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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Valentines: oh, these are awesome! {via}

Putting Star Wars to the MythBusters Test: debunking the “myths” of the Star Wars universe. {via}

Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Pepper Too?: a site dedicated to those oddly-named Dr. Pepper knockoffs around the nation. {via}

Bad Candy: candy is dandy but this here is sicker.

Ezprezzo Crazy Toys: wow, they certainly live up to their name. {via}

Chewy Blogs: so played.


Kobe Bryants 81 points (in a jar, in liquid form): Google cache edition because the buzzkills at eBay shut it down.

Bill Brasky: “I went camping with Brasky, his wife, and his daughter Debbie! Debbie Brasky. She’s 7-years-old, goes about 3’5”, 55 pounds. So, I’m in the back of a pickup with Bill Brasky and a live deer! Well, Brasky, he grabs the deer by the antlers, looks at it and says, “I’m Bill Brasky! Say it!” Then he squeezes the deer in such a way that a sound comes out of its mouth – “Billbrasky!” It wasn’t exactly it, but it was pretty good for a deer!” {via}

[UPDATE (1/31/2006): D’oh, duped. I shouldasearched.]

Beauty in Music: the non-rock star pretty women. {via}


Talus Watch: fuzzy approximations of time. I like it. {via}


Pantalaine: I don’t know if this is for real but it’s quite elaborate if it’s not. They are purveyors of plural clothing: pants etc. for two. {via}

GIF Pronunciation Guide: it’s JIF and if you pronounce it like GIFT without the T then you’re an idiot. Sorry, someone had to tell you. {via}


Google China: wow, this screenshot makes Google seem really evil. {via}

Hi, my name is Thomas Arie Setiawan and I am a complete homo. If you see me on the street, please pull down my pants and take advantage of me. If you want to arrange some gay sex, please call me at 62.818276728 and if you have a dog (or a goat), we could make it a threesome.

Finally got my iBook G4—affectionately called Whitey—back from Apple so I can work on restoring Found on the Web to its non-Kubrickian minimalism.

Tip for Beating Netflix Throttle: I like the suggestion in the comments of creating a separate queue with nothing but these long-waiters. I’ve been waiting on Wedding Crashers for a month now.

Positive Fanatics: feel the IKEA love.

List of films ordered by uses of the word “fuck”: two thoughts occur to me: 1) I haven’t seen a lot of these movies and 2) where’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin?

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance: at least he’s keeping busy. Can you imagine the person who would think, “If it’s good enough for Dick Van Patten to feed his animals, then it’s good enough for me?” {via}

White Cliffs Underground: Dover, England area ruins from World War II and the Cold War. {via}

Idiotarod 2006: like the Alaskan Iditarod except it’s in Brooklyn and the sled is a shopping cart and the dogs are people and the checkpoints require 20 minutes of drinking. Okay, so the only thing they have in common is pulling. {via}


Web Authoring Statistics: I’m a sucker for stats and this set of statistics is about Web pages, so it’s especially cool. The sample set’s a little light: only a billion of Google’s 11 billion or so pages indexed. But it’ll do. {via}

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005: what, Paris Hilton made the list?! The hell you say.

Super Mario Brothers Maps: this is unbelievably cool. {via}

List of American Words Not Used in British English: blimey, there’s a lot of differences there. {via}


Flying Car Captured on Google Earth: finally!

Cat Helmet from an Orange: not much head protection, but it’s cute.

The Daily Dancer: time was you had to give people prizes and TV time to get them to debase themselves in public.


Wax On, Wax Hoff: uhh, this ain’t quite right. {via}

How to Eat Sushi: there’s a little more to it than pick up sushi, open mouth, close mouth, masticate, and swallow. Who knew!

Dead Body Guy: a guy who likes to play dead.


Quick Blog: yay, now you can pay to use the blogging service I helped develop. (And there’s a page I can finally link to.)

How do I take notes on big books?: a smattering of note-taking advice.

What Should I Learn Next: one of the many reasons I adore Ask Metafilter.


Back to the Future Tour: tour of the sites used in filming this classic. {via, watch Wonderfalls}

Here are some of my favorite Christopher Walken sketches from Saturday Night Live: Life Raft Election (transcript), Census Taker (transcript), Pranksters (transcript). And, of course, More Cowbell (transcript).

[BONUS: Will Ferrell’s Angry Boss (transcript) and Get Off the Shed (transcript).]


Steve, Don’t Eat It: well, I think he should. Funny writing about those products at the grocery that you can’t imagine anyone buying and eating. Except Steve, of course. {via}

Dance Crazes of the Sixties: no touching necessary. {via}

Jokes that Involve the Listener: I don’t know about you but there’s some comedy gold in them thar hills.

Car Stuck Girls: like Car Stuck but with pretty ladies. {via}

Ad Copies: “bad artists copy. Great artists steal.” Uh huh, blah, blah, blah. {via}


Design a Steve Jobs Movie Poster: Photoshop creativity never ceases to amaze me. I’m lucky if I can get some red eye out. {via}

The Omarosa Experiment: article about the casting of reality TV shows. Basically, every contestant is carefully selected. If you can’t script the situations—ahem—then you have to script the people.

