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How to Tell the Difference Between a Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Company: it’s funny because it’s true. {via}

The Beer Belly: device that looks like a beer belly that actually clandestinely stores beer for drinking at events. But what if you’ve already got a serious beer belly?


Panexa: well-done parody of drug ads and web sites. {via}

[UPDATE: Here’s another one for an anti-homosexuality drug, Hetracil. That one’s vaguely reminiscent of the great SNL fake commercial for Homocil.]


WordPress 2.0: with the release of WordPress 2.0, I’ve decided to upgrade the Found on the Web installation from 1.2. Let’s just say that you may be seeing Kubrick for awhile.


Divorce Kevin: no need to make a site for this. All the fans need to do is wait a bit.

Pimp My Nutcracker: just in time for the holidays.


Alan’s Mojave Airport Weblog: chronicling the goings-on at a very unique and interesting airport.

Cadillac Bicycles: umm, wha?


Entries were sporadic as we deployed the new blogging engine I was developing at Go Daddy. It’s out there in the world, so I should resume normal posting levels.

Dean Kamen Drinks His Own Pee: WaterWorld here we come.

School of Fish Pain: funny.

Lazy Sunday: I kept that episode on TiVo just so I could rewatch this short. Chris Parnell is an amazing rapper.


Laserharp: cool musical instrument that uses frickin’ lasers instead of strings. I’m thinking that a laser guitar is next.

Animated Singing Santa Hack: awesome effort at making that annoying Wal-Mart Santa more annoying. {via}

Innocent English: Engrish around the world.

Sneaker Freaker Magazine: an international magazine devoted to tennis shoe afficionados. Did that sound weird to anyone else?


Johnny Carson Park: it’s got a Tonight Show Playground and it’s on Bob Hope Drive. Hollywood.

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies: no indication whether they actually get to engage in humiliation as part of their research.

World Jump Day: they’re attempting to shift Earth into a new orbit by coordinating a lot of people jumping. Personally, I’d rather see what happens with the flushing of toilets around the world. World Toilet Flush Day is available!


Yahoo Picks of 2005: I scooped plenty of these, but others I never linked.

Alek’s Christmas Lights & Decorations: he’s fundraising for celiac research, a disease that I was once wrongly diagnosed as having. (Note to Alek: that Santa following the cursor ain’t helping.)

The Two Footers: site for and by people running two-foot gauge railroad. Standard gauge is four feet and narrow is three, so this is pretty darn close. Awesome!

Successful Management Strategy For A Spinning Mill: in case you are running an unsuccessful spinning mill currently. Um, you’re welcome.


Windows Local Live View of Disneyland: Google, the bar has been raised. Please one-up this somehow. {via}

Terri PAC: fight abrogation of privacy by the government.

A Christmas Story in 30 Seconds (and Re-enacted by Bunnies): this little franchise distills the best of a movie into 30 seconds. It’s a perfect contextless format that at least goes by quickly.


Full House Photographs: a San Franciscan took screen captures from the classic TV sitcom Full House and then photographs from modern-day San Francisco. You know, because why the hell not. {via}


Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln: full text of the 1953 eight-volume set. If you’re into that sort of thing.


Animated Knots by Grog: Grog knows knots. Grog help you tie knots. You like Grog.

Brunetto T-shirts: not my style, but pretty funny.

French Phrases: serve up your own rudeness. Hell, just use the English locally. From the How to Be Obnoxious in French tutorial.

Animals on the Underground: finding patterns in London’s subway maps.

Noisebot: there are some truly excellent t-shirts here. They’re campy but they’re hilarious.

You Just Picked Up the Wrong Phone: prank-calling fun.

World Chess Boxing Organization: float like a butterfly, sting like a Kasparov. I love this obscure rule: “If the chess game ends in a stalement, the opponent with the higher score in boxing wins. If there is an equal score, the opponent with the black pieces wins.” How deliciously arbitrary!

Factum Non Fabula: wow. I read it for a little bit, but then I got freaked out and just skimmed the rest. Finnish boy claims to be Julie Andrews’ illegitimate son. And that her daughter Emma is actually Bette Midler’s daughter. And, umm, there’s lots of stuff about Nazis and something about how Julie Andrews never responded to his 14-hour long video he mailed her. {via}


Television Commercials: excellent source of links to Wikipedia articles about classic commercials. I don’t know how some of them got there, though. {via}

Ferrari Through Paris: excellent video and it doesn’t appear to be a sped-up version of a drive through Paris. As I was watching, I found myself wondering about the ethics of such a film. How is this different from a film documenting the robbery of a house? It’s amazing that no one was hurt as the car drove up to 140 mph on open city streets. It’s just ridiculous. {via}

Thieves Everywhere: the Dilbert blog is even better than the comic strip. “… is that a clean sock that just now fell from my basket, or is it a dirty sock that fell an hour ago when I was taking the dirty stuff from the hamper?” It’s funny because it’s true.

WTF: quite a mesmerizing little animated GIF.


Mighty Goods: now this is a good shopping blog. It’s “awesome.”

Saturn’s Moon Mimas: oh crap, it’s the Death Star and it’s in our solar system! I hope we’re not in the way of some hyperspace bypass. {via}

Oh My That’s Awesome: like Uncrate, but by the ladies. Kind of tired.

Restroom Ratings: strikes me as infinitely retarded. You never choose one place over another because of their bathroom and a given bathroom experience can be reviewed at a glance. Maybe it’s fun to read reviews about things that needn’t be reviewed.

The Daily Kitten: daily dose of kitten-y goodness. Awww.

24 Ways To Impress Your Friends: if all your friends are web designers and developers, of course.

World Chess Beauty Contest: ooo, some ladies. Not what I was expecting at all.


My Vasectomy: an account of one man’s procedure, complete with pictures and squeamish ratings.