just can’t find that thing you read on the Web last week. For example, proof that squirrels are transparent and a list of the most popular spices, by volume, imported by European Traders 1627-1634. Handy.

My Mean Girl: blog about some guy’s mean girlfriend. Weird.

Counter-Hippie Stop Sign Stickers: I like “IS THE NEW GO”.

Samurai Kittens: like those fighting games of yore but with kittens.


Code Monkey: awesome song by Jonathan Coulton. It’s on Slashdot, so it probably won’t be available on Monday. But I’ve got you covered.


Wry Baby: wow, the second awesome t-shirt store for babies that I’ve found tonight. (A bit overpriced in my opinion.)

Punkster: baby t-shirts. Very cool.

Advanced Sudoku Strategies: if I ever make the leap, this will prove useful.

Unusual Articles: wow, this is a treasure trove of oddity. This is yet another reason why I love Wikipedia.

Band Nerd: t-shirts for band geeks.

Environmentalism and Animal Rights: a foil for Earth Day. Also, Earth 4 Man.


Steve Jobs Keynote Soundboard: get your Jobs fix on demand.

Texas Ranch House: the latest in PBS’s wonderful series of historical re-enactments. I can’t wait.

Nancy’s Baby Names: blog listing baby names “inspired by the real world.” Includes Lychee. That’s all you really need to know about the site.

100 Science Facts: the Found on the Web fact-checking team hasn’t had time to sufficiently analyze this list, but we’re pretty sure it should only be 99 unless number 18 means something scientific that we can’t recognize.


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in Earth to America: skewering some Republicans.

Re-Enactment of a Scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: this is great. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that movie.

Random Ass Shirts: maybe I’m just getting older, but I just can’t see anyone ever wearing these in public. Or, rather, I don’t think people should want to wear these in public. They’re funny for a second until you think, “What if I saw one of these in the mall with my daughter or wife?” Decidedly not funny.

National High Five Day: it’s today. Come on, high five! Don’t leave me hanging. You never leave a high five hanging, man. Geesh.

Keep Katie Quiet: this is old news, but I like how it makes fun of Scientology generally and Tom Cruise specifically. {via}

Scrap House: “art” installation in San Francisco of a house made out of scraps.


Get Rich Slowly: an expansion of his most excellent essay, which I parenthetically linked to in a review of The Automatic Millionaire last year. So far, it is impressive and subscription-worthy.

Meebo: Ajax-based, multi-protocol, web-based IM client. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, think of it as as a web-based Trillian. If that still doesn’t help, then go play somewhere else.

The Star Wars Traveller: my dad was riding ATVs in the sand dunes near Yuma, Arizona while they were filming the Jabba’s barge scenes. That was quite a set of pictures for a young’un at the time. {via}

Girls and Corpses: an ezine featuring nubile women posing next to decidedly less-than-nubile bodies. It’s times like this that I really regret ever allowing you sickos to suggest sites to me.

Attu-T: horribly named site, though I guess there’s only so much you can do in the t-shirt industry. The suggestion from the site’s owner indicated that “this is not just another t-shirt website” but I beg to differ, sir.

Equidistant Eats: find restaurants that are equally distant from two locations. Presumably so no one gets the shaft.


Google Maps Guide to Ghostbusters: wow, that’s an awesome mashup.

Infernoptix: display technology that uses fire instead of plasma or liquid crystals. Cool. I mean, this is hot. (You’ve got to see the video where they spell out “FIRE”.) {via}

That T-Shirt Site: t-shirt site. *yawn* nothing special.

Pimp My Snack: *rolls eyes* YAPTWS. The “snacks” on here are decadent.

Bunnyocalypse: won’t somebody think of the Peeps? of neologisms on The Simpsons: better list than my last one.


Generation X Neologisms: some new words coined in Douglas Coupland’s seminal work. Never read the book, so I can’t recommend it but there’s some gold in them thar words.

Website Time Lapse: watch three sites (at this point) grow through the magic of animated GIFs. It saves a bunch of clicks in the Wayback Machine. {via Tim Johnson}

Bruce Campbell Facts: might have been funnier if Chuck Norris hadn’t beat him to the punch.


Custom Road Sign: make your own virtual road sign (also, wedding and motel signs).

Bert and Ernie’s Guide To Eroticism: that’s something right there.

Turn Here: short videos about neighborhoods around the world. Intriguing.


Climate of Fear: this is important and needs to be read. {via}

LASIK@Home: this could save you a bundle!

Hooked on Facts: there’s worse types of junkies.


Sno-Baller: just in time for winter. Apparently, doesn’t do sand or dirt so it’s useless to me. {via}

Bill Watterson’s Legacy: clever, very clever.

What a Crappy Present: yes, I can never understand why anyone buys someone else music or movies—it’s almost never worthwhile.

The Outfitter Shop: home of the “Fred Sucks” t-shirt.

Web Sudoku: billions of sudoku puzzles. I haven’t gotten into this but I just might if it didn’t involve erasing constantly.

Translated Thoughts and Questions That Are Running Through a North Korean Refugee’s Mind When He Is Awarded Political Asylum in the United States, Settles Down, Turns on the Television, and the First Thing He Sees Is a Fancy Feast Cat-Food Commercial: if only they knew that our cats eat better than them.

Don’t Throw a Brick Straight Up—A Stupid Person’s Guide To Life: good advice for those who might need it.


How to Pour Ketchup: to think I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. That’s why I like the packets.


Take My Son to His Prom: $500 quick bucks. Whatever happened to distant cousins? {via}


Bonobo’s Bongos: it’s like Simon but with gorillas and bongo drums. Definitely an improvement. {via}

The Devil’s Dictionary X: not the Devil’s Dictionary 2.0 that I was thinking of. {via}

#3 for ‘Slutty Clothes’: it never ceases to fill me with glee that my post about this slutty clothes vendor is ranked number 3 and my number one search query bar none.

Pink Expenses: fake receipt to put in with your real expense report for some reason. {via}


How Not to Get a Job: interview and resume fun. {via}

Custom Sign Generator: wow, this is addictive. {via}


Pong in Three Dimensions: this is great. {via}

Hydrofoil Water Scooter: wha? This is seriously cool. The site said I might also be interested in the 6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball and the Transparent Hybrid Canoe/Kayak. Umm, hell yeah I’m interested! {via}


Pipecleaner Dancer: simple, yet compelling use of images. {via}

Make Your Own Chinese Sign: I’ll admit that this didn’t get my creative juices flowing. Maybe yours will. Feel free to share in the comments. {via}


Family Portrait Artists: little tutorial about how to turn a photo into some pop art. Oh, just go look and you’ll see what I mean. {via}

Personal Dumpster: mocking the dregs of Yahoo Personals. {via}

Wookieepedia: clever name for the Encyclopedia Lucasiana. {via}

Smelting in a Microwave: I wish I hadn’t given away my spare microwave. 🙁 {via}

Friends Of Vast Industrial Concrete Kafkaesque Structures: a look at the Los Angeles flood control infrastructure. I, too, am a fan of drainage construction. Phoenix has a similar, though smaller, system. {via}


Google: cool-looking, simple search engine. Seems promising.