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The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible: points out most of the Bible’s contradictory passages and asks the questions that Christians generally don’t.

Those Shirts: I love the “Commies Aren’t Cool” shirts with Che Guevara on them. Oops, the rest of the shirts are lunacy. {via}


The Chewbacca Defense: a fictional legal defense becomes a useful way of describing legal mumbo-jumbo.


I See France: wonderfully named site selling underbritches.

Sony Bravia Ad: you may remember my earlier item about the 100,000 bouncing balls in San Francisco. This is the end result, the commercial for Sony’s new LCD TV. {via}


Hide My Ass: free, anonymous web browsing. Great name.


Google Blogoscoped: it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good, new t-shirt shop. I really like the “PageRank 10” shirt. I am generally in favor of anyone or anything that hates PETA. But I’m not sure that exposing this particular hypocrisy is all that effective. Animals have no rights, so euthanizing them isn’t immoral. If it’s okay for you, then it’s okay for PETA. Is the goal to end euthanization?


Errors in the Encyclopedia Britannica That Have Been Corrected in Wikipedia: this is one type of article that you would never find an analog of in a real encyclopedia. And it’s a reason why I love Wikipedia. {via}

Sno-Baller: not particularly useful around my part of the world, but I could definitely see the value in this if I were near snow. {via}

Spending the Night with Frank Lloyd Wright: apparently, you can pay to stay the night in three Frank Lloyd Wright-designed houses. Awesome!

DoucheTracker: calling out the douches of the world. It’s using Ning, which I still don’t get.

Bold Mary: special little girls’ clothes.


Spoil Everything: a wiki-based series of spoilers. Good for if you want to skip right to the end of things.


100 oldest dot com domains: wow, I would never have guessed that they could be that old. {via}

Made-up words in The Simpsons: I should do a feature of interesting articles to be found in the Wikipedia.


Thirty-Nine Questions for Charlie Daniels Upon Hearing “The Devil Went
Down to Georgia” for the First Time in 25 Years
: funny. {via}


Mini Chocolate Fondue Fountain: having had my first experience with fondue two nights ago, this looks scrumptious. It’s also the most inexpensive chocolate fountain I’ve seen.

Sears Tower in Jenga: Jen-ga, Jen-ga, Jen-ga, RUN! {via} come up with the best thing since, umm, you know.

Art of Greg Brown: not my dad, some other guy. He paints murals that are visually exciting and funny.

Leninade: soda trading on the cachet of Vladimir Lenin. *cough* {via}

Behind Bars: a guide to surviving prison life. I guess the first advice should be: don’t do things that would get you into jail. {via}


Remember The Milk: oddly named online to-do list application.

Staten Island Boat Graveyard: there’s something beautiful about abandoned ruins. I think it’s just the sense of how much time has passed or how far we’ve come.

The Christmas Resistance Movement: ugh, these people don’t get the true meaning of Christmas. That is, by the way, to shower the people you love with tokens of affection and appreciation.


Question for Cops and Detectives: a real detective’s take on his job.

ProfaniWiki: Wikipedia-like site, un-Wikipedia-like content. If your obscenities have become repetitious, you can get a refill here.

Breaking Bonaduce: who would watch this and what kind of media whore is Bonaduce? There I said it.

Reader’s Companion: seven books from Houghton Mifflin available for free. They’re all centered around history and they all seem to be encyclopedic in nature.

On These Walls-Inscriptions and Quotations in the Buildings of the Library of Congress: just what it purports to be. I’m glad that these are available through the Web.

Turning the Pages: digitization of some amazing books by the British Public Library.

Concrete Ships: chronicling the largely failed experiment during World War I of building ships out of concrete. Concrete?!

IKEA What If: I’m afraid I’m not getting this. I really, really want to but I can’t.

Faith Chips: real men play seven-card stud.

10/8/2005 vandalism is bad but sometimes it’s beautiful.

Airport Codes: if you’ve ever wondered how they come up with codes like LAX or PDX, this article will help.


The Shining Trailer: I’ve never seen The Shining but I’m pretty sure that the tone of this trailer doesn’t describe it well. service that sends flowers to your significant other on a regular basis.


Best Buy or Best Lie?: hear, hear. Best Buy is one of the most obnoxious chain stores around.

CitiKitty: toilet train your cat. My wife’s grandmother had a cat that used the toilet, but it always seemed like an urban legend. On the other hand, there are fews things in this life that I’d rather not do more than training a cat to do anything.


Travels with Chicken: one man and his rubber chicken companion.

Bright Feet: they’re gonna be kajillionaires, I tell you. Go out and buy Boston Ideas LLC stock. Hurry!


The Interactive Nolli Map Website: an excellent version of a 1748 map of Rome.


Double-Tongued Word Wrester Dictionary: words that are working their way into the language. {via}

Internet Movie Cars DataBase: my Camry’s been in a lot of flicks. {via}

Vokarlbulary: modern day sniglets. {via}

The Complete Guide to New York City’s Central Park: I would love to visit it sometime. Until then, this’ll have to do. {via}

Zombies: this is, I submit, why people hate philosophers. {via}

Baby Geek Boutique: I love these! So many are true, funny, and very true.


Q & A: interesting program on CSPAN that meets with important people. Full transcripts and video available.