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Motion Mountain: free 1,200 page long physics textbook that’s making the rounds of the blogging world. It will be linked far more than read, that’s for sure.

Apostrophe Protection Society: the little punctuation mark sure needs protecting these days. {via}

Snorg Tees: there’s some good t-shirts there. I like the “My Other Ride is Your Mom.”


Whistleman: dedicated to preserving the memory of the steam whistle.

Our Planet Earth from Space: a real-time view of the Earth from different perspectives.


An amusing exercise: some typographers attempt to make ligatures for abbreviated netspeak. Excellent.

Operation Plastic: a site regarding games played using green army men. Cool!

Pizza Man: the adventures of a blogging pizza delivery dude in Minneapolis.

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Plush: it’s got huge fangs! {via}

Planes, Trains, and Plantains-The Story of Oedipus: sweet mama pajama, that is hilarious stuff. While the surrealism of the essay itself is funny, the real comedy gold comes from imagining the English teacher reading it. {via}

Oxford Comma: this is hands-down the best coverage about the serial comma dilemma that I have ever seen. (And the discussion about the article is one of the reasons why I love Wikipedia.) {via}


Emerging Construction Technologies: there’s some amazing things there, even though they’re very hard to find in the cluttered site.

Warning Label Generator: I’m smelling a lot of fun here. {via}

List of people who died in the bathroom: that’s a lot of people and definitely not the way to go (pun possibly intended). {via}

Manhattan Timeformations: an incredible Flash presentation about the transformation of Manhattan throughout its history. {via}

Ski Dubai: there’s a documentary on Discovery about this latest feat of nationalized-oil-subsidized engineering. I’ll bet that the Dubaiers probably got pretty pissed about that water thing in Germany. {via}

The Cloud Appreciation Society: who doesn’t love clouds. They’re easily my favorite state of water. {via}

Christmas Light Display: holy crap. If your neighbors were on the fence about you before, this would have pushed them firmly into “feuding” territory. (The Engadget entry—click on the via—has this great comment.) {via}

[UPDATE (12/9/2005): The guy has another version that is far more annoying.]


Sketch of a Woman: watch as a woman’s figure gets drawn from skeleton to clothing. It’s definitely quicker than paint. {via}

List of Strange Units of Measurement: I like the lawyer and the helen

Krudmart: lots of pretention here, but some gems.

Option G: these t-shirts are certainly different, but they strike me as presumptuously campy. It’s not cool to act cool.

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time on The Family Guy: hilarious. There’s a sweet spot in my heart for PBJT and there always will be.

Chrismahanukwanzakah: it’s no Festivus, though I guess it’s a holiday for the rest of us. (It seems to be experiencing some heavy traffic, so here’s a story about it until they get their act together.)

The Open Library: scanned-in books in the public domain. Fun interface. I could actually see reading books this way.


Ten Ways to Make a Sushi Chef Lose It: timely. Also, how to eat sushi. {via}

501st: lots of Star Wars geeks. Is Star Wars the new Star Trek? {via}

Hidden Door Company: I’ll keep them in mind should I ever finish my secret lair. This represents my childhood dreams realized, by the way. {via}

Breakfast Maker: now *this* is true convergence. {via}

Emergency Tracheotomy Kit: I pretty much would stop at CPR or the Heimlich. NOTE TO ANYONE I KNOW: if you should find yourself needing an emergency tracheotomy, it was very nice knowing you and I hope you didn’t suffer too much. {via}

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project: excellent effort to convert wax cylinder recordings made between the 1880s and 1928 to digital formats. It’s free and they’ve already got over 5,000 available.

Amazing Liquid: who knew that cornstarch and water could make for such an intriguing video.

Discovering Sherlock Holmes: Stanford project that has digitized contemporary ephemera from Arthur Conan Doyle. I really enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes, he’s second only to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.

Bad Vibes: help science by identifying the worst sounds to you.

Inventory of Historic Lighthouse Stations: ahh, the romance of the lighthouse.


Love Honey: iPod “accessory” that vibrates in time to music. Not available in the US. {via}

Google Logos Movie: I’ve always enjoyed the variety of Google logos over the years. It’s much more interesting when presented in a movie. {via}

Liquid Cereal: this isn’t some morning cereal replacement—it tastes like actual cereal. {via}

The Pee and Poo Toy: uhh, okay. Reminds me of Litter Critters.

Plan Your Epitaph Day: damn, missed it. It was November 2nd if you want to mark your calendars for next year’s celebration. Oh, hell, just plan your epitaph now.

Pathetic Personals: this may be a little mean-spirited but people did, in fact, write this stuff on the public Web.

Coins of Roman Egypt: quite a collection there, if you’re into foreign coins of early empires.

Gargoyles Over Manhattan: people climbing New York City’s bridges. It’s all fun and games until someone falls 276 feet 6 inches.

Cacophony Society: as long as it’s not malicious, I think the world could use some cacophany.

Freeline Skates: they’re like a cross between inline skates and a skateboard. Check out the videos if you’re not following me.


What It Feels Like to be an Atheist: yep, it’s pretty much like that.

Celebrity Maps: Google Maps version of those maps to the stars’ homes.

Interesting and Weird November Holidays: I, for one, am much more aware of my marrow now.

Vagina Lady: the front page was enough to keep me from continuing. You’re probably a little more daring than me. In a nutshell: this lady loves her ‘gina.

iCorrection: site that lets you peek into the seedy world of prison life. Looks pretty comprehensive.

Thirteen Months: follow a newlywed couple around the world as they spend their first thirteen months as husband and wife. From the looks of it, they’re almost done.

Superman (with Chimps): I think I might be missing something here. I was really expecting to see Superman comics or something only with chimpanzees playing all the parts. If it’s there, I couldn’t find it.