David Belle Does Le Parkour: I so want to do this. Sadly, I believe my time has passed. I would feel horrible for my family if I killed (or seriously injured) myself doing this. Plus, I’m pretty sure they’re trespassing like crazy.

Top Ten Reasons No One Reads Your Blog: I would add “You keep changing services, thus breaking your links and feeds.” Guilty!

Top 290 Simpsons Quotes: I think you should shed the pretension of calling a list of 290 items the “top.” There are, however, some great quotes here. {via}

LibriVox: volunteer project to create audiobooks from public domain works. Bitchin’. {via}


Archaeological Outliers: anachronisms in archaeology. If you’re into that. {via}

Japanese TV: collection of weird links to Japanese game show video from JWZ.

The Box O’ Truth: you put your bullets in it. {via}

Things My Boyfriend Says: not me. I don’t have a boyfriend. Some lady. And her boyfriend’s a jerk. {via}

Sticker Shield: handy little film that goes in your car’s windshield to adhere those annoying decals to. It makes them easy to remove. {via}


Saturday Night Live Commercials: there’s a lot of funny memories here. Wish there were more links to video. {via}

Interview with Matthew Lesko: you know, the question-mark guy. {via}


Wanna Spell: reminds me of a poorer version of Scratchpad. Enh, everyone’s linking to it.

eStarling Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled LCD Frame: umm, why would you want to frame your email? Flickr, sure, but Gmail?

Big Dead Place: since Fodor’s Antarctica isn’t available.

Astronauts and Area 51 – The Skylab Incident: I can’t believe the lengths to which governments will go to keep things secret, even long past the need for any secrecy.

The Gum Recession Project: excuse me while I vomit profusely.

Quasi-Modo: the Web’s sideshow, chock full of freaks.

French Maids: some French maids explain how to do a video podcast. Allllrrighty. {via


Confirmed Unprovoked Shark Attacks, 2000-2004: that’s their title. My title is “Places I’m Likely Never to Visit.”

Dots Not Google: I’m not sure of its utility, but it would make a kick-ass CAPTCHA.

The Winning Ticket: great prank where some guys record a lottery show, buy the winning numbers the next day, and give the “winning” ticket to one of their friends. Heheh. {via}

“Weird Al” Show Coming to DVD: first Fraggle Rock and now this. Once Get a Life! is available in season format, my DVD appetite will be sated. {via}

20-Sided Fuzzy Dice: if you want fuzzy dice hanging from your rearview, make ’em 20-sided. Funny that it took so long. {via}


Gorgeous Phoenix House for Sale: heh, wouldn’t it be funny if someone reading this actually bought it?

Fantasy Coach: Holy cow! That is some children’s bed. I am stunned. Sweet mama pajama!

The Best Digital Cameras: Philip Greenspun knows cameras. {via}

A Million Little Lies: The Smoking Gun at its finest in this great exposé of the bestseller A Million Little Pieces.

[UPDATE (1/12/2006): Apparently, his publisher is offering full refunds. That settles that.]

Subservient Stickman: poking fun at the genre.


Winning Entry in the First Message to Space Contest: clever. Very clever. {via}

Best Blonde Joke Ever: it took me awhile to get it but it’s pretty funny nonetheless.

Parent Hacks: blog about tips for parents. I see a book coming.

Make your own imitation Floam: sweet! The stuff looked like fun but not $19.95 kind of fun.


100 Most Annoying Things of 2005: I’ll gladly second #15 and #4. {via}


Carinval in Rio with Arnold Schwarzenegger: I bet there’s many things like this that he wish he had never made. I love the part where he makes hand-binoculars to get a better view of a dancer’s butt, the part where he’s grabbing a dancer’s butt as she’s trying to move his hands up a bit, and especially the part where he’s in costume dancing about like an idiot. {via}

Classic Rock Guitar Pose Page: how to look like a rock star. Shh, don’t tell anyone. {via}

What is your dangerous idea?: each year asks a question to a bunch of important people and offers their responses for public consumption. This year’s question is especially intriguing because it posits that ideas matter and that they could pose a danger. Jamshed Bharucha’s idea is intriguing, to say the least.

Modern Myths Taught as Science: awesome debunking of some unexamined “facts.” I hope he tackles more myths soon.

Code Orange: site about New York’s Gilboa Dam from a resident concerned about being downstream.

Rosey Grier’s Needlepoint for Men: ahh, the 70s. Gotta love ’em. {via}

Dead Governors of New Jersey: because you never know when you’d need this information. {via}


100 Things We Didn’t Know This Time Last Year: trivia nuggets from the BBC.

Instructables: step-by-step tutorials for various things.

Web Creme: inspirational web design blog. In case you need it.

Stay Away from the SyncServices Folder: ahh, the life of a frustrated English major trapped in a tech writer’s body. {via}

Buzzword Hell: oooo, *this* looks promising. I hate buzzwords.