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Dave’s Web of Lies: this is the best site I’ve found ever. I don’t know what it is about the site but I would have been shooting milk out of my nostrils if I had some. As it was, I just laughed until I couldn’t breath.

The Superbrowser: guy installs 100 most popular extensions on Firefox 1.5 and tests the limits of the UI. {via}

Tex’s French Grammar: University of Texas at Austin site for learning French using a cast of characters that includes an interspecies ménage à trois and a drug-addled cockroach. Oh, and a snail that loves French cuisine.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collection at the University of Washington: photographic content about the most famous bridge collapse in American history.

Massively Multiplayer Pong: I have to believe that this is real but I couldn’t observe any control over the paddle.

Steve’s Web Page: so he quit Blue’s Clues to become an indie punk musician. Good riddance! I’m a Joe man, myself. {via}


Microsoft iPod Packaging Parody: it’s funny because it’s true. {via}

[UPDATE (3/2/2006): Apparently, this video was produced for internal use by Microsoft. {via}

Google Brin Creator: not a Page Creator. This is hilarious to me for some reason. {via}

Ultimate Budget Box 2006: excellent computer built from components for $525.46 including LCD. Wow. I spent more than that building my Windows box and I didn’t get a monitor. *sigh*

The Things I Will Not Do When I Direct a Shakespeare Production, On Stage or Film: now with a part 2. I guess I need to get out to more Shakespearean plays.

Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories: wow, that’s a lot of crap. {via}


The Cliff Guy: not just characters at the edge of cliffs, he’s amassed some amazing drawings based on Kill Bill and location photos from Goonies. {via}

Japanese Maid Dolls Posed as in an Army Training Manual: and lovingly photographed. If anyone knows the back story on this, I’d love to hear it. {via}

Ryugyong Hotel: I’ve blogged about it before but I wasn’t aware that it had no windows, was structurally unsound, and cost $750 million. I can’t imagine why the North Koreans don’t, as Lewis Black said, “rise up as one and smote them.” I mean, it’s got to sting when you’re actually starving and there’s this monstrosity taunting you every day.

Hotel Core Essex: new nerdcore hiphop “CD” from Futuristic Sex Robotz. If you’ve got an aversion to rampant swearing, this probably isn’t for you. {via}


Steve Jobs’ Birthday Today: no way, Abe Vigoda and Steve Jobs. Bitchin’.

Abe Vigoda’s Status: “happy birthday” according to the Abe Vigoda Status extension and confirmed by Wikipedia.

Telemark skiing: I had never heard of this form of skiing, but it looks pretty nice. Not likely to be an Olympic spot any time soon, unfortunately.


Google Pages: Google enters the create-and-host-your-own little web site. I guess it’s better than buying such a thing for $3.7 billion.

Photographic Height and Weight Chart: another awesome venture from Rob Cockerham. My position is still open, so I suppose I should make my move.

Talking Heads: not the 80s rock band like you’d expect, but a project capturing images of all the anchors on cable TV. I guess everyone needs a hobby. {via}

Video Sift: looks like Digg with a video theme. Or, discovers the best of YouTube and Google Video. {via}

NBA 2006 Dunk Contest: see the recent members of Phi Slamma Jamma.


Dude, Where’s My Used Car?: eBay Motors and Google Maps mashup for finding cars near you to buy. Awesome!

Anti-Shave 2006: a guy won’t shave for all of 2006 and you can follow along his facial hair odyssey.


Go Ask Alice: advice from Columbia University’s Health Services department, presumably there’s some world-wise spinster there like Sue Johanson running all this.

Justin Mullins: he’s a mathematical photographer, which means he takes pictures of equations. Or prints them out because, after all, they’re just text. Nice racket, if you ask me.

The Muppet Wiki: this is unbelievably cool. Muppets Tonight needs to be out on DVD.

Aural New York: colored iPod ear buds. *rolls eyes*

Spectator’s Guide to Skeleton: why this wasn’t in Winter X is beyond me.


The Many Unusual Looking Buildings On Earth: people do some crazy stuff with buildings. {via}

Fly Little Bird: distilling knowledge from 150 commencement speeches. Here’s the short version.

How Products are Made: amazingly comprehensive.

International Ginger Kids Foundation: this site made no sense until I read this Wikipedia entry. I was hoping it would be about gingerbread figures. Oh well.

Easy on the Adverbs, Exclamation Points and Especially Hooptedoodle: excellent writing advice from Elmore Leonard.

Letterfu: instructions for making a letter without using an envelope or glue—the stamp binds the envelope. Neat!

LED Throwies: easy to make little points of light that adhere to metal surfaces.

Learn Out Loud: great selection of free audio and video material. Oh, and there’s ones you can pay for as well.

My Black Valentine: watch Valentine’s Day-related stuff be shot (really, who are they kidding?) {via}

Puppy Mover: this monorail’s gone to the dogs. Ugh. I’m sorry I just wrote that. {via}


Google Maps: “those damn satellites always taking pictures of my farm, I’ll show ’em!” {via}

Freedom of the Seas: Freedom, as they say, ain’t free.

Chuck Norris Facts: now on t-shirts. Seriously cool. {via}

SnorgTees: best t-shirts I’ve seen in a long time. I *love* this one.

White Trash Palace: some funny ones here plus a lot of crap.

Dark Side Conservatives: this one seems especially timely.


Pets in Uniform: Awwww. Or, uhhhh. I’m torn between a WTF and the desire to put a dog or cat into a Nazi uniform. Sadly, that latter option isn’t available. {via}

On the Corner: reporter asks four questions to bums at off-ramps. Question he failed to ask: “If I give you $5, what are you really going to buy?”

The Case of the Plane and Conveyor Belt: 189 comments so far. WTF?! I read about half of it before I realized that there was a lot of talking past each other. The key for me was remembering that plane wheels aren’t driven. There you go…

How to Fold Paper into a Secret Note Square: I never learned how to do this in high school. Sadly, I have no need for it now.

Seattle Waterfront, 1907 and 2002: two panoramic shots of Seattle from the same vantage point, only 95 years apart. Awesome! {via}

Zillow: cool real estate evaluation tool. Kind of like Google Maps but with home valuation data. (Side note: it totally missed on the value of my home by about $60K, so I hope buyers don’t use this at present.) {via}


Marshall Oak, Starfleet Captain: thanks to Photoshop, Trekkie gets to live the dream. Uhh, I guess. {via}

Squashed Philosophers: no, this isn’t some schadenfreude-inspired site for bitter grad students. It offers condensed, abridged versions of philosophic works.


Things That Make You Go Aahh: cute, widdle fuzzy-wuzzy animals.


Heavy Metal Umlaut: you’d never see this in your father’s encyclopedia.

What Would Tyler Durden Do?: kind of an FHM-sort of blog. Great name, though.

Sea Slugs Madness: finally a blog dedicated to sea slugs. It’s about frickin’ time!


Tech Pranks: ooo, these are good. {via}

PosterWire: blog about movie posters. It’s actually really good. {via}