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iGoatse: coolest iPod accessory ever. {via}


Hyatt Valencia: I’ll be off on vacation from March 27th through March 31st. I may post, but I probably won’t. You’ll have to get your fix somewhere else.


Frog Review: “talking frogs review websites.” Uhh.

Finger Breakdancing: that index has got some moves. {via}

William James Sidis: learned to read at 18 months, Latin at 2, Greek at 3, essay on anatomy by 4, and 8 languages and 4 books written by age 8. Flamed out by age 23, he worked at menial labor and collected streetcar transfers until he died at 46. {via}

P.B. Loco: gourmet peanut butter that comes in flavors like “Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice” or “Peanut Butter with Sun-Dried Tomato.” And retail presence? WTF?!

Yes: aside from being possibly the biggest waste of a great domain name I’ve encountered in years, this site will tell you what song is playing on any station around the country.

ShaveBlog: the effusive and unscientific claims remind me of the very industry he excoriates.

Don’t Shoot the Puppy: damn, how do I keep losing at this game!


Platial: share your sense of place. {via}

Arizona Loves Oprah: well, at least these people with a corn field do. The amazing thing is that this is just a few miles from my new house. {via}

Virtual Laser Keyboard: I don’t mind saying that this is freaking cool.

Marmaduke Can Vote: re-captioned Marmaduke cartoons that are surprisingly no less funny than the originals.

Give Us All Your Money: damn, I should have read the fine print. {via}


LEGO Aircraft Carrier: this is freaking amazing. It reminds me of some displays they had at a local mall when I was a kid. {via}

Bzzzpeek: onomatopaeia from around the world.

Keyring Kite: parafoil kite that compacts down into a pouch that serves as a keyring. How cool!

Dancing Guy: I would think that it’s hard to dance with a trombone. This guy makes it look easy. {via}

Chris Parnell Raps about Kirsten Dunst: MC Parnell, the early years. He’s also done one about Demi Moore and Britney Spears (but I can’t find anything for that one, aside from this transcript).

The World: I think the world’s only cruise ship where you can buy a residence. It just goes around and around the world. That is wonderful (but not cheap). {via}

In2TV: Warner Brothers site for their past television shows, including V and Maverick among many others. {via}

Pre-Pixelated Clothing for Reality TV Shows: I love this! This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.


Brent Buckman: official site for The Apprentic loser, who has also lost 110 lbs. but not his poor personality. I’m waiting for this site. {via}

Marin PoS: tales from the real estate bubble in Marin County, California. Ouch. {via}

Computer Science Unplugged: teaching computer science without using computers. You know, for kids. {via}

Break Foods at McDonald’s: when I worked there, we were always trying to come up with interesting combinations—now we’d call them “mashups”—using only what was available in the grill. {via}

Personal Injury Warning System: most warning signs don’t have any immediate relevance to our every day lives. These do.

The Pish Dolls: let’s see. How to describe. There’s dolls with various piercings. But they’re puppets at the same time. And they mosh and do metal. Oh, just watch the video.

Caricature Carvers of America: I did not even know this existed.

Stealth Ship: photos of the Navy’s new experimental vessel.

Google Finance: this page for AAPL rules compared to Yahoo’s. The news articles are correlated on the price chart, which can be expanded or scrolled to give different views. And here’s a mutual fund page. I love it.

[UPDATE: They’ve even got private company information.]


Song Facts: deciphering music. {via}

Twins World: NYC restaurant staffed entirely by identical twins. And you thought Hooters was selective in their hiring. {via}

Speech Accent Archive: listen to English speakers from around the world read the same paragraph. {via}

Snack-Sized Serenity: Serenity lives again and in bigger form too. He’s also done a Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

100 Most Overlooked Films of the 1990s: two of my favorites made the list, That Thing You Do! and Mystery Men. {via}

Cute Overload: lives up to its billing.


72° Shelf: this would have made my adolescence so much easier. {via}

Creepy Clown Wrapping Paper: who doesn’t love a clown? {via}

Ass in the Box: spring-loaded mooning, delivered anonymously. {via}

The Gravitizer: I think this would be a much better alternative to one of those sex swing thingamajigs. $189.95? I don’t know about that. [NSFW, in case you couldn’t figure that out already.] {via}

Earth Capsule: a global time capsule composed of messages from people of the present. Two pages for $1. Here are some samples of what people have written. {via}


Strange New Products: there’s some real gems here. {via}

Robotic Mule: the things they do with robots nowadays. {via}

iTulip: how 1999 of them! {via}


Death and Taxes: cool infographic depicting where taxes go. {via}

Ford Edge: I liked it better when it was called the Touareg, the Cayenne, the Murano, or the FX. *snore*


Blue LED Faucet Light: pretty cool for only $14.99 but I could see getting tired of it quickly. {via}

Turn Your Head: I saw this quite awhile ago but I can’t believe I didn’t blog it. It fits this site’s mission perfectly.

This is Bunny: he throws you off with his cute furriness, but he’s really after world domination.
( ‘.’ )
(> <)

Matrox TripleHead2Go: ooo, me likey! {via}


Logo of the Month #6: I, too, adore this logo.

[UPDATE: Worst logo, of course, is this one from this MeFi thread. {via}

Guided by History: Wells Fargo Bank has a blog!?! Way cool. {via}

Force Protection Cougar: the Hummer looks like a pitiful little import next to that. I can’t wait to see these on the streets because people can. {via}

Strange Vehicles: some are, um, not so strange.

Chuck Norris Reading Chuck Norris Facts: complete with eye rolling. {via}

Cedar Creek Treehouse: wow, now that’s a bed and breakfast! {via}

Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks: I once had an idea for an alarm clock that you strapped to your leg that would vibrate progressively more until you woke up or delivered a minimal shock (configurable, of course) for those that needed that. But then I realized that I’m a software engineer.


AOL CD Throne: you only need 4,000 CDs. {via}

Court Decision Quotes Billy Madison: ow, that’s got to hurt. {via}

Port Halcyon: celebrating the glory of yesteryear, not like those weirdos at Nostalgia Ville.

The Torn-Up Credit Card Application: Rob Cockerham, you’re my hero.

World’s Longest Gum Wrapper Chain: currently standing at 48,077 and counting, this “hobby” has been a work in progress since 1965.

Origami Envelope: make a letter into its own envelope.


T-Shirt Insanity: YAIRTSS.

Suggest a Site: I’ve added a contact form so that you people can recommend weird sites you’ve found on the web. I’ll credit you with a {via} link and you can enjoy the Google Juice.


Julian Beever: like the other sidewalk artist I’ve covered, but this guy seems better. {via}

Brides of March: like a bridal flash mob in San Francisco or The Bachelor {via}


My Room Bud: costumes for your Roomba. Dogs, I guess. Cats, it annoys them so why not. But robotic vacuums, WTF? {via}

Don’t Date Him Girl: cautionary tales about cheating men from the women who loved them. Better hurry up and visit before the first libel suit of a litigation onslaught shutters the site.

[UPDATE: They’re planning a companion site called Don’t Date Her Man—I would have went with dude, but that’s just me. {via}]

Project Ornithopter: attempt to successfully build and fly one of those planes that flaps wings to lift off. You know, the ones you always see in stock video hopping up and down before the footage of the plane with thirteen levels of wings crashing off a ramp.

The $39 Experiment: if you ask for it, will it come? Guy sends out 100 letters to 100 companies asking for free samples. I love #6: “Please send me free samples of any and every single gum flavor you have and can send me.” Gee, they didn’t. They probably heard something different.


Tastee Tees: some funny and offensive t-shirts. It’s amazing: just when I think I’ve seen them all, along comes a site with a hundred more variations on a theme.

Windows XP Boots on a Mac!: lame, but I clicked on it. {via}

Motivational Posters: perhaps not so motivational, but often funny. I like: Basketball, Blogging, Awesome, Podcasting, Internet, Criticism, and Astrology. {via}

Hoth 2014: site for Hoth’s bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. With that wampa gone, I think they’re a shoo-in. Plus, there’s at least one enormous building with plenty of electricity and space available for figure skating.

Cow Abduction: those wacky California Milk Processor Board people have come up with a new campaign about how aliens are after our cows for their delicious, wholesome milk. *rolls eyes* In a fit of unabashed editorial selling out, the Weekly World News has a cover story this week about the cow abductions. I can’t believe the turn the paper has taken.


Dogs Barking in Cars: proudly serving all your dogs barking in cars video needs.

Natalie Portman Raps: another great “digital short” from Saturday Night Live. This one features Natalie Portman rapping hardcore.

Simpsons Unanimated: what if OFF was one of us?


The Geography of Seinfeld: interesting, I guess. I never really needed to know the relative spatial locations of places in the show, but what the hell. {via}

Dynamic Einstein Image: put your own text in the famous chalkboard photograph of Einstein. I love these types of things. {via}

My Ideal Garden: two veteran landscape architects share their knowledge.

Free Online Books Directory: I’ve been meaning to blog this but it’s been blogcrushed for a bit.

Toyota FJ Cruiser: this is the kind of offroad vehicle I’d buy. has a good overview as well as a picture of the vehicle by itself, which Toyota’s site strangely omits.

Draft Donald Trump in 2008: no. Uh uh. *bzz* {via}


Top 100 Chuck Norris Facts: I question how many of these are actually true.

[UPDATE: I probably shouldn’t even link to this for fear of a roundhouse kick, but there’s some dispute about Chuck’s powers. {via}]


A Meditation on the Speed Limit: a group of Atlanta kids decide to drive the speed limit on a freeway, forming an impenetrable wall across four lanes and an irritated entourage of commuters.

Windows Live Local Street-Level View: wow. Holy crap. This may not be completely useful but it is impressive. Only San Francisco and Seattle at this point.

Pica: I can never remember the name of that disorder where people eat crap, dirt, crayons, and just about any other substance that makes you go WTF?