Goon Blog: blog dedicated to hockey’s thuggery. You know, if you like that sort of thing.

Twenty Bucks a Day: one man’s journey through the cheap eats available in New York City.

Egg Art by Peggy Vincent: who knew what a great canvas a chicken fetus’ life support system could be!


IQ Therefore I Am: has t-shirts for investment bankers and lawyers—two real t-shirt wearing bunches, I reckon— and geeks in general, all unified by a common theme: lack of creativity as indicated by the use of Comic Sans. The horror!

Blog Software Smackdown: compares the current Big Three of the blogs: MovableType, WordPress, and Textpattern. Sadly, misses the as-yet-unreleased Go Daddy blogging software that I’ve been working on.

MapPoint LineDrive: Google Maps certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on innovation. This is a wicked cool map view. {via}

Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic: an striking comparison of the two CEO’s presentation skills and styles. The pictures bring the point home. {via}

World War II Ships: good resource except that there aren’t any American, Italian, or Japanese ships given write ups. The German and British sections are brimming, though.


What Was That Movie: wiki where people recount as much of a movie as they can in rambling detail and then other people help them figure out which movie it was. Ahh, the Internet. {via}

Falling W: the mannequin has been transformed into George W. Bush. Somehow it’s more fun. {via}


Leia’s Metal Bikini: non-Carrie Fishers in the famous costume. {via}

Sorry about the outage today. My host, Dreamhost, gives me free registration for this domain but didn’t set it for auto-renewal. It expired yesterday and I wasn’t aware of that until I tried to craft a post. Then their support guy told me that the free registration was only for the first year, which wasn’t true. The morale of the story: trust but verify support people.

Bad Tattoos: skin suckage 4ever.

Office Poltergeist: sadly, people now lock their computers at work. Largely for just this sort of thing. But should they not…


Solo Tees: I love the shirt that reads “My real job starts at 5 pm”. I can’t imagine that that’d go over well at work, but good luck with that. {via}

Relationshit: billed as “brutally honest dating and relationship advice for the cynical, bitter and jaded” so that should give you some idea of what the site’s like. If any of the latter adjectives describe you, go there.

Baby Review: scathing reviews of other people’s babies.

One Horse Shy: ahh, some freshness in the space. Funny, well-designed t-shirts.

Covering Teen Wolf: One Coach’s Guide: basketball-playing werewolves are, thankfully, few and far between.

Memory Maintainer: I *hate* resetting my presets whenever my battery dies. {via}


Flap Art: alternate book covers to freak out anyone within eyeshot. {via}

Edward Burtynsky’s Photography: excellent photos of industrial sites and man’s conquest of nature. Or, there’s beauty in them thar tailings. {via}

Coloring Pages: free coloring pages. You know, for kids.

Where Babies Come From in Germany: that’s quite a graphic child’s book. Yama. {via}

World War II Remains in Great Britain: photographs of ruins and relics from Britain’s finest, umm, six years. {via}


Risk using Google Maps: interesting use of the API. I’d bet that the Google Maps engineers are amazed at what people come up with. {via}


Firefly Wiki: well, with 15 episodes, it’s not like they’re chasing a receding horizon in trying to document the show.

Allison’s Assorted Flavors: I love the “Student Pedestrian” onesie.

Tact Filters: an anthropological analysis of why nerds are so often jerks. May be true, but not sufficiently explanatory from a psychological perspective. Plus, there’s ample counter-evidence.

700 Hobo Names: an mp3 of exactly what it says. For some reason. I value my life so I listened to three of them and then fast-forwarded to make sure it wasn’t some gimmick.

Paris Hilton Doesn’t Change Facial Expressions: I’ve noticed this before. She creeps me out.

Why Does God Hate Amputees?: another free online book from Marshall Brain. This is why I would love to be rich. Well, that and the whole financial independence thing, but they’re really wrapped up together.

Meghann Ahern & Jesse Burneko: 14 days prior to the big day but they still went with a pirate theme wedding. What, like you weren’t too chicken to go through with it?

No Cilantro: my wife could totally get on board with this.

University of Florida Book of Insect Records: not really a book. I was particularly interested in which insect was most tolerant of desiccation. HINT: it’s not the common household cricket like you’d think. Yep, sports fans, it’s the Polypedilum vanderplanki that gets that honor.

Fencing Sucks: no, the other fencing.

“Excerpts from Expert Judgement on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant”: how do you create signage for (practically) all eternity? Do you assume that everyone in the future will speak English or understand our icons? It’s a fascinating problem and an excellent read. {via}

The Ultimate Star Trek Collection: 212 DVDs, 5 television series, 10 movies. Still no life. {via}

The Wilhelm Scream: a sound effect used hundreds of times since it was recorded in 1951.


“If these words were people, I would embrace their genocide”: wow, I guess not everyone likes blogs like you and I do.

Slot Car Video: this is incredible. I could watch it all day.

Kaya PF4 IR Filter: see-through clothing. Considerably more expensive than those glasses in the back of the magazines. {via}

The Netflix Settlement Sucks: I hate class-action lawsuits. I’ll definitely opt out of this one. What’s next, one suing Apple for all its profits on the iPod Nano because of some scratches? Oh.


On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor: what were the Death Star architects thinking? Geesh.

A Photo Gallery of Meteorwrongs: looks like the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University has a sense of humor. Meteorwrongs. That’s classic.

America’s Electric Chairs: photos of every one of our electric chairs. I would have thought “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all” before this page.


Iron Hymen: abstinence education parody site for girls. There’s also one for boys.


NetFlix History Analyzer: useful little web application that breaks down your NetFlix usage and shows your effectiveness. {via